blue moon (2)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Escape From Walkerville ©

I had enough
They pushed me to far
Now it’s time to go
To run away
Down the street
To anywhere
Someplace far
Someplace away from here

I’m tired of the lies
Weary of the smiles
Scared to smile back
Fed up and that’s only the cat
The people drive me out of my mind
Make me insane
And now
Now I’m traveling down that street

Down the road I’ll go
Leaving the door wide open behind me
For them to watch
In shock and disbelief
As I walk
Past all the houses
Door by door
Still waiting for ring the bell to ring once more

Past childhood memories
Memories I can never forget
Faces that still haunt me
In dark corners
Places that constantly call my name
Now a dieing echo in the shadows
In this place, from this street

Pack your bags, run away
With me
Down that road
To the next street
Walk; don’t run
Look at all the memories as you pass
Smell the times gone by
Feel young once more
As the seconds click off your heels

From this place I leave
To see what I haven’t seen
Touch something I haven’t touched
Feel something
I haven’t felt
Go, before I hold me breath and pass out
Go before I change my mind
Yet, it’s all so bittersweet because I’ll be back

The next few months it’s going to be really busy around here.
Busier than normal because as many of you know it’s creeping up my Bbq in August but before that I have planned an escape but before that, yeah there’s more.
I am doing a number of concerts with Inia and maybe Inia to in the bushes.
Bluesfest hits town next month and I bought tickets for the one weekend, which means I have 83 concerts at my disposal to pick and choose from.
Like concerts by like Joe Cocker, Loreena McKennitt, will see armed with a pack of joints and jug of margaritas and Inia.
I may see the concert.
Jackson Brown on a Friday.
Los Lonely Boys and many more.
KISS will be here to which has me wondering why they will be playing at a Bluesfest?
Blues, KISS, Blues, KISS, Blues, KISS
Maybe Gene’s tongue is shriveled up some and it’s to thick for his mouth now and he’s singin the blues.

Something’s wrong with that.

Probably scoot off for a bit to listen to some blue grass.
Smoke a little to I’m sure, a margarita and maybe a roll in the grass.
Then the gospel tent for a little religion…Ok, ok the large breasted women jumping around praising the lord too.
If the lord is anything like me he’s praising large breasted women.

Have you been watching the news?
They had elections in Iran the other day.
I made a unique observation that enlightened me in a way and I now I understand a little bit more about them.
See, I used to think they hated Americans because they put pork in their hotdogs and were left weinieless and that they hates Israel because their pussy was kosher but now I understand and see the error of my thinking.
These dumb fucks hate everyone even themselves.

The opposition is screaming fix and has its supporters marching down the street destroying and killing.
Sore losers.

The returning president, “Icant Afford Arazor”

said that they used brand new, used voting machine they bought from Florida at a good price and don’t make mistakes, just ask George Bush, they work just fine.
The cheater.

You know, I just found out about David Carradine.
I used to love his shows.
Kung Fu
The return of Kung Fu
The New Return of Kung Fu
The man was nuts.
They found him hanging by the neck in a closet in Thailand.
His balls were so distraught over his demise they hanged themselves also by attaching the other end of the rope to his wrist then nudging it off the inflatable doll breaking his balls.
The police don’t suspect murder but aren’t sure about his balls

OH OH OH, did you see what David Letterman did?
I love that asshole.
He apologized to Sarah Palin for his tasteless joke about Alex Rodriguez knocking up one of her teenage daughters or something along those lines.
Give me a break I don’t watch the show I just said he was an asshole.

The whole thing hit the roof when Sarah Palin found out.
She was PISSED.
Worse than pissed, her pussy was drippin mad.
She had spent half the night hiding in Alex Rodriguez hotel room waiting to surprise him and then found out of her kids might have beat her to him.

Batter up Alex, “Who’s in the closet for the Daily Double”.
But as a consolation while she hid in the washroom whom did she happen to bump into?
None other than:

Yes folks, Mr. Rodriguez is an international star but Sarah, being the diplomat she wishes she could be managed to bridge the gap without having to show her face.
But it does show on his a little.

So yeah, I’m thinking a bunch of concerts over a weekend in July followed with a week get away somewhere should perk me up some.
Inia says Bluesfest will look like Woodstock by the time we leave.
Hmmm, at least if there are mudslides, I’m already wearing a spare tire.

So that’s a little of what I have been busy planning over the last few weeks for the summer but I am sure I will be keeping you up to date on the events of the summer including the top secret invasion plan I have in the works with a crack team of Canadian Beavers.
Speaking of beavers, I think I will head of and shave one.

Have a nice day



Fire Byrd said...

Jackson Brown.... now I'm envious.
Enjoy your beaver hunting summer!
And we'll all be around to read it if were not grooving somewhere else.

Peter said...

Bluesfest sounds like just the ticket to lift your spirits Walker and a little bit of Inia won't hurt either.

Leah said...

Summer has a way of providing plenty of outlets for escape--I'm hoping to do a little myself as well--I hope you get to escape as much as you need to--

BikerCandy said...

Man, Bluesfest sounds like heaven to me right now...including all the "extras" you have planned to go with it!

Blogget Jones said...

Joe Cocker :o) He's from my neck of the woods, these days! A little bitty town on the Western Slope of Colorado called Delta. (I know. Delta. In the mountains. Go figure.) Son almost roadied for him, but that's another story....

Have a grand time at Bluesfest! I'm jealous! KISS?? That'll be interesting....

:o) BJ

itisi said...

You go off and have a good time!
You deserve it that's for sure with all the changes in your life this year.
You need a break so go on ahead!
Just keep us up to date, ok?

BlazngScarlet said...

You're going from Walkerville to Margaritaville .... It's about damn time! You need a break, although, from what you've written about Inia, you may need a B12 shot BEFORE you start drinking! ;)

Now, tell me more of this invasion plan ????

Crack Canadian Beavers ... HA HA HA HA HA!
You kill me ....

gab said...

I dont listen to the news much any more all they do is blame this one and that one. Im sorry I should have told you about David C. My bad

Awareness said...

LOVED your version/interpretation of the latest most important news. I hear Worldwide Pants is looking for a new journalist/writer. You should apply...however, you may get that asshole Letterman in more trouble if you pitched that Palin story to him. :)

I love outdoorsy concerts...and a Bluesfest would fit me well too. Jackson Browne is a fav. from my teenage years. The Harvest Jazz and Blues hits Freddy town in's a great time. Check out the website...maybe a trip east in the future.

My son and I are heading to see McCartney in Halifax in July. Can't wait....its his first biggie concert. He's 11 and loves all kinds of music including the Beatles. I figured this would be a relatively tame concert compared to KISS who are arriving the following week. Ease him into it....

Enjoy Walker....kick back and enjoy.

Boxer said...

I've missed your posts, and I'm sorry you've been pushed beyond whta is acceptable behavior. I hope things begin to smooth out.

Still, I loved this post; classic "Walker" - great music and I'm glad you're still going to do your August BBQ. This will be my third year. ;-) xoxo.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oooh, one stressed Walker! Poor you, yes, I agree you should run away and refresh yourself. Go where the turkeys can't find you, but take your computer so you can tell us what you've been up to...on second thoughts, that's probably not a good idea. We don't want to be accused of being perverts!