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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family Values ©

Over my life I have watched people closely and tried to understand why they do things that they do.
In many cases I understand why even when what they do is pure evil and senseless I can find a reason.
It’s some of these reasons that make me shudder at times because of their callous and the selfishness of the people who come up with them.

A few months ago I attended a wedding where I referred to the bride as being as big as a whale.
Beautiful lady, as is a killer whale with about the same disposition I might add when she’s pissed.
The wedding was a smash that cost probably as much as the stimulus package down in the States and I am sure it got a lot of cocks hard and pussies wet from getting a little bit of that action but sooner or later things go limp and you fall face first into a big puddle with a string still stuck between your teeth.

Two years earlier when the whale was but a calf and the groom was a slug braiding the armpit hairs of some old sow to collect what flakes of dandruff he could spend.
The bride and groom met in some swanky bar where dandruff merchants collect to find bigger webs to weave and as life would have it, because she’s a cheeky little bitch, love blossomed, real love that is and not the dandruff kind and they became a couple.
Years pass and we found our selves at an expensive affair with so much food I’m still waiting for the rest of it to come out within the next five years.

A month passed the big day and the boat landed on shore once more when we got the call that another youngin was to be expected.
Great said everyone, I thought it could have been seasickness with all the waves at sea and in the bedroom but no, they were pregnant.

One day in January the bride’s mother called the grooms mother and said that they were going to be grandparents in July.
The groom’s mother said no, it February.
An argument ensured and the bride’s mother hung up to call her daughter to report on the ludicrous thinking of the groom’s mother that she was going to give birth just six months after the wedding.

Ha Ha Ha
Ah yeah, but the joke was on her as the bride was already sitting heavy before the nuptials.
Explains why she looked like she was about to bust out of that wedding dress.

The bride’s mother didn’t take the new news so well as didn’t the rest of her family, so much so that they won’t speak to them now.
In fact she gave birth recently and her parents and other siblings refuse to go see the child or the mother.

The groom’s parents are happy as hell and celebrating the new member of the family and don’t care if she was pregnant before they got married or not.
The way they see it is that they were married t the time of the birth and either way they didn’t get married for that reason as it had been planned a year before she started shake “n” baking.

Personally I don’t see a problem here, I mean ………..big fucken deal, love is love.
These two people were on the road to togetherness before this happened so what does it matter if she was pregnant at the time of the wedding?

Well it seems for this well to do family with OLD FASHION family VALUES it did matter.
I guess only sub millionaire people get knocked up before they get married and rich people don’t but if the do, they take care of it before they walk down the aisle, discreetly because otherwise it would embarrass the family to be seen as regular people I guess.

Her parents said what she should have done was get it taken care of as in abortion and after the honeymoon, then have kids thus preserve the integrity of the family.
Integrity of the family my ass; someone should take that sour faced bitch that calls herself the bride’s mother and tie her to a log for some donkey to fuck up the ass, DRY.

I’ve heard some cold fucken shit in my life and this is high up on the assholes list of what people think of.
As I have stated before in the past, I am pro-choice and refuse to vote for any government control over anybody’s body, unless a person is mentally unable to make that choice for themselves.

Abortion is NOT a contraceptive

Look how far some people would go to save face.
To destroy one of your own for the sake of……….what, a daughter’s virtue?
Pretending they were fucken virgins when they are not.
If that’s the way these people want to think then I think the groom should fuck the bride right then and there on the main table before dinner starts so we can see if the white table cloth turns red or the brides mother’s face.

That’s one of the big differences I have seen between North American countries and those western European countries.
Over here, if y our cock is going in the wrong hole without permission, you end up with a tornado on your lap slapping the begeezes out of you and tearing your balls off.
Over there; their assholes are so fucken wide because they stick their butts up in the air to get tagged while they save their pussies for their wedding night.
Old fashion my ass………..I mean their ass.
Family value, PAH.
Most families start in bed I thought, some on the back seat of the car.

Not all the old ways are bad and in fact I think some are good to always have but some are just to fucken ridiculous.
Do I believe in premarital sex?
I believe what I feel and it’s my choice.
If you don’t want to have kids then do your best to prevent it.
If it happens, take responsibility for it as many of us have.

What really fucks my brain the most about all of this is that I believe one day they will patch the fences and this bitch who will be this kid’s grandmother will smile and play with it but I will know that one day she wanted to kill it so that she wouldn’t be embarrassed.
Fucken hypocrites.

Where has people’s common sense gone?
How callous and vain can we be?
Is this what we are becoming or is it something we are growing out of?

With freedom comes responsibility and we are all responsible to take care of ourselves at all times.
We should teach our kids what to expect if the schools don’t.
They need to know that what they do can affect others.
I don’t want my daughters to come home pregnant before their time and when I mean their time, I mean planned ahead.
If they want to go swimming in the pool then I want them to take precautions not for it to happen.
But if it does, then it does.
They won’t hear me suggest abortion and I won’t stand in their way if that’s what they decide and I will go with them but they will hear about it from me after for a long time and I will preach about it.
Abortion is not a contraceptive, responsibility is and there is nothing to be ashamed of as far as having a grand kid is concerned.
Family values start home and are about family not what other people think.

