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Thursday, January 15, 2009

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For today’s post I will touch on some of the emotions I have been experiencing in the last 4 hours.


The union representing the bus drivers issued a news release today stating that if Para Transpo, the company that picks up the disabled, puts out more buses to help the disabled people who used to take the regular buses on their own to the hospital and other appointments that they would effectively picket them to the point where they either shut down or slow down to a crawl.

Also, that if the city gives the universities any money to help them get their students to school via the private buses they have hired to get students in outlying areas to school they will do the same to them.

Basically they are threatening our sick, elderly and children.

You know what we need here right now?
A good old fashion lynching.
I mean give me 200 able body people with some baseball bats, strong rope and I would lead them down there and when we were gone there would be nothing left but red blotches in the snow and union reps hanging from every fucken flag pole outside city hall and trust me.
There are lots of them?
It’s one thing to walk of the job and freeze their worthless Asses in –38-degree weather because they are greedy fuckers but it’s a totally new fucken ball game when you threaten our kids, our old and sick.
The mayor should legalize drive by shootings if it’s against bus drivers and t heir union reps and don’t think I am alone in this.
There have been some skirmishes and I do regret I wasn’t there and I think there should be an amnesty for anyone assaulting a union rep.

Most of the people who live here belong to one union or another but you don’t see to many strikes because most of their representatives look at the whole picture and can figure out what should be right and I don’t mean compromise.
Most contracts are renewed with little resistance because even management sees there has to be some concessions before they see what the demands are but these fucken clowns are nothing more than gangsters who think they are living in the 40’s and 50s.
Jimmy Hoffa is dead and we know what he was in the end.
That’s what happens when too much power gets into one persons head, they go from good to bad to corrupt
Then disappear.

What do you think of people who hold you hostage with threats your kid’s future, the health of your elderly or the disable who are helpless to defend them selves?
The city council is meeting now behind closed doors looking for more ransom.
I think they’re stupid.
I say fire all the fuckers and find people who want to work for a decent wage with full benefits and guarantee them a 4% wage increase per year every year.
That’s how you run a budget.
Know what you are going to need down the road for as long as you could.
OH. Yeah they want $2500 each driver to sign the new contract.
Pretty soon they will want us to hire other drivers to drive for them too.
HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!
This is just crazy.


I have been watching the news lately and two stories popped out to my attention recently that leaves me wondering, what the fuck are we becoming and who the fuck is teaching us.
Have some of you seen that guy who wants his wife to give him back the kidney he donated to her?
Are you fucken kidneying me?
Sorry I had to put that in.
How fucken wacky is that?
I wonder if I can sue my EXs for all the sperm I donated to them over the years?

Is he doing to win?
Well he better not because if he does, all hell is going to break loose.
Collection agencies will out to repossess your liver for payment next.


And that guy that faked his death then went to Florida and called someone to tell him he was sorry then slashed his wrists.
Either he is one hell of a genius and trying to go for an insanity plea or he’s a complete and utter fucken moron.

First he flies his plane out into the wild blue yonder then bails out with a parachute on allowing the plane to crash.
Now right off the bat you know he’s fucked.
You can’t fake your death when your fucken body isn’t at the wreckage you fucken moron.

I can’t stand these amateur criminals.
It’s fucken insulting to criminals and any relationally thinking person.
First he rips a bunch of people off and gets caught.
That should have been his first sign that he sucks at crime but no.
He goes out and breaks another gazillion laws and still gets caught.
Now faces charges in two states.

Can they charge him with attempting to evade authorities by trying to commit suicide?
That’s another thing.
I bet he made the call to the other guy so he would call the police and they arrested him before he bled out and died.
Anyone want to bet?
You people might think I’m nuts for smoking pot but remember this.
These fucken clowns don’t.
Fucken crazy

The fucken world is going insane and I feel like I’m stuck right in the middle of it.
What’s wrong can’t everyone just look at things as they are instead of finding stupid outrageous bull fucken shit to do?

We go so far out of the way to make things so fucken hard and complicated.
It’s all so fucken simple but we put bullshit on the ground to make wading through it difficult.
That’s why I say we should just go straight to the difficult part without the bullshit.
It’s hard to have a relationship fall apart especially one that had love at one time.
Things change and people have to move on.

50/50 from the time you got married
If one spouse made 200,000 and the other 300,000 that 500,000 combined so 250,000 each.
What’s so fucken hard about that?
There is a house 50/50 and if there are kids living in the house?
50/50 on the upkeep until the kids go on their own then sell the mother fucker and split the money.
No expensive lawyers or any other BS.
Kidney pfffffffft

Same with business.
You want to invest your money.
Do your homework and use an established broker because half the time it’s your fault for getting ripped off.
Save a penny and loose a dime.
Know what you’re investing in and you won’t have any problems but if for some reason you do get ripped off by someone in the company at least you know it was by someone smart not some fucken moron.

Ok, I feel a little better now.

It’s –38 out so I think I’ll go warm my butt on the couch before my brain gets frostbite and I go crazy too.

Have a nice day



Luka said...

You've had an intense 4 hours! I read about the guy who wants his kidney back and I was flabbergasted. There are some mean spirited people out there, that's for sure.

Walker said...

Luka:This is beyond revenge.
This is being just down right cruel too.
I understand wanted to get even to some point but there has to be limits to how crasy you can be.

I have issues with my EX but i wouldn't ask for the things i gave her over the years.
Thats ridiculous and some shoul;d expect more than they deserve and a relationship is a 50/50 deal and it should be that way.
You get half of what you put into a relationship together during the period of time you shared your lives together.
I don;t care if one was fucking around on the other.
There has to be a reason for that too and it's probably the reason you are splitting up.
So it's over not get on with the rest of your lives without insulting what left of out integrity and minds.
Sick bastard.

