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Monday, December 08, 2008

Ah Yeah ©

It was a quiet and dusty weekend.
That looks like the first line of the biography of belly button lint.
The week or the weekend wasn’t what I would have liked but definitely not like the week before.
Things have simmered down and the police have moved back to three stops at the donut shop and not only two because they were outside here.

It took me a week to piece everything together but it went something like this.
SIL’s daughter slashes wrists.
Then SIL’s calls police instead of rushing daughter to the hospital
Daughter gets freaked out because the police are coming so she runs out the door and for an hour the police are chasing a 17 year old through the neighborhood with bloody sprinklers at the end of each arm.
They finally caught her and took her to the hospital.
Three days later the SIL freaked out on said daughter for not doing the dishes and throws her out of the house then calls police to tell them that her daughter ran off to slash her wrists.

I’m home by the way lying back on the couch getting stoned just so you all know.

It’s about this time my brother shows up from work and goes home to find cops at the house again.
The cops leave and my brother is left alone with the SIL and my four year old niece.

Did I mention I had a really nice buzz going?
Oh yeah, I was thinking about someone I fucked not to long ago and I think I even had a hard on while I was thinking it.

As I was lying there in the arms of my imagination, the phone rings.
That fucken phone always has bad timing.
My brother is on the phone and he wants me to go over there and take the dog to keep for the night.
Huh, why?
He just said to go over and get the dog.
Why doesn’t anyone ever phone and say, hey come get this red head or brunette and keep her for me.
It’s always the dog.

So I walk up the street to his place and go in.
The second I walked in the dog was jumping all over me.
I know the little fucker likes me more than them but he’s their dog.
I asked my brother what was the matter and he said the SIL went bonkers again.
The SIL has these spells where she becomes someone else.

She has mental issues and drinking issues and when she combines those she’s from another planet.
She loves money and invents piles of it for her to spend.
Her latest was her house that she inherited.
She says it’s worth 600 grand but every realtor says 240.
I wonder what she will get?
She spends money like crazy and has been riding my brother for more and more and he doesn’t spend his like she does so they fight about it, A LOT.

I asked my brother where she was and he said she had ran off on foot because he took the keys away from her so she won’t drive around drunk.
I’ve had to go drive back her car twice because she was to drunk to walk let alone drive and one of those times she was a kid’s birthday party.
Yes it’s a bad drinking problem.
Last year my brother had to go get his daughter from a restaurant because she was drunk and passing out while the kid was running around the patio.

I took the leash and put it on the dog then started towards the door when it opened and she walked in and saw me walking out with her dog.
I told her I was taking him for the night and would bring him back in the morning.
She started telling me how all of this was my brother’s fault because he doesn’t give her money but I just told her it wasn’t my business then walked out the door.

Outside there were a couple of cops and they saw me walk out with her dog and one asked me who I was.
I wasn’t in a mood to have my name involved in this shit so I told him to ask the dog and kept on walking.
The dog almost dragged me across the street he had to go so bad.
I never knew a Maltese could crap out half its weight.

As I was there waiting for the dog to finish creating Mount Biggie I could hear them screaming at each other from the outside and my niece was in there with them with the cops watching on.
Probably taking bets on the side.
I brought the dog home where he and the cat tried to kill each other again.
That’s how they reacquaint themselves every time I bring the dog over.
Three hours later my brother and niece are settling in at my mother’s.
The SIL threw them both out.
At 1 am he was here telling me what had happened.

The next day the SIL called me and talked on the phone for an hour.
In the hour while she talked I went to the washroom, washed the dishes, started a post and the phone was still buzzing on the coffee table 6 feet away.

This is what I pieced together with what the SIL told me when I actually listened.

The SIL drove her daughter to slash her wrists.
The SIL told me she did it because of her BF
The SIL’s daughter went to live with her BF’s parents because of her mother.
The SIL told me she left because of my brother.
The SIL said my brother doesn’t give her money for bills.
My brother showed me his credit card statements where he paid the bills every month
The SIL tells me her daughter can’t stand my brother.
The SIL’s daughter called me on the Saturday and asked for my brother.
The SIL said her sister commented on how bad my brother treats her
My brother went out to dinner with the little one, the SIL’s daughter and her sister and he paid, they had a great time.

Who am I going to believe?

