blue moon (2)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Saga Continues ©

Just when I thought things were going to quiet down a bit the, Windex opera picked up speed again.
I was sitting here, actually lying on the couch watching TV enjoying the quiet when the phone rang.
I tell you, the fucken phone is my enemy.
I answer the blasted thing and it’s my ex SIL who I hadn’t heard from since she gave me a call to ask if she could visit her pet rock that she gave me.
Don’t ask, just ….don’t ask.

She tells me she has to see me, something important about my EX and my oldest, D1.
Now what, I told her to come on over.
About thirty minutes later she is at the door and I let her in and offered her some dinner, as we were about to sit down and eat.
D2 took off upstairs to have her dinner; the fucken plate is still probably up there.

As I was sitting there with the ex SIL eating I asked her what the emergency was?
She said my EX called to tell her if she could go feed her dog because she wasn’t going back to her apartment and that D2 would be moving into it to take care of the dog as she was planning to move out of here.
I almost choked to death on the fucken rice.

Where the fuck did this come from now.
Well it seems the ex doesn’t want her dog anymore because she has a man in her life and he doesn’t want the dog.
So she wants my daughter to move out of the safely of family where she pays for nothing, NOTHING at all and to move into a basement dungeon room in some run down house in a neighborhood that boosts their own national crime wave statistics so she doesn’t have to deal with the dog anymore.

I was surprised to hear this but confused at the same time.
Just that morning D1 asked if I could give her the other bed in the spare room and I said yeah.
As luck would D1 called as we were talking to tell me she was leaving work and on her way home.
I told her I wanted to see her as soon as she got in.
I was going to get to the bottom of this one way or the other.
If D1 wants to move out, the door is open but she isn’t moving in that hellhole that her mother took out of desperation if I have anything to say about it.

I know those streets, I lived and died on those streets and they are not kind to anyone especially the weak and naïve.
I swore my kids would not end up there and I plan on making sure of that.
Their mother could rot in the hell she conjures up as far as I am concerned but she isn’t dragging the girls down with her.

I spotted D2 hiding off the side listening in and I called her over then asked her what she knew to which she said she knew nothing other than D1 was happy here with us.
Then recited the stories about the dogs they have owned.
It seems my EX loves puppies and when they grow into dogs she opens the door and dumps them on the side of the road somewhere.
Who the fuck is this person I thought to myself.

Ok I mean I was no model citizen but I wasn’t cruel to people or animals.
I have had various pets while I was with this woman over the seventeen years and never saw this kind of behavior from her.
Unless we count the two times when she stabbed me and the one time I was bludgeoned in my sleep when she ran out of booze, other than that, no sign of any cruelty to animals and people wonder why I have panic attacks.
They used to think it was because I was scared someone was going to shoot me when it was actually going home to sleep next to the old lady.

D1 walked through the door as the three of us were talking.
I asked if she wanted dinner.
Seems she already knew about the chicken teriyaki from D2 who called her cell phone to tell her to come eat at my place.
Bloody kids are worse than the CIA and KGB combined.

While she was eating I asked her when she was going to tell us she was moving.
She gave us all a weird look and asked if we were all on drugs.
I asked her aunt to tell her what her mother said.
She sat there listening to all of this and it was all news to her.
She said, “Mum’s nuts”.

After that the kids told us about some of the horror stories they lived through like when their mother met some guy and brought him home and in the morning he walked out with the microwave.
It’s a good thing that’s all he did or the time she met some guy one day and was going off into the deep woods for the weekend and took the kids with her.
The kids said they were terrified the whole time.

You know, the courts said I wasn’t a fit parent because of my violent past.
Even the shrink the court sent me to said the safest place for any kid to be was near me but the Ex.’s lawyer said I molested D1 and the courts gave my EX the kids.
True or not the courts just looked at you like you were a danger to your own kids.
I then spent the next year paying to see my kids and having her lawyer dealt with who BTW has been disbarred for falsely accusing men for molesting their kids.
By the time I cleared the way the EX had skipped town.

