blue moon (2)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where... ©

How far would we go?
How far would we travel to be away from here?
How far could our minds reach?
How deep can our souls go?

Where can we find the end of time?
Is it far from here and how long will it take to get there?
How long, how long is far away?
How long is time?

I am a traveler of time passing through this space
Seeking only what’s far away, farther than I can reach
Something to reach for, but never have
To want like you never wanted before

To live life through the pain of living
To suffer the happiness of life
To kneel only to the past
To live and live like you never lived before

So how far must we travel to get away from this place?
How far can our hearts go?
What is the depth of our soul?
Where is the end of time?

How far is time?
Where is the end?
And the sanity

Where is here?
Where is it all?
Where is it all going?

Maybe to the stars and above
To be lost here
And beyond

Where is the end?
How far is it?
How long will it take?
So I can continue to love life to the end, of time




Sally said...

Forever, and a day.


There's no end.

That's just what I think.

itisi said...

Time is different to each individual.
Each one of us must make the journey in our own time.
Even travelling together, one will reach the end of time before the other.
But when the journery ends, time for others go on.
I would say that Time, itself, last forever and infinity.

The music for this is perfect!

Fire Byrd said...

I like the Sanskrit words....
Whilst you are remembering yesterday, and dreaming about tomorrow,life is happening right now.
So we cannot know where or how long and I for one am pleased about that. I'll just try and go with what each day brings.
Good poem though.

Scarlet said...

The past can't be undone and the future has yet to be determined.
What matters is here, and now.
Time is never ending.

Excellent writing Walker!

Rainbow dreams said...

love this Walker.. have been absent recently, missed your writing :)