blue moon (2)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Daze ©

From day one
From the very beginning
You were always there
Smiling back
After you crack the broomstick over my head

From your bed I came into the world
You smiled and said
“Oh shit”
And knew I was trouble
From the start

From the window you watched
As I stole the old man’s car
And said nothing
Nothing at all
She knew he’d bring donuts back or die

From between the sheets another had come
A weasel and a cheat
Who he had tried to trade on the corner for a sweet
But she caught him
Then beat him with a side of beef

From dark filled alleys
She wandered filthy streets
Searching for me
Looking to see if I was alive and still fat
Probably to beat me with another baseball bat

From the depths of hell
Dieing on the floor
Armed with only a spoon of caster oil
A slap upside the head
She brought me back to fuck up again

From where I began
To where I am
I walked through hell without a care
With an angel on my shoulder
Swinging big stick at my head

Happy Mother’s day Mom

I want to wish all the Mothers, Aunts and anyone doing double duty a Happy Mother’s Day.



Fire Byrd said...

As a mum who had Mothers day back in March, I'll gladly take a litle bit of this from you.

Megan said...

Sounds like she had quite a time with you, my boy.

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: You take as much as you rigtly deserve.
Mothers deserve all the praise they can get I know mine does.

Walker said...

Megan: Yeah, my mother had her hands full will little sleep in the 80's and 90's

Scarlet said...

Kept that woman hopping you did! :)

Geez! lol

Happy Mothers Day to you double-duty man! :D

Boxer said...

Your Momma deserves a medal.


Tammi said...

Walker,Walker,your Mom should have beat you a long time ago!!LOL
(just kidding)
Your the poem!!
Fathers' Day is just around the corner,and you sure deserve the Father of the Year award.

Michael Manning said...

Walker: In your defense, I know you have a heart of Gold for the children who have appeared on my site with brain cancer over the past 3 years. But I salute you for recognizing that we would be nowhere without great Mom's. Mine just mailed me a frying pan because she didn't like the way the old one looked on her April visit. OPA! :)

Aleta said...

Well, now, that's one heck of a Mother's Day poem. NO Hallmark from you and I wouldn't think it otherwise.

Sally said...

Yeah, like Michael, I know you have a great big mushy heart!! And, thanks for the Mother's Day wishes, Walker. :)

Peter said...

You sure have kept Mom busy over the years... BUT... all those whacks to the head might explain things a bit.

nachtwache said...

Thanks for the mother's day wishes! I guess you read about my mother's day. I really know what your mom went through! Now you're making up for it all.