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Friday, February 13, 2009

Final Move ©

Yes yes I know I have been absent but I have been busy with a lot of things like I finally finished moving the rest of the kid’s stuff home here once and for all.
I even brought the aquarium which I might ad was a fucken environmental disaster.
It had never been fucken clean in a year and there was freaking moss growing from the inside out like a fucken plague.
I have no damn idea where there was a fish still alive in it.
The worse part was having to empty it first then clean the inside before I brought it home.

I have not had to deal with aquariums in many years, twenty to be exact when it was a hobby that consisted of fifteen tanks and an array of fish, some of which could easily kill you if you got to close.
It wasn’t a big tank, about thirty gallons.
The easiest way to empty it was to use a hose and create a vacuum for the water to go out then into awaiting buckets but this required sucking on one end.
As I said before, the fucken water in the tank looked like it came from a toxic sewer.
Reluctantly D1 held t he hose inside the tank with an outstretched hand just in case some acid spilled on her and burned a hole through her body.

I lowered my lips to the hose and quickly drew on it releasing it immediately as to not get a mouthful of that putrid fish shit.
Nothing came out.
I guess I got to suck harder on the hose.
So I try again.
Still nothing.
Yeah, I was fucken scared.
You didn’t see that fucken water and if it’s not bad enough I’m sitting there give a hose a blowjob the fucken Ex.’s dog was busy trying to hump my ankle at the same time while she sat at her computer looking for flippin eggs.

Putting my fear aside I took the hose and really hauled on it this time and I took off for the washroom to spit out the water I managed to suck up.
D1 though it was funny until I came back and splashed her then dumped the fucken Pomeranian in the tank for a swim while it slowly drained.
I had never seen a dogfish before.

After the tank was empty I asked the EX if she had something to scrub the tank with and she brought me this soft sponge.
I needed a jack hammer to get the scum off of the sides of the tank not cotton batten.
She said it was the only thing she had.
I tried using the sponge but I was polishing it to a shiny finish rather than getting it off.

Leaving D1 to play with the dog and the EX to play with her game I went top the kitchen to look for something but she was right.
She had nothing so I wandered to the bathroom and in the shower there was one of those plastic sponges that’s rough like sandpaper you use to scrub the skin off of your body.
I though, “That would work” so I took it and went back to the bedroom to try it out.

I filled a bucket with hot water and dump the blue thingy in it then tried it on the green scum that was so thick you couldn’t see inside the tank from the outside.
It was amazing how it cut through it and filling all the tiny holes with the green crap.
I had to dunk it all the time to keep it clean but within fifteen minutes I had the shit off of the glass.
I repeated it two more times, each time with fresh water until the tank looked as good as the day it was bought.

I went back to the washroom and cleaned the blue thingy as best as I could and stuck it back in the shower then went to the bedroom once more where the EX walked in and looked at the tank.
She was surprised to see it so clean and I passed her back the soft sponge.
So it did work she said.
Ummmmmm, yeah.

I loaded the last of the things in the car for the last time and came home where the tank was washed again as was all the pretty blue stones.
The tank now sits in my living room ready to be filled with fish and plants as soon as the water is ready.

Later that day I took D1 to China town.
She had expressed the need to eat Chinese food and had asked me to take her to this take out joint near her old place but I told her that that food was crap and would take her to a place I know run by a family that make home made Chinese food and she said she wanted to try it.
She also said she wanted to buy chopsticks.
Nice ones.

I told her I knew a lot of the places in China Town as I have spent the better part of forty years living next to it and know where everything is.
My kids are into the whole Asian thing from the comics to the food but have never been to China Town because their mother never brought them downtown.
Probably because I live right there and would find out she was back in town.

I took her into my favorite store for all things Chinese and unique and that was it.
I lost her.
She was in heaven.
You name it and its there.
From posters to pots
HA, a million types colors and designs.
They had cheap ones, expensive ones.
Wooden, marble, stainless steal chopsticks and if you want formal, silver chopsticks.

The had swords, vases, Buddhas, tables, boxes.
The have Godzilla, Picachew or anything else you want to chew.

She wandered around the store leaving fingerprints on every single item in the place but after thirty minutes she showed up at the cash with two pairs of the cheapest fucken plastic chopstick in the place.
Ummmmmm Hello?
She said she wasn’t ready to decide on what set she wanted so she would use these for now until she found what she really liked.
One thing I could never understand about woman, she needs time to choose chopsticks but can buy shoes blindfolded and love them then build the outfit around the shoes.

