blue moon (2)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tender Cuts ©

Hmmmmmm…… and what idiot told you that?
Actually, are you stupid enough to believe it?
What the fuck do you mean it makes sense are you fucken stupid?
I don’t care what side cows sleep on.
No no no
Fuck you; I don’t want to know.


No I won’t ask people, they will think I’m fucken nuts like you.

Imagine that
What idiot told you that bullshit?
What do you mean you don’t want to tell me?
Why, because no one did and you came up with it on your own.
Yeah right, only you would be stupid to come up with a DUMB fucken thing like that to say

Don’t give me that crap; just admit it?
Well no fucken wonder, he’s a bigger idiot than you.
I don’t care.
No, going to high school for twelve years does not make him smart.
Yes I know he was the oldest graduate in his class and yes I know he married the janitor’s wife but that doesn’t make him smart.
Makes the janitor smart.
Ok I got to go pick up some stuff in dairy and I will meet you at the meat department.

I don’t believe what some people believe.
Ok, I am at the meat department so where is he?
Fuck, I don’t have much time here

What the hell were you doing back in the meat locker with the butcher?
You what?
Are you fucken nuts?
Listen, I am sorry about my friend, he did too much acid in his youth.
What do you mean he might have a point?
Are you fucken crackers too?

I don’t give a fuck what side s cow sleeps on; the meat won’t be fucken tenderer on that side.
Well I could say the side that was exposed to the sun is more aged you dumb fucks or maybe the ass end is tenderer because a 2000-pound bull pounds it.
Steers are male.
I’m sorry.


Give me a cut of that rump roast and lets get the fuck out of here before I kill the both of you.
I don’t believe you went and told the butcher you only want meat from the right side of the cow because that’s the side it sleeps on therefore it’s more tender than t he left side.
You are NOT coming shopping with me again.
I don’t give a fuck what the butcher thinks either.
No you can’t smoke a joint, you’re already fried.

NO I don’t know if the rump is tenderer because it gets pounded by a 2000 bull.
I know I said it.
It was a fucken example
For fucks sake, just shut up.

Get out
I mean it; get out.
We are friends, even though you’re an idiot.
I’m not throwing you out of the car to walk home.
No, I am not
I SAID NO!!!!!!!!!
Because you’re home your twit now get out.

Yeah yeah, I’ll see you later
Fuck, some people believe anything.

I think l'll google it to be sure.

Have a nice day



CHEF TROLL said...

The butcher put this incident on his blog too.

"So, I was cutting meat and this retard walks up to me and asks..."

Megan said...

I'm laughing and I don't quite know why...

Boxer said...

you feel all better now, big boy?


Scarlet said...

Geez ... sure you're not suffering from Mad Cow?!

Fire Byrd said...

and did you google it??

Peter said...

I don’t care what side cows sleep on.

And I don't either Walker, but I'm not at all sure it would be on their tender side.

itisi said...

I am just wondering what he thinks of chicken eggs? Or chickens for that matter.

Monogram Queen said...

LMAO at Chef Troll!

Hey SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE is totally believing this Walker!

I have to admit to being slightly gullible sometimes myself but I wouldn't believe THAT. I wouldn't..

Suzanne said...

Oh good lord! I'm grateful I'm a vegetarian. You should try it some time. It would probably help with your swearing problem AND your high blood pressure!!! You're too funny.

Thanks for the visit. I've been a horrible blogger lately. Perhaps you've noticed! Oh leave me alone. It's about to get worse because I can't blog and do gardening, keep this house up, and read, etc. *Rolls eyes in back of head.* Jeazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. But I still love you and will stop by as often as humanly possible. Nice to see you doing so well!


Aleta said...

LMAO - yep, some people will believe anything. That was great.

nachtwache said...

Lol! Steers are male. Tenderized rump roast. You're too much. :)
Where do you find some of these songs? Where's the beef?

Tammi said...

OK---let me see if I got this are questioning "HIM",but THEN you say you are gona google it!!
So maybe you think it may be true?
(laughing my a*** off)

Scarlet said...

Moo ....

Come up and see me some time big boy (isn't that what AB called you?) .... I've got a little something something here for you ...
*wink, wink, nod, nod*

Anonymous said...

What were you smoking when you wrote THIS post Walker?