blue moon (2)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bit's "n" Pieces ©


“Look, I’m home on time”.
“You’re drunk and stoned”.
“I am not drunk and I am NOT stoned”.
“Yes you are”.
“No I’m not”.
“Stand away from the wall”.
“Now get up off the floor”.
“………………………….I can’t”.

“Here’s a blanket”

D2’s BF

“She only had one drink”.
“I SWEAR she didn’t smoke anything”
“ I didn’t know it was her first drink ever”.
“It was probably the Red Bull she mixed it with the vodka”.
“Why do you want me to close me eyes”?

“Here’s a blanket”

Papou and YiaYia

“Why did you buy chicken”?
“Why, because I was sitting here hungry while you were outside poking the dirt with a stick for four hours and I got hungry”.
“ I wasn’t going to cook today and just eat the Mousaka”.
“I don’t want Mousaka again we are always eating leftovers because you’re too cheap”.
“So instead you spend thirty dollars on chicken”.
“Well I am not eating chicken we are having the Mousaka and we will eat that chicken tomorrow”.
“I told you I am not eating leftovers again and I will not eat the Mousaka”.

“Dad, why are we eating Mousaka and roast chicken today”.
“YiaYia and Papou are fasting”.
”Oh………is it going to be Easter again”?


Knock, knock

“Hey, I’m out”.
“You know, you got some big balls not to accept my calls from jail”.
“Why do you want me to close my eyes”?

Ex and Ex SIL

“Hi Walker, it’s my birthday and D1 asked me to stop by.
“Um she said 6 pm and it’s uhhh 2 pm”.
“Yeah I know but I thought we can stop by and you can by us a drink”.
“Surprise it’s me to”.
“Oh yeah, I need a drink too now”.

“Here you go, a rye and coke for you, an double Amaretto for you and a tequila for me”.
“Happy Birthday”.

“Who knows if Walker gets us drunk enough he could take advantage of us”.
“HA, HA, HA “!!!
“HA, HA, HA”!!!

“HA HA HA but I'm not getting drunk”.


“So, how old is Inia”?


“I think Frick peed on me”.
“That’s nice”.
“When can I get off of the floor”?
“When he craps on you”.

D2’s BF

“When can I get off the floor”?
“Oh no, I'm not falling for that one again”.
"Up where............."?

Have a nice day



Boxer said...

I think I like the D2, Frick pee one the best.

Megan said...

I want some moussaka and roast chicken, please. Now.

Leah said...

Yeah, me too. I'll eat homemade moussaka in any state, even old and stale.

These are great.

Just telling it like it is said...

All this D talk I thought you were referring to my bra size ;0)

Puss-in-Boots said... and games in Walker's!

Peter said...

Lucky you had those blankets.

gab said...

lol but Im still confused. Who was drunk you or d1 or both? lol

nachtwache said...

Kids, exs, parents and pets, not to forget, friends..... no need to go out for entertainment, it comes to you.

Sally said...

Walker, I see you are rolling with the punches, my friend. :)

Scarlet said...

"When he craps on you"

BikerCandy said...

ha ha ha ha

Ah to be a fly on the wall in the Walker household!

Blogget Jones said...

Heeeheee...I love these little vignettes into your life. Good stuff!

:o) BJ

TROLL Y2K said...

I don't speak Canuck very well.

Did that mean D2 fell on the floor and D2's boyfriend was knocked on the floor after to a blow-to-the-head?

If I interpreted events correctly, you did the right thing!