After the store she wanted to know if there was someplace she could buy Chinese food so I took her to the Chinese market and she went NUTS.
The sold all those things she saw advertised in her comics and started loading up on all of them like a starving kid.
I told her we only lived three blocks away and she didn’t need to buy the store so she slowed down.
I guess she doesn’t realize where we live yet.

From the market we went to the restaurant to get some take out for her and her sister who was home sick.
I had a run in with her that evening and had to put my foot down.
Its her time of the month and she was crabby about going to school and gave me some excuse about other people talking bothered her and she wanted to stay home.
That shit might have worked with her mother but she is saying it to the wrong person.
There are three billion women in the world who bleed like a stuck pig and curse the heavens for it but they go one with their lives so she could go to school and bitch about it later.
She wasn’t pleased but at 7a,m I heard her walk out of the house for the bus in the morning.
Life’s a bitch and I’m a bastard but it’s my house and my rules.

The average woman will have her period 1000 times in her life and if each one wanted three days off for it I’m sure her boss might protest that fact even though I know most of you would vote for it.

We came home and my niece was at my parents place waiting for my daughters to come home.
She’s become the family mascot.
She loves my daughters and they like having her around but my niece tries to be like them.
She had just eaten two burgers at my parents place and when she saw D1 with food she wanted some to.
The kid was trying to force it down and I was laughing.
D1 was amazed at the food and how fresh it tasted.
D2 didn’t like it because it tasted like, real food.
My niece, she said she was full.

After watching a movie with them they finally left me alone to get some rest and look at some blogs when the phone rang, it was Mike.
I looked up at the clock and it was late for any of the boys to be calling unless it was trouble so I answered it.

Have a nice Valentines Day weekend
Who knows, I may find something else to post tomorrow ;)

Love those who love you
Love those who hate you
Love those who love life
Love those who don’t understand love
Just love and you will be loved and don’t forget
Walker loves you too



Monogram Queen said...

Happy Valentines my Friend, and I love you too!
I am so happy your girls are with you!

BikerCandy said...

Happy Valentines day Walker! I hope your day is full of love.

Oh...and there is absolutely nothing wrong with building an outfit around a pair of shoes!

Fire Byrd said...

Love ya too dude!
And love shoes... it's a female thing oh and of course handbags...
Have a great weekend

CHEF TROLL said...

Valentine's day? Ain't this some kind of a big Greek hootenanny festival weekend or something?

Megan said...

Love you too honey.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Of course you build an outfit around a pair of shoes. Where else would you start?

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your girls, and I just loved the thought of you cleaning all that gunk out of the fish tank with your ex's loofah. Well done.

Luka said...

Happy VD to you Walker!

Funnily enough my kids have been setting up a fish tank this week. Forgot to let the water cycle first though - 16 dead fishies but the snail lives! You go snail!

itisi said...

Happy V-day, Walker!
Oh! and I like the music, too!

deni said...

ROTF! You put the scrubby back in her shower! That is just too priceless!

Yep, I am a crazy Bitch!

Anonymous said...

ah, makes an old fuck like me happy!

Sally said...

Cleaning that fish tank - now, that's what I call true love!!

Happy Valentines Day, Walker. :)

Scarlet said...

You are loved as well dear Walker.

Heff said...

Hey, I LIKE what you've done with the place, Walker !

Rainbow dreams said...

Love to you too Walker :) x

Anonymous said...

Wow you are really getting the hang of this parenting teenagers aren't you? You're a great dad and I am so glad for your daughters that now they have a REAL parent.

Happy Valentines Day Walker. I love you heaps.

Susan said...

So what happened to the fish?

Peter said...

The Asian craze has bit D1 pretty badly Walker, can't choose her fav chopsticks though??????

Kathryn Magendie said...

Chopsticks! I have many chopsticks and forget to use them. My son brought me some back from Japan - kewl!

Loving the music - who is that? sounds Celtic...but I could be wrong...


Michael Manning said...

Your kids sound cool, Walker! And never a dull moment either! A very good end cap message!

Just telling it like it is said...

Happy Valentines to you...I posted new pics...just for you

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Boxer said...

Come by, I left some Blog Love for you over here.....

Michael Manning said...

Nice to hear "The Kids Are Alright"! ;->