Nan said...

I've given up on reading or watching the news this week. There is just too much shit going on and I get frustrated or want to kill someone. I thought it best to "tune out" this week.
Calgary is also in the midst of a big gang uproar. Seems like there is a shooting every day now. I say let them kill each other but unfortunately there are innocent people being caught inthe cross fire.

Fire Byrd said...

There are some mean spirited people about. And the bus drivers are certainly qualifying. There just bloody lucky they've got jobs to bitch about. over in the UK places are closing down all over the place. And so many people are having to do shortened weeks so that their places of employment can stay open to give them any sort of job.
As for the kidney guy.... what a wanker.

Megan said...


ssgreylord said...

i love that you have opinions and aren't afraid to share 'em. don't ever change, walker...

Puss-in-Boots said...

I read about that moron wanting his kidney back or if not, didn't he want some outrageous some of money? Ambush the wanker and take his other kidney, then he'd have something to whinge about. Or better still, find him a good psychiatrist.

You had quite a rant there, Walker, I hope you feel a bit better now. BTW, I've got a bit of a rant on my blog, too. Must be the weather...

Rainbow dreams said...

Hmmm I do wonder about people's sanity and their whacky ideas - what amazes me is that it ever gets as far as it does.. it's almost like some kind of wild bet with themselves to see how far they can go!

Your life is so incredibly full on right now... you deserve some time to warm up on the couch, enjoy, Katie

Cece said...

The world is a crazy place, and it scares me to death to know that my kids are growing up in it. If I could create a protective bubble to shield them from it I would, but then again, that wouldn't be fair to them. It's gone to Hell in a handbasket.

Walker said...

Nan: I think is situations involving full scale gang wars in the streets where innocent people are in danger they shoulkd just move in and clean it up immediatly but they are handcuffed by the constitution.
Maybe its time they passed national laws against gangs to help deal with it

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: I think the bus union and cowards who are threatening us to make gains where they were not getting their way.
You're right with so many people looking for jobs or working for shit wages to pay the bill they should be happy t he have more than most.

Walker said...

Megan: Yeah that's about what I said today

Walker said...

ssgreylord: I have spent years listening to people's problems and the one thing they all displayed was silence in voicing their views to the people who cause them grief.
I believe if you don't stand up for what you are against then you have no right to complain in silence.
I don't ever plan on holding my opinions inside and I will speak them so everyone here but I won;t force my views on anyone and will always respect anothers opinion even if we don't agree.
Enlightenment comes from our differences not with our similarities

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots : Yes he said or 1.3 million dollars.
Probably what his wife was sueing him for.
He had some cock an d bukk story for why he did it but its still stupid and rediculous.

Yes i had a good rant and i got alot of bs off of my chest

Walker said...

Rainbow dreams: The only time it really gets insanel;y crazy is because who would think of being that stupid.
I mean what idiot would believe a judge would actuallt kill someone to pay off a debt to someone else.
I guess he never read Shakespear either.
I wonder if he can read.
The world is becoming so crazy most people aren't surpruised at what they see.

Walker said...

Cece: We are on the same page with the kids.
I freak when i think of me being in the afterlife and my gorls left on this earth with morons like this walking it.
The scarist part is our leaders becoming as insane as them to.

Anonymous said...

The world just gets crazier every day. What kind of people would disadvantage minority groups over money?

Like a few people have already said, they should feel lucky they even have jobs. The economy is weaving it's web through industries big and small and people are losing not just their jobs but their homes as well. I bet they would willingly drive a bus for half of what these people get just so they would have some kind of chance at providing for their families.

As for kidney man...what a fuckstick!

I'm glad you feel better Walker. Now go and rest on that couch before you blow a gasket or something. You're not as young as you used to be babe ;) Can't have you keeling over because of wankers like that.

Monogram Queen said...

There is NO way your sharp brain would ever get frostbite! You need to be on the govt. Walker. I'm firmly convinced you could make a change for those desperately in need of it!

Walker in '09!

BikerCandy said...

You know it takes all kinds but frankly there are some kinds the world would be better without. You illustrated several in this post too. You go boy!

deni said...

I am getting to hate Unions, especially the one Hoffa Jr is in charge of.

Men like my hubby were so desperate to just keep their jobs they overwhelmingly voted yes to a 10% wage reduction, and the bus drivers there want more? They should just be happy they have a job.

Walker said...

Romany Angel: Greedy people
People with no scrupples.
People i have nio use for.
I have to let some steam out and what better place than to direct it at those that deserve it the most.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: We need to blow up government and start from scratch with honest people not me.
Just let me blow them up LOL

Walker said...

BikerCandy: The ones that are the worse should be what we look at so that we know how not to act but sadly there are those in charge who are blind to the truth and true justice.

Walker said...

deni: Some people just don;t know when they have it good and need to make life miserable for others for their own gain
There is a place for unions and i believe a good union who takes its membership and the welfare of the employer at heart will be best for the little people but when we see CEOs and Unions reps looking for their own best interests all we get is pain and despar for those left at the curb freezing and hungry down the road.

Peter said...

Where do you find all this stuff Walker? and isn't the world crazy enough without you giving these morons publicity?

Michael Manning said...

Now you know why I left Cincinnati and why I refuse to fly Delta Air Lines (that's a story in iteself). Your coverage of morons who fake their deaths had me laughing in tears. I don't know now if I have the strength to lift my coffee cup! I will pass on the violence though, Walker. Even though Woody Allen once said: "Give me a large sock full of horse manure!" :D)

Leon Basin said...

This was freaking great! How are you doing? I would love to read more. Thank You!!!

nachtwache said...

Well you know I have a union job, but I think the unions are full of self serving idiots with no morals!