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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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My house is slowly becoming a community center.
Every day it’s full of people, mostly kids.
How the fuck did I go from me the cat and quiet to noisy mayhem I don’t know but welcome to Grand Walker Station.

Frick is slowly taking on the characteristics of a gofer.
Every now and then you see his head pop out of nowhere to scan the area for kids.
He’s not really a kid cat, more of a Walker cat and even I after 19 years am not allowed too pick him up for more than 10 seconds.

I’m not saying he is being displaced or anything like that but my daughter is like the paparazzi when it comes to Frick.
She’s never seen a cat like him before.
He’s more of a dog than cat most of the time and grumpy old one at that.
He growls when a kid reaches out to him but when she isn’t around he walks through her room as was shown on the video capturing him as he waded through a pile of stuffed toys or the picture of his four feet sticking out of the bottom of the blanket as he slept under it.

The kids constantly make me call him over so they could see him run to me then roll over with all four legs sticking up in the air so they could laugh.
It’s obvious I am going to be saving a lot of money on entertainment with kids.
One thing I know for sure is that I am going to get her a DVD player for her room because if I see Beauty and the Beast one more fucken time, I am going to shoot myself.

I’m trying to help the youngest salvage part of her semester.
There is going to be losses but she is putting in an effort.
Loosing a month of school equals 100 assignments missed.
She lost the whole year last year because………..why slam the EX.
I’ll save that rant for another day.

I’ve been to Staples so many freaking times; I am on a first name basis with the staff there.
Why is it when I say, what do you need exactly 20 times and then write it all for me to get so I could walk half a mile to Staples to get it for you do they not understand, then tell you when you get back they need one more thing AND it’s not only the walking.

The kid’s got cooking classes she missed so in order to catch up she has to make the recipes she missed in class, at home and bring in a sample.
So all the way to Staples I’m wondering if she it starting a fire and one the way back my eyes are glued to the clouds for any glow reflecting off the night sky.

I have to say she has made some tasty foods like the evil double, double chocolate chip muffins that were so evil I ran next door to get rid of them after I ate five.
She made two dozen and doesn’t eat them.
I am NOT going to gain the fucken eighty pounds I lost.
She gave me her report card for her math class to sign and in ten days has pushed her mark up from 15% to 58% by doing her past assignments that she had missed and she still has seven to go do push it up to about 70%.
I don’t know if she can with all the other work she has.
I told her to concentrate on what’s salvageable for now but she wants to try for all of them.
Even though that’s admirable I have to worry about her disappointment if she fails and the odds are good that she will because she has missed way too much.

The bus strike is still on and the city has decided to dig in for a while and let the union fuck themselves and I’ll support that.
I am no big fan of unions and I have been in a few over the years.
They have done a lot of good for workers over the years but I think they have lost sight of the whole picture and gotten to powerful.
Some unions have more money that some countries in the world.
They might even own one or two but I know they have tried owning us here with their extortion tactics of late.

I would think they should be thinking of job security more than what they want for pay.
For every action there is a positive or negative reaction.
Everyone wants more money and is blaming it on the economy with the high price for things on top of the list.
So they want more money to balance that out but what they don’t understand is that if we have to pay them more then we need more to and before you know it we all are extorting money from those around us to compensate then we end up right back at the same place but broker.
Not to mention all the money you lost with the strike.
It’s a vicious circle that only nips you in the butt in the end.
How long can we be chasing our tails in all of this when what we need is to stabilize the economy not put more stress on it?
Trillions of band-aids isn’t going to do squat either.

In war you carry off your wounded and leave the dead where they lie.
Just like my kids assignments she can’t save every class this year and she will have to accept the loss as should we with some of these companies begging for money.
There has to be losses even if they hurt people.
What governments should be looking towards is the future and what will be needed then to put these people to work on now.
I’m telling you with the ozone depleting as it is and the sun slowly scorching our butts more each day we can create an industry to harness the sun that would put these people to work and helping the environment by producing everything environmentally friendly.
But someone has to have the balls to start it.
Someone has to say no and let some of these old battleships sink so something new and better could be recycled from it.

You could turn the fucken Sahara desert into the biggest fucken solar power plant in the world.
Clean energy and in 200 years if they fix the ozone they might squeeze they brains a little more and find a way to put up satellites into space to collect solar energy from out there and send it down here to us instead of reverting back to fossil fuels to compensate for the ozone holding back the suns rays.
If some dumb Blogger like me can think this crap up just think what those geniuses out there could come up with if our governments put them to the task with the money they are squandering on saving sinking ships.
As a species we have come a long way but we have also become to comfortable and to fucken lazy.
As our populations have grown our active rolls in developing society has fallen by the way side.
When we lived in small villages the town hall was packed with people during meetings so everyone knew what was going on and got to have a say.
Today, well at least here city hall can’t seat more than 200 people I figure and we are a population of almost a million.
Because people don’t care to go.
They only care about complaining to everyone else.
The picket lines for the bus strike at city hall but I don’t see the people of this city rallying and marching down there with their own signs saying
FUCK YOU!!!!!!
They just sit in their cars stuck in traffic cursing them and being disgusted of the talks.

We have all become armchair bitches.
Slaves to our laziness.
Whiners with more excuses and bed sores than pride and dignity.
We allow these people to whip us and then thank them and walk away grumbling to ourselves.

We teach our kids to stand up for themselves yet when put the test we back down.
I have been showing my daughter I do what I ask her to do and leading by example.
May I mention how much I hate housework.
I hate it more now but I do it with her and she’s happy so far but I don’t push it.
She is responsible for her room and to vacuum the second floor.
We each have to do our plates when we are done and he/she who cooks cleans up before eating.
I figure if I treat her like an equal around the house there would be less wining and less work for both of us.

