blue moon (2)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sex Talk: Out Of The Mists Of Time ©

She stood along the shore watching the setting sun burn itself out into a burst of color as it faded into the deep of the ocean but the full moon’s warm glow wrapped around her shoulders comforting her before gently lowering her to the soft grass as her lover once did.

Looking up at the stars, and the moon, together, touching each other’s souls with each other’s aura as two kindred spirits do.
A blanket of transparent mist sweeps down to cover their soft bed, not hide their lust as they lay twisted into a mangled pyramid of desires while in the throws of emotions lost in time.

Clothes dissolve into the ground as the Earth rises to embrace their flesh as they bury themselves deep into each other for one last time and forever.
Their lips grabbed at the other's with a hunger refusing to let go of that sweetness they brought to each other’s lips.
Hungry tongues swam through the oceans of passion as their hands grasped at each other, desperately hoping to embrace and hold onto the other’s soul.

His lips kissed along the trail his moist tongue marked down her neck where his lips gently sucked on her soft skin while his hand moved up her leg for his powerful fingers to take her and pull her tighter to him.
She could feel his excitement pressed up against her as her head swam with lust and the pain of anticipation.

Slowly he moved down to her breasts where he took each of her hard nipples in his mouth so his tongue could dance with each one turning the fire burning within her into an inferno.

Her legs were pulled up welcoming his arrival when his mouth reached between them and he could see her need to have him as her desire gleamed between her legs.
His lips capturing droplets that escaped from her tasting her sweet nectar on his lips.
Craving more he bent down and let his tongue part her lips then pierce the dam holding back the waves of desire waiting to be set free.

Hungrily he devoured at her wants, her needs while her moans fueled his own burning lust and his desire to have her in more ways than he had imagined.
Her groans, her moans, set free the bonds that held the beast take her as she gave herself to him.
To be taken, used for his pleasure and hers.

Her legs wrapped around his neck, pulling his face tighter to her desires and he gorged between her legs, sending spasms of pleasure throughout her body every time his tongue passed over her swollen quivering clit.
She held both her breasts in her hands and was pinching her nipples as hard as she could to try and keep from going insane with desire and his mouth as he made love to her.

Slowly, he began his assent once more up her body, as her legs slid along his torso until she felt him nudge inside her.
His lips hovered over hers, then lowered until he took hers once more with his mouth and she engulfed him inside her lust.
She swallowed the breath from his lips as he filled the part of her that had been empty for so long, until now.
Fulfilling a yearning, a burning desire to be with him once more and to feel him inside her again after so long like it was that moon filled night.

Legs wrapped around his hips he pushed inside her time, and time again, stoking her furnace as her hips rose to meet each thrust with her own need.
Their bodies clashed, as the mist swirled around them in their ecstasy.

They rolled over where she mounted him and rode him like a stallion, as the ocean breeze waved her hair in the moonlight.
Her head rose above the mist like a siren in the night as he held her hips while she came down over and over impaling herself onto him until she could no longer contain herself and with a surge that grew from between her legs erupted from her lips and eyes as they burned fire into the night before she slowly crumbled on top of him.

Drained yet still hungry for more of what he had, what she missed.
More of his flesh.
The taste of him in her mouth again.

She rested there as his hand caressed her shoulder; his lips touched the back of her neck as her fingers passed over his chest, her body slowly beginning to regain some of its strength once more.
She moved her arm down taking him in her hand then slowly stroking him until she could feel his heart pulsing through her fingers as the hunger to have her grew within him.

Slowly she moved down his body kissing her way to the object of her attention and took him in her mouth as far as she could take him before releasing him once more to the cool salty air of the night.
Then she ran her tongue along the length of his shaft before taking him once more between her lips then pushing his head to the back of her throat.
As her lips tormented the head of his cock, her hand caressed his tightening jewels.

Putting his hand on the back of her head he gently pulled her up to him rolling over on top of her at the same time parting her willing legs with his, then entered her once more.
He lowered his lips to her neck and pushed in all the way as he bit her soft skin with his lips.
Her legs climbed his hips begging him to go deeper.

She didn’t know what drove her mad, his deep thrusts, his teeth sinking into her flesh or the love she held for him.
Bound by their lust as the wind howled through the mist of time when their bodies came together over and over until the sky lit up with bolts of lightning and the thunder was drowned by the screaming pleasure of the night as the stars winked down on a fading mist.

A glittering cloud of mist danced like lovers in the night, across the water, out of the Harbor and out over the ocean, together and forever.

On the beach the next day, flashing lights marked the spot where love and lust were once again reunited after 50 years of waiting.
At the feet of a young paramedic lay an old woman’s wish with a smile on her face that could not be described only felt in your throat and your heart.

Have a nice weekend



Leah said...

Lovely. Soulful and yummy.

deni said...

Thanks, Walker, thanks.


Leah said...

And yea, I dig Honey Bee.

Michael Manning said...

Walker: You're so emotional! :D)

Nicole said...

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Monogram Queen said...

Go away Nicole, this is sexy times around here!

Walker said...

Leah: Thanks :)

Walker said...

deni: You;re very welcome

Walker said...

Leah: Yes it is a nice song by one of my favorite groups

Walker said...

Michael Manning: It's your fauly for having interviews with sexy women in wet T-shirts and you didn't invite me to take notes.
Granted I don't know short hand but I got long arms. LOL

Walker said...

Nicole: I don't play games unless its spin the bottle and kiss tha private parts.
Its why I only play with women HA HA HA

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: YOu go tell that Nicole a thing or to.
Jumping into my mist all dressed

itisi said...

Beautifully written, Walker, and the song is perfect!

Scarlet said...

Incredibly evocative and oh so erotic ....

Rainbow dreams said...

wow walker.. perfect for the weekend...:) hmmm is there something in the air right now...?!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Hi! T'anky for voting, I go read...

jlspbs said...

Walker, Thanks, You need to write erotica!!!!! You are great. Thanks for making my day.

Walker said...

itisi: Thank you
The song gives it it's soul.
Two lost lovers torn apart by war and finally coming together for eternity.
The song makes the post

Walker said...

Scarlet: Thank you, some visions are best shared

Just telling it like it is said...

Ahhh I remember so sweetly how wonderful it can be.....Now I'm just holding out for you...

Walker said...

Rainbow dreams: There is alway something in the air

Walker said...

Kathryn Magendie: You're welcome. I like voting and isually the first one at wet tshirt contest to cast his vote ;)

Walker said...

jlspbs: Thank you. write it for money.
I don't know.
I love writing this for fun and my pleasure.

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: How long are your arms? ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow we haven't had a sex talk for a long time, so long that I'd forgotten all about it. This one was different somehow though. There was love in this one rather than just passion. I loved it...really beautiful Walker.

Boxer said...

my oh my


Michael Manning said...

I tried turning down the music and re-reading this with KISS, Greek accordian music, and then Zamphir. What a trip!


Lindi said...

Well husband will be happy that I read this post ;)
nicely always

Tammi said...

Great reading this morning.Good way to start my day before work...cept' I have to admit
I don't care for the tune.
Alright everyone stop throwing stuff at me!!!
You are a smash hit as always though W.!!!

Nan said...

Note to self: Do NOT read these when I'm at work!! lol