blue moon (2)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Where's The Music? ©

That was a nice little break I had me.
Well not really a break.
I spent time reading blogs I haven’t been to in a while instead of my regular reads.
I think I spend more time writing comments than writing posts at times because I tend to run at the mouth with some comments but that’s all your faults because you write so well and get me thinking to much

I did do some writing that you will probably see next month, I have that yet to finish but it’s something and I did post on my other site for a change while I was sitting here listening to music until I went to the washroom that is.

Many of you know how much me loves my music.
Me and Baby Blue (My IPOD) have spent thousands of hours listening to Pink Floyd, The Stones, Madrugada, April Wine, ELO, Moby and dozens of others musicians.

Friday night I plopped at my computer after washing what seemed like an endless supply of dirty dishes and turned on my IPOD and hit play to wait for a piece of music that would inspire me to write something.
Maybe some Enigma or OZZY!!!!!!!!!!!
I worked on a story for a couple of hours then took off to the washroom and a joint on the way back.

I sat back in the chair and let it ease me back to my comfort position as I waited for the music to start.
Usually when the sound of the music comes on my brain quickly remembers the song and before you know it I’m off somewhere in la, la land and with me that could be just about anywhere in the chambers of my imagination.
The music set the setting and I just write it down.
The music started and I almost fell out the back of my chair.


I sit up trying to find out what song was that because I didn’t recall putting this music on Baby Blue.
When I saw who it was I KNEW for sure I didn’t too.
Hanna Montana, why the fuck do I want to listen to Hanna Montana for?

So I look at what folder it was in and it was in my library but wait.
There were more Hanna Montana songs and some other from a band I have never heard of, Acorn, Atorn, something like that.

Definitely not my type of music

I mean, I will tolerate it as a parent.
Hell I went to see Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera with two giddy twelve year olds in the space of two weeks and survived that screaming, squealing hell.
I huddled at the back wall with two hundred other parents smoking joints and singing Kumba ya.

I can take the music, I just don’t want it on my IPOD so I go to erase it and I can’t.
I mean it doesn’t want to leave for some reason so I click on the library so I can play something that won’t drive me to drink again and my music is gone, all of it.
Well almost all of it.
I had about 800 songs and now I had 72 left and the whole fucken Hanna Montana collection and Christmas music.
I have no fucken idea why there was Christmas music there but there is now.

So I search all over the damn place for my songs but they were nowhere to find.
Three years I added to the IPOD and keeping only the ones I could listen to over and over and now they were all gone.
I couldn’t understand what happened to all my music.
This is the first time I have lost files on the IPOD like this and what’s with the Hanna Montana shit.

After some time I call down my daughter and ask her if she recognizes the songs on my IPOD and she laughs and says yes and as her eyes started going down the list I could see something in them that I didn’t like.
It was like I could see realization come in them from the outside.

I asked if that happen to be her music.
She looked kind of nervous.
I told her not to worry, that I wasn’t going to kill her more than once.
Her eyes just popped out of her head.
I love when I make people do that; usually it’s the only compensation I get for being screwed.

She said that it was her music but she swears she didn’t touch my IPOD and I believed her because I am always here and never leave it alone.
But how the hell did this happen.
I went upstairs and on her computer she has Itunes and is downloading music from the same place I do.
As I look at her Itunes I see that when she installed it and was prompted to scan her computer for devices it found Baby Blue because she is on my network and she deleted all of my stuff and put her downloads straight to my IPOD.
Hanna Montana, acorns and Christmas music is all I have left.


Oh well, what is there left to do but smoke a joint and listen to the first song I downloaded.

Have a nice day



Leah said...

Crap. Incredible. Well, you'll have an adventure getting your music back.

Just remember, you're stardust, you're golden, you're billion year old carbon. That should put things in perspective? No maybe not.

Anonymous said...

that's what I'm gonna call you from here on in... Stardust

god it's been a long time since i did a joint.... glad to have you back, and seriously love your honest contributions to my rambles amigo...

Peter said...

Hannah fucken Montana is just taking things a bit too far Walker, good luck with the restoration.
BTW is the guy in my last post wearing a traditional Greek costume???

Puss-in-Boots said...

Sorry, Walker, but I'm rolling around on the floor laughing my arse off at you finding Hanna Montana music on your iPod! OMG. I'm really glad I wasn't around when that happened.

That was one hell of a fuck up, wasn't it? And all that fantastic music down the tube...literally. I'm really sorry to hear it...but I'm still laughing!

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough Big Bertha died right after Chelsea downloaded Bella's lullaby from the Twilight movie. I have had to listen to Hanna Montana every morning on TV during the school holidays so welcome to my world Walker.

Monogram Queen said...

Coincidentally I have bitten the bullet and am charging my spanking new Pink iPod (haven't named her yet) this morning while at work!
Wish me LUCK!