Life is about the compromises you make not the gains you seek.
It’s the same in the home as it is out in the world.

Have a nice day



Fire Byrd said...

Your daughter and you sound as if you have the makings of a great relationship going on here. With mutual respect and a mad cat!

BikerCandy said...

I think it's really great that she wants to salvage as much as she can of her semester though. She may not make it but at least she's trying now.

Those evil muffins sound pretty tasty!

Megan said...

Sounds like Elvis Cole's cat. Doesn't like anyone except Elvis and Joe Pike.

What's wrong with Beauty and the Beast? ;)

I am still trying to figure out how I feel about the unions. Coz I was raised that you never cross a picket line, you know?

itisi said...

Sounds like you got your daughter on the right track!
I agree that unions have lost sight of what they were created for.
They have tons of money that could be used in way better ways than meetings 100 miles away with the best hotels and food and booze for the reps. Oh don't get me started.
I could go on and on.
ANd yes, I am a union memeber.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yep, I reckon your daughter is going to do very well with her dad. Can't say the same about the cat though...

Peter said...

I didn't realize that bringing up children was so simple Walker, you should write a book.

mrhaney said...

you are so right my friend. we have become lazy. we could not get a handfull of people to get together to do any thing. we protest to each other about what we think is going wrong but it ends there. it is a wonder they don't take more advantage of the people as they do. how many times do we have to be kicked to get off our butts and do some thing about it.see, not you got me started. talk to you later. take care.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Your comment on the TB blog made me laugh - wish I'd have thought of that...haw!!!!!

ssgreylord said...

"life is about the compromises you make not the gains you seek."

what simple, profound wisdom.

walker wisdom.

Scarlet said...

Unions were needed, but like you say, they have become so fat and happy that they no longer have the workers best interests in mind ... only lining their pockets.

I commend your daughters ambition .... who knows, maybe she'll surprise herself with what she can accomplish! Optimism ... :D

You're doing an amazing job Walker ... don't think otherwise, and don't just blow it off and say, "that's what I do". I know people who have "parents" for years who haven't done half as good as you've done with the girls!
Inspiring, truly.

Just telling it like it is said...

And this two shall pass...

Hang in there..
She's young and impressionable and showing her that no matter what happens in life you have to push forward...
lessons that will really prepare her for having the love of your father really helps little girls...I promise!!!

Michael Manning said...

Uncle Walker: I love that name! Unions have done some good. But my last one was moronic. The merger of SAG and AFTRA in 2003 was a bi-partisan nightmare. It mattered not where you were. These are two overlapping unons who have so much ego they haven't been able to merge since 1933. On the right was the late Charleton Heston and on the left, Ed Asner. Both of these guys felt we were going to "take jobs away from them"! So, 3% of all members stayed home and the merger failed. Nothing was accomplished. Idiots! I was very disillusioned by that episode. None of it made sense then or today. Of course, I prefer intelligent minds on both sides of the table...rare as that is. I can see your house as "the place" to be! :D)

Walker said...

Fire Byrd : We are getting closer but i am also pushing her as a parent to work at school.
I hope she hears me

Walker said...

BikerCandy: I hope she continues to push forward but i also want her to learn to choose her battles and walk away from the ones she can't win.
I think to much isn;t good when it reflects on the whole

Walker said...

Megan : After 10 times i am ready for cinderella.
I never crossed picket lines but i didnt walk them either and took the pay loss actually i left and went to work someplace with no union and was better pay

Walker said...

itisi: Unions once upon a time was about the people but if you strangle the employer all you get is unemployment.
Some unions don;t even help their members like when i was with the Teamsters.
They wouldn;t give a fuck about us drivers when we had a greivance and as a result many quit

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots : Aw she loves the cat and he likes it to in some strange way i think.
I think we will find our place over the months to come

Walker said...

Peter : The hell it is. I have no fuckwen idea what i am doing and just winging it.
Actually i am trying to get her to be a mini me until i figure it out

Walker said...

mrhaney : We are becoming whinners and its not a becoming trait.
I think we have to take control of our surroundings just to stay afloat

Walker said...

Kathryn Magendie: Well if you;re going to talk about panties i have to talk about taking them off ;)

Walker said...

ssgreylord : I just think that if we emerse ourselves into what we can achieve we can get much farther instead of failing at what we can't reach at the moment.

Walker said...

Scarlet: Taking care of people and fixing problems for others is what I do and have been doing most of my life.
Now I am just doing it for my kids.
She is doing good and i hope she can keep it up.

Unios just piss me off now.
I have little use for the ones out there now

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: Yes i understand that but i think she is trying to drive me nuts in the process LOL

Walker said...

Michael Manning : Actuall that would be dad to my kids.
Unless its someone elses 30 year old daughterf ;) LOL

Unions only produce good when the work for the membership but they don;t look at them but at their union and how much they could rake in for the union to pay their high price paychecks.

Anonymous said...

I am so chuffed that you and your daughter are doing so well together and I think it's very admirable of her to want to catch up on her school work. I hear you on doing what's salvageable but let her try. You both may get a surprise.

Poor Frick. Between all the usual comings and goings at your place and Biggie visiting from time to time, he's going to need therapy soon :)

Monogram Queen said...

I give her credit for trying and hope she is successful!!!!!

Bud said...

I'm totally rooting for your youngest to make it. Tell her I'm her biggest fan.

Walker said...

Romany Angel: I am impressed by her efforts to succeed and to make our arraingment work out. I hope she can get what she shoot for.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen : I think she is a success for even trying and she will always be a winner to me either way

Walker said...

Bud : I think she will like that. One of the things she lacked is confidense and i hope hers grows with every day