blue moon (2)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fifty Sense ©

Years have come and gone
From the darkness to all the lights
Like the lyrics of a long, long song
I traveled through days and nights

There have been a million faces from thousands of places
I’ve watched the living, the dieing
Held the old and new
The sad and happy

I have seen the joys of childhood
The bewilderment of adolescence
Felt the freedom of adulthood
Yet, none of it made any sense

I had the wind dust me off
The rain cleanse my soul
The sun energize me one more time
While the clock still ticked on

I have reaped the pleasures of body and soul
Felt death and touched the hand of tomorrow
Yet, I stay to reach one more goal
Before I go

I flew with my heart into dreams
Walked back alone
If not whole, still standing tall
And still dreaming of a tomorrow

Years of memories fill my head
Times I can never forget
Of family and friends long gone, some dead
Times I’ll never regret

The things I’ve seen and touched
The times I made you cry
Or when I made you laugh
The memories I cherish the most

I watched the world change into something new
Everyone wasn’t as far away any more
That’s how I met all of you
And I wasn’t alone anymore

I have been the destroyer, the creator
It’s here everyday in my home and memories
I feel it all in my heart
The tears and the smiles, all mine

Life awakened me with a slap on the ass
Awake to a world that grew along with me
It’s still slapping my ass
But it’s given me lots to grow and see

Every day I wake up with a desire
Something I want to see or feel
Looking for that one more day, one more thrill
Or maybe some pussy on my face

Fifty has come and gone
Making room for fifty more
Or maybe just a few like in the lyrics of that last long song
Before I knock on that last and final door

So much I have done
So much I have left to do but it doesn’t matter
Life is about living not what’s left undone
Life makes no sense, it’s not supposed too

Fifty years have passed by
I have embraced the pain and the joys of living
Even if in the end if all I have left is one last sigh
The memories I’ll always be remembering

Have a nice day and I'll see you when I'm sober once more



Brosreview said...

"It’s still slapping my ass"

Oh yea!!! It does till we meet the end, I guess.

Neatly expressed!!!

Scarlet said...


I wish you all the happiness, joy, laughter and love your heart can possibly stand.
And then multiply that by infinity.
You deserve it darlin.

Enjoy the day ..... celebrate the life.

πολλή αγάπη σε σας ...
*raises glass*

Walker said...

Brosreview: Life is never simple and it smacks you when you start to fall asleep

Walker said...

Scarlet: Thank you Scarlet and I will raise one to you to, glass that is :P

Brosreview said...

Oh, hand on heart, I did think that there is birthday in the air.

Happy Birthday Walker!!! Have a peaceful and successful year and years to come!!! Cheers!!!

Tammi said...

OKAY? What the freak did I miss? Your birthday?
Shite! If so...I feel like a peckerwood! But what the hey...Mine is the 31st,and I went early shopping yesterday (see comment on your prior post)lol...I didn't mean to actually say I was gona go "roll" the dude...but HE'S the one that said"wanna go shopping for your birthday gift"? (which wound up being a big donation to my checking acct.,and a shopping spree).What can I say....would YOU have said "nahhh,I believe I'll pass on the shopping spree" you wouldn't.LOL
You turned 50,hun? How cool.I thought you were like 38- or so...?
Well I'll just be darn! Happy Birthday cutie!!

Monogram Queen said...

Happy Birthday - have a drink on me!

Sally said...

Happy Birthday, Pal~here's to fifty more! (hugs)

Boxer said...

You and I are both Aries.

Happy, Happy Day to you!


Fire Byrd said...

Happy Birthday, and welcome to the best decade!

Walker said...

Brosreview: Thank you, and i will try and succeed, mostly in been me :)

Walker said...

Tammi: No you didn't miss it, its today and yes I am 50 but I act 30 just hurt like 60 LMAO!!!!!!

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: Thank you and I'll have 2 drinks for you, you lush :P

Walker said...

Sally: Thank you Sally and i will do my best to use them up as much as i can

Walker said...

Boxer: Thank you
Yes we are.
The world is DOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!!!

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: Thank you
Hmmm is it, well i hope it's as exciting as the first 50 was.

Rainbow dreams said...

Happy Birthday!! :)
Sending a big hug and kiss your way, xx

Heff said...

Happy Birthday to you as well.

I thought I WAS OLD, Lol !!!

itisi said...

Happy Birthday, Walker!
Fifty smoochie kisses from me to you!
Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Walker. I hope you get all that you're wishing for.

Walker said...

Rainbow dreams : Thank you, Gotta love hugs and kisses
Watched the hands.
Oh sorry that was me

Walker said...