For three days straight the cops were here trying to deal with her.
My niece wanted to see her and she said no.
My brother asked for clothes for her daughter and she told him to go buy some, which he did.

The next day I brought her the dog back and she went to say something and I handed her the baggie with his crap in it and told her I walked him first then left.
Poor dog didn’t want to stay but he was just a link to the insanity and I have had enough of it in the past.
I almost got arrested once after being called over to help move my brother’s things from her place because a cop wanted to check my pockets and I wasn’t going to let him look even though there was nothing in them that would get me into trouble.
You got something on me, fine but no freebees and I don’t give a fuck if you’re wearing a badge or not.

I did my best to keep my parents out of this because like I said.
I have been through this with them before and I know what was going to happen within a few days.
She’ll sober up and things will get back to normal so why disrupt everyone’s lives for nothing.
Every Christmas the SIL has this drama fit and then becomes normal like none if it even happened at all.

If all of this crap wasn’t enough I had to deal with my EX and the kids.
My youngest got tossed out of school last year and asked for help to get back in and we went to bat for her and she hasn’t been in class since October.
Her mother gets subsidized because she goes to school but because she doesn’t they have cut that off from her cheque and now she can’t afford to live where she does.
My oldest who lives there doesn’t; pay either, even though she was working and has a nice sum in the bank.
In fact when the EX asked her for 200 a month she trashed the apartment.
So says the EX.
My Ex is a bit of a drama queen herself especially when she’s drinking.

So I went over to fix the EX’s phone, which was broken and find out a little more of what was happening.
When I go there, both girls hide in one room.
My kids don’t really know me.
My EX took off with them when they were small and I didn’t see them for over eight years and don’t really know me other than the sperm donor who knocked up their mother.
She never told them who or what I was other than I was bad man which in the eyes of society was true.
I was a criminal after all.
My EX can’t tell them who or what I was without telling them who and what she was either so she just left it at that.
I guess it didn’t help when at the mention of my name the EX’s new boyfriend would have an anxiety attack.
Personally I don’t really care either way.
I can walk down the street with my head up that’s all that matters to me.

After fixing her phone I left and hit McDs on the way home for first time in a long time.
It will be longer next time.
I went home and settled down here to write a post for my other blog when my youngest came online and IM’d me.

We talked a bit and I asked her why she hasn’t been to school and she said it was because she was sick.
“I see, that’s quite the cold if it’s over two months long to get better”.
“Maybe you should go to the doctor”.

“I am not that kind of sick”
“Ah, what kind of sick are you”.
“I am sick because I was locked in the closet when I was small and bad by mom”
“I see, so you can’t go to school because your mother used to lock you up in the dark closet”.
“So what you’re saying is you’re suffering from claustrophobia and can’t got to school”
“What if they put you in a class without a closet, would that help”?

My youngest is a con artist and will play you if she can but she has no idea who she’s dealing with.
I don’t take certain crap from anyone and what she tried to pull on me that night put her on a low rung where it comes to people who I respect.

“You got to go to school to help your mother pay for the rent”.
“I don’t care, I won’t be here to long anyway”.
“What are you going to do go sleep on park benches”?
“No, I mean I don’t plan of living to long so I don’t need to go to school”.
“ I see, so I guess I don’t need to buy you a Christmas gift then, cool”.
“And I am not coming for Christmas dinner”.
“Because I will be sleeping then”.
"I guess there will be extra food then too”.

That’s when she got belligerent with me then said bye and logged off.
For the record she called my brother to and tried the same crap on him.
While I was with my EX she said to me she raised them wrong.
Who am I to agree or disagree?
She chose the route she took and now she is paying for it because I won’t take this crap from anyone, including my kids.

When I was a kid my old man beat me like a dog at times and it didn’t matter how much I cried, he beat me more if I did.
He didn’t make me a man or make me cruel because of it.
I was never born cruel and it’s not in my makeup.
I became what I became in life because I choose to be what I am.
We each use our past to make our future and if you choose to be negative then it’s your doing not your pasts doing.

If there is anyone to blame it’s not your tormentors, it’s you for letting the past interfere with the present.
I watched many people in my life fight to stay alive until the bitter end and before their time in most cases but they lived hard and died harder but the fought until the end with a twisted smile on their face and a joint in their mouth so to hear this crap from my daughter only pisses me off.
To tell me she is going to kill herself doesn’t tell me anything other than she’s stupid and a coward.