The missing pieces are now slowly being filled in and it make me even madder to hear a lot of this shit but I suppress my anger.
Twenty years ago head would have rolled and I’d be sitting in jail but I have too much more to loose today than I did back then and I can’t afford to sit in a cell for the next decade.
I’ll jut have to hope a tree falls on a few people.
Did I tell you guys about me new chain saw?

After a bit, almost midnight I threw everyone who doesn’t live here out and went to talk to Inia who I am sure was dieing to find out what NOW had happened.
I managed to relax a bit and by 3 am was off to bed for some needed sleep.

The phone rang; it was 5 am, WTF?!!!!
It was the Ex SIL; she was crying and sounded like she was out of breath.

“What’s wrong with you, it’s 5am”?
“I’m hiding at the park around my sister’s house”.
“Umm, why”?
“Because my sisters’ friend and upstairs neighbor called my cell phone and said that she called the humane society because the dog was barking for days and it’s not true I was there to walk and feed it”.
"So I got scared because if they take the dog and no one adopts it they will kill him so I ran down there to save the dog”
The Ex SIL is an animal lover and has a houseful of cats she has taken in and cared for.
“What happen next”?
“Well I called my sister on her BF’s phone and started running as fast as I could to her place and when I got there the lady was waiting for me and was trying to push past me to get into her apartment and take the dog but I didn’t let her”.
“I was scared, she is a big woman”.

The Ex SIL is 105 pound soaking wet and the upstairs neighbor is bigger than me.
6-2 220-pound German woman.

“The woman is HUGE compared to me and thought she was going to beat me up and when she went upstairs again I took the doggie and ran out of the house to the park to wait for me sister to tell me what to do”.
“When the phone rang I thought it was her but it was the humane society asking me where the dog was and I told them it was with me and I wasn’t giving him to them”.

So that was it, the phone died.
Maybe they got her.
Last I heard the EX SIL was on the run with a psycho Pomeranian wrapped around her leg humping her calf from the human society and a giant German woman while my EX is off somewhere having a grand ole time.

I miss the days when I was in jail, had no kids, no EXs, no Ex SILs........but then i would have had a Father's Day.........Damn

Oh well, I got to go fix the old man's thrown next door.
That's another story.

Have a nice Father Day to all the fathers uncles and single mothers who have to wear both hats but I just know you love strapping on the vibrator, wink.



Dotm said...

Gee Walker, sounds like you married one like my step D. She would dump her kids for any man and finally was told in court that she was an unfit mother. Years after kicking out her kids, she tried to adopt a baby, thank goodness for the child ,
her unfit status made it impossible for her to adopt. Years ago her son told me he was ok as long as he had his sister and his grandparents ( Walt and I ). They just lost their Dad last month, so with Walt gone, I am what they have left. They are great kids and I am proud to be their gram.
"Happy Father`s Day" Walker.

Rain said...

Happy Father's Day Walker! :)

BlazngScarlet said...

Grrr .... I will keep my opinions to MYSELF.

Go, enjoy your girls, enjoy YOUR DAY!

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a drama Walker. So where's the dog now? Have you got and it what does Frick say about the whole thing if you have. I'd be more scared of the cat than anyone...

Sally said...

Happy Father's Day, dude! :)

Boxer said...

Happy Father's Day Walker. xxoxo.

itisi said...

Happy Father's Day, Walker!

Anonymous said...

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Peter said...

That chain saw sounds like the answer to a prayer Walker.

BikerCandy said...

OK as the proud mama to my own pom that just breaks my heart that she abandoned her dog for a guy. I think the courts would understand if you just hit her a little...I jest, I jest...sort of!

itisi said...

And Walker?
I suggest if you have caller ID and both daughters are home and it isn't your mother's number, then don't answer it!
Maybe your ex-sil has a thing for you, eh?

Aw, ya know I'm just joking!!

Woman in a Window said...

OHMYGOD WALKER! Who woulda thunk it?

Glad to meet you.