Oh well, um, think of it as an opportunity for a clean slate/new music?!

nachtwache said...

That would drive me to drink!

Sally said...

I thought you were going to say that you were using your daughter's IPOD by mistake. Listen, I don't know nothin' about no ipods; I know I'm not with it!

About fell outta my own chair the other day when Hunter said "Hannah Montana is my favorite". Geez, she's only THREE!! Of course, these days everything is her 'favorite'. hahahaha So maybe that won't last long!

Scarlet said...



Someone really does have a twisted sense of humor.

BikerCandy said...

Ah...Pink Floyd to Hanna Montana. Something is just not right there. Sorry you lost all your music. I had that happen to me once when I got a new laptop and for some reason my ipod folder didn't get copied to the new one. Look at this way, what an opportunity to explore new stuff and get all new music. :)

Rainbow dreams said...

omg..not funny...before my kids had their own ipods they all shared mine, made for some interesting music!!

guess there wasn't much else a guy (or girl even in that situation) could do... :)

ps where is your other blog..? haven't seen it as far as I know... apart from your sex one ;)

Tammi said...

Ahhhhh! The joys of raising kiddo's...girls especially!LOL
Well,the GOOD thing about this is,when I was her age I was listening to Ted Nugent,Megadeth,Judas Priest,and alot of others' that my Granny swore I was gona go to hell for listening to!! There was no such thing as Hannah Montana when I was her just be grateful that your girls aren't doing the stuff WE did at that age...and I'll bet the farm you KNOW what I'm getting at!(giggle)

Phoenix said...

Heh... if you figure out how to pull music off an ipod... please let me know. In fact, I am posting that same question now over at my place.

Good luck!

Aleta said...

I was smart this time, no drinks around me as I read your blog. That was hilarious. I'm sorry, I'm laughing, but it was funny. I sure hope you get your songs back on Baby Blue. Greg loves his IPOD too and if I removed his songs and put mine on, well ~ that would be a strong test to a new marriage, I believe. Lol.

Megan said...

I wish I had an ipod.

having my cake said...

LMFAO... but it could be worse, it could have been... WHAT AM I SAYING? There is nothing worse than Hannah Montana :)

TROLL said...


Guess it could have worse. Somebody you respect might have taken a gander at your musical tastes before you did.

Walker said...

Leah: I rather smoke the stardust and have my music back but i guess sometims there has to be a new beginning sometimes

Walker said...

paulwchambers: Its pretty much all i do. I don;t drink any more and the pot helps me forget about the knee and the lower back.
I'm not saying I don't enjoy the ummmm side effects LOL

Walker said...

Peter: I don't think i could find them all. Took me two hours to find one song alone.
Its the problem with listening to obscure music

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: Yes I can feel you pain and the cats as you're rolling over her HA HA HA

Walker said...

Romany Angel : And that is why i have a TV in every room so I don;t have to listen to it all the time LOL

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: You;re going to LOVE you IPOD.
I don;t go anywhere without mine.
Its the only way i can talk to some of the idiots out there is the world

Walker said...

nachtwache: It's driving me nuts now

Walker said...

Sally: I'm telling you, that Hanna Montana is taking over

Walker said...

Scarlet: Yeah its probably Billie Ray Cyrus the bastard

Walker said...

BikerCandy: Its like going to bed in hell and waking up frozen in the center of an iceburg

Walker said...

Rainbow dreams: I'm upset not mad since i was the one who set up the network i just never figured it could happen.
I guess i was wrong

Walker said...

Tammi: I was an angel at that age and did my best to protect all the little girls as we hid in the closet

Walker said...

Phoenix: I have figured out how to add and delete but i am still workng out how to put music in the playlists i create

Walker said...

Aleta: I listen to at least 8 hours of music a day and to loose some of the best songs i have ever heard is a real blow but i do my best not to sweat the small things.
I say that as my daughter is doing the dishes HA HA HA

Walker said...

Megan : Awwwww, who know one day you will and can be an alien like the rest of us

Walker said...

having my cake : Yes ther can be something worse.
Going to a Hanna Montana concert.

Walker said...

TROLL : Don't evedn think that. That's all I need, one of my biker friends borrowing it and rolling down the high way with Hanna singing through his head.
Probably fly off a cliff

Michael Manning said...

I...I...still can't stop laughing at the thought of Walker standing in the arena floor of a Hannah Montana Concert! I goota get some oxygen...or I'm going to have another herna from laughing so hard!

Dotm said...

It takes a good caring dad to take his daughters to a teenagers concert that way. Looks like the music changeover was an honest mistake, so guess you will just have to have a good laugh. Then maybe you can talk your daughter into re-adding your style of music for you. Good Luck Dad !! We do have to handle a lot for the pleasures of being a parent.