Have a nice day



itisi said...

I couldn't agree with you more!
Bravo! Walker!
From some of the lessons I have learned in life, I am thinking that the brides mother will give that grandchild and the parents more trouble than they imagine.
I hope they stand up to her when the time comes!

Loz said...

There is a lot of hypocrisy. But they are the ones with the problem not those of us who actually see the hypocrisy

Fire Byrd said...

I totally agree with you here Walker.
What a bitter old cow the bride's mother is.
And to suggest an abortion for no better reason is totally unaccetable, And I fervently believe in a woman's right to choose, so I'm not saying this from any moral high .
Ah well upside is that the bride's in laws are establishing a great relationship with all instead,

Anonymous said...

If I was the bride I wouldn't want that mother of hers anywhere near the child. Talk about callous....

Peter said...

What everyone else (and you) said!!!!!!

Walker said...

itisi: I wouldn't be surprised if she treated the first born alot different than any other grandchildren they might give her down the road.
I think she is one the reason mother in laws get a bad rap

Walker said...

Loz: I have written this post to expose some of our hypocracies.
We look and judge people by their looks, size and how they act, by their age or how they look like but i find some of the old fashion ways just as cruel and selfish many of which are only displayed to satisfy onlookers.

Tammi said...

Oh snap! That's just ridiculous what the parents told the bride to do!! Abort the baby to save face? What assholes!
Personally,I don't believe in abortion.But we all have our right to our own opinion.In fact,when I found out I was preggy the 2nd time,I went to an abortion doctor and paid for half of the abortion.Went and talked w/ my Granny about it.We prayed and it was almost like God was telling me "MURDER",in my head.So I left the half payment at the doctors' and never went back.I just feel that if God didn't WANT the baby there in that womb,then that baby wouldn't be there.
After that advice that she gave the bride,that should be one Grandparent I would keep my child away from.

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: For me, prochoice is nothing more than a persons right to choose their own fate.
Any real women with a soul dies inside when she make the hard choice to get an abortion.
Those who just use it as a contraceptive over and over again are selfish and shouldn't have children when there are so many who can't

Walker said...

Romany Angel: I wouldn;t want to see her near my kid either.
I know she will treat the kid like a leper as it grows up.
Some people don't know what love is just stupid pride when they should be proud to have one more grandkid

Walker said...

Peter:If we could all listen and hear ourselves there might be less heartache and more love in the world

Walker said...

Tammi: Personally I wouldn;t want to see one of mine destroyed like that b ut wouldn;t want to take the option of free choice from any woman.
You used your free choice to say no, I want this baby and you have been enjoying that choice ever since and it has multiplied for your pleasure.
You did the right thing for you.

BikerCandy said...

Wow, it takes all kinds doesn't it? I can't believe they would rather her abort their grandchild just to save face. That's ridiculous and callous, and just downright wrong. I'm with you Walker, I believe it is a woman's right to choose and I believe this woman did choose to have her child with the man she loves. Too bad her parents are missing out on the wonders of a new baby. Their loss!

Scarlet said...

The depths of peoples idiocy never ceases to amaze me.
All in the name of preserving the Family Name.

How sad is it to deny the precious life that has been brought into this world just because he/she happened to be conceived a few months too early?
It truly IS the innocents who suffer at the hands of ignorance and intolerance.

As for abortion, well, I am pro-choice, and always will be.

Monogram Queen said...

Sad though it is, the Bride and Grandchild are better off without those judgemental horrible people.

nachtwache said...

Wow, it is their loss in the end. Talk about wrong priorities! I think the same as Tammi. Ultimately of course it's an individual choice. God gave us all freedom to choose in all things.
I'm glad the grooms parents are sensible.
My in-laws have an aversion to having kids around, but I told hubby, I wanted my kids and if they want to see us, it's with the kids or not at all. He agreed.
Can't choose family. :P

Michael Manning said...

Monogram Queen and I are on the same page, as usual. Wow! You call it like it is Walker!!

Walker said...

BikerCandy: To wome people keeping face in the comminity is more important. I am glad its not like that as much any more

Walker said...

Scarlet : It shouldn't matter what we believe in pro or not. There is a line that no one should be allowed to cross and that is one of them.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: They would be but i think history will prove different.

Walker said...

nachtwache:What I hope for is this train f thought slowly dies off with the generations and hopefully it ont be replaced by something just as stupid

Walker said...

Michael Manning: Is there any other way to say it

Boxer said...

I am pro-having people let me make my decisions - about everything.

Nice post - I always like your "rants".

I hope your back continues to mend.

Live and Learn the Hard Way said...

Reminds me quite painfully of my own MIL. It's a shame how people are willing to treat each other and for what little reason.