Heff: You're only as old as you feel and I feel nice big ones any time i can.

Walker said...

itisi: Thank You
I will try and have a very good one without getting arrest.
I great one well lets just say I don't want a great one LOL

Walker said...

Romany Angel: Thank you
All I ever really wish for is my family and friends to be happy.
Ok a chick with big tits sitting on my face to but i was already happy and it is my damn Birthday LOL.

Nice to see you around

Cece said...

I don't always comment, but I love to come here and read your words. You really are talented. And I read above that you are celebrating a birthday, well, I wish you a happy one today and many more to come.

BikerCandy said...

Happy Birthday Walker! You don't look a day over 25!

Sally said...

Is the party still on? :)

Lindi said...

Happy Birthday
50 huh...
Funny how our body ages but our minds think that we are still young and can do everything we used do 25 years ago.
I get my turn to 50 next year.
Did your mom make you a nice cake?

Puss-in-Boots said...

Well, you're a dark horse, Walker. Keeping quiet about your birthday until it's over! Naughty.

Anyway I hope you had a wonderful day, got laid and did other things to make you feel good!

Robyn said...

Walker...Happy Birthday but probably belated now...sorry a bit tardy on the well wishes! Thanks for stopping by at my place and saying HI! Hugs!

Walker said...

Cece: Thank you
There is nothing wrong with a little stalking, i do it all the time in fact the cat catch me following him around the other day I figured it was about time I chased a little pussy for a change

Walker said...

BikerCandy : Thank y ou.
I know, it's the cape that hides my age

Walker said...

Sally: Yes it is and will be until after April first ;)

Walker said...

Lindi: Thank you
Yeah but you will look 25 I look 50and dress like 25

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: Who said its over, the party is still on until ummmmmm until i get laid.
Gezz I hope its soon I don't think the booze will last longer than a week lol

Walker said...

Robyn: Thank you and its never to late.
I like coming by your place. :)

Suzanne said...

I'm just a few hours late, but I'm here, so no grumbling! (50 year olds can be so moody.)

For your reading pleasure I just learned this:

Aries and Leos..."When these two powerful signs collide, there is no stopping them. Both are Fire signs and will love playing together. It is only a matter of time before these two magnetic signs attract and “get a room”. "

If I don't hit traffic I should be in Canada with your birthday gift by Tuesday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!! Love the post. You are a character. Oh, and just so you know, I don't have "big" boobs. Good luck with that!!! But most important, have a beautiful life. I'm so grateful our darling Robyn introduced us. It's been a joy getting to know you. And no, I'm not coming to Canada!

Much love,

Cece said...

You better be carefully following pussy around. Sometimes, pussy can bite! LOL.

dana said...

I've been laggging behind on the blog reading....and just found out you hit the big 5-0! I'm not too far behind.....another 1 and a bit. It feels daunting, and then it also feels like it is as it should be.

Happy Birthday Walker.....hope the celebrations continue far into this weekend....and may this year be memorable in all its glory.


Walker said...

Suzanne: Thank you
I don't need luck finding big boobs my eyes are so bad that's all I can see LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
Where there is thundr there is lighting sounds about 5right for Leos knocking on Aries

Walker said...

Cece: But I like biting ;)

Walker said...

dana: Thank you
I don't let it get to me mentally that much. physically i have been dealing with a busted body since i was six its just a little slower now than it used to be.
I wont worry about my age until i hit 100 ;)

Megan said...

Happy birthday darling.

Peter said...

Hey great poem Walker, hope you had a great birthday.... knowing you I'd say that would be a certainty.

Leah said...

Happy birthday! Late, but here...

Kathryn Magendie said...

Happy Birthday dear Walker -- I have already passed 50 - and if it weren't for the forehead butt (to which I laughed when I saw your comment - haw !!!) I'd think I was doing pretty good ....teeheehee....

Anonymous said...

Deep, beautiful and observant @ half century. ;-)

Walker said...

Megan: Thank you my dear

Walker said...

Peter: Thnok you Peter, Yes I did and its still going on

Walker said...

Leah: Thank you and you're never late because the party rages on for at least a week

Walker said...

Kathryn Magendie: Thank you, you got to watch out for that forehead butt

Walker said...

Jessica: Thank you, just making sure I wasn't foregetting the last 50 years lol

Tammi said...

what's up?
You still celebrating your b-day?
Well,whatever is going on in Walker_World,we are all sitting on pins n needles waiting for all the details.Don't leave anything out (HA! As if you ever do,right?)LOL

Walker said...

Tammi : The party never ends HA HA HA