I don’t doubt her mother locked her up in the closet but I know this kid and she is nothing other than lazy and also she has a mean streak in her that I could see even if no one else doesn’t.
She can play this suicide card with me but I don’t hear it.
I have seen kids use this bullshit to blackmail people all the time and I won’t buy into it or support it in any way.
You want to off yourself then do it, don’t tell me about it, I’m here for those who want to live.

Maybe kids have it to easy and they don’t learn what responsibility is at an early age and as they get older the only thing they could fall back on is violence and threats.
I don’t believe in beating your kids as punishment as my father did or locking kids in the closet like my EX did but I do believe in punishment.
Maybe they have too much time on their hands and want to kill themselves.
The farmer’s son is to busy to think about killing himself besides if he stopped to think he’d probably get killed by some critter or farm equipment.

The next day I got a phone call from the EX to tell me she talked to the girls and they are both coming for Christmas dinner and my brother is back home with my niece.

There’s a reason they use nuts for decorations on Christmas and I think it’s because that’s when the nuts crawl out of their shells.

As you can see, life, in and around Walkerville is a constant adventure of life and its tribulations so I’ll just sit back here, roll a small one and wait, for the next adventure to come my way.
Let’s just hope she has nice long legs and tasty nipples for a change.

Have a nice day; I got a wall to sand



Fire Byrd said...

OMG that wore me out reading it.
What a life, what people, no wonder you need a smoke a couple of times a day.

BikerCandy said...

You know I think kids are more apt to pull the "I don't want to live card" more now than they ever did in our day. I mean they even have a name for them "emo". But, I do hope it was just an attention getting stunt and she is not serious at all. I'm glad you are playing the tough dad too, I think she needs that now.

As for the SIL...there are just no words for her.

Walker said...

Fire Byrd:It is a frantic around here and keeps me is shape running around, ducking for cover and mediating cease fires LOL

Walker said...

BikerCandy: emo emu I don;t care they all stick their heads in the same with their asses in the wind stinking the place up with their attitude and stay that way until someone fucks them up the ass or we kick them.
I kinfd of like the idea of kicking butt.
They have to learn responsability and get on with life now wait for others to live it for them.
I am busy living my life and don;t need to live someone elses.
I am here to help them go forward not to help them turn into fat lazy slobs who emotionally threaten their parents.

I told my kids if they don't get it together I'm spending my money on hookers and leaving them nothing HA HA HA

Megan said...

Nobody tells a story like you, man.

Walker said...

Megan: Life is the greatest story ever told.
Each one is unique to the person who lives it.
I just share a small part of mine

Puss-in-Boots said...

I agree with you totally about the kids, Walker. I sometimes think today's parents are actually too scared of their kids to say "no". Mine tried the tantrum thing once when they were toddlers...they only ever tried it the once.

As for your SIL...words fail me. Maybe you should move to another country...?

Anonymous said...

It's your niece I feel the sorriest for. With a crazy drunken mother as a role model, what hope has the poor kid got?

I also hope your youngest is just trying to get attention, it would be terrible if she was serious.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go and light up myself and have a nice lie down. I suddenly feel quite exhausted after reading this post and being a part of your life for 10 minutes :)

Monogram Queen said...

If anyone deserves for Santa to be extra good to them it is YOU!

I hope all of these problems sort themselves out and I am so sorry for your girls.
I, too believe you are what you make of yourself. Many people are raised in even worse conditions and rise above them.

Bud said...

I really like your view that we are all in control of our own lives and that there is nobody to blame. That should be he first fucking commandment.

Leah said...

Wow, shit. Yeah, the little niece and the dog both get my major sympathy. Your SIL, what a piece of work.

I remember coming at my parents when I was younger with all sorts of emotional stuff designed to get a rise out of them, and I always found it strangely and secretly comforting when I couldn't get that rise, when they just called my bullshit what it was. Sometimes that's the best thing for a parent to do, I guess.

mrhaney said...

i am glad my relatives are 1200 miles away. they do not call me and most of the time i do not call them. i do call my mother though. she lives alone now but has plenty of relatives to call where she lives if she needs them.
it seems like a lot of daughters have tried to commit suicide and the rest seem to threaten it at least once. they are also good at saying they hate you especially right after you help them in some way. you and i should write a book i think.
have a good one my friend.

Boxer said...

I don't even know where to start..... but I really liked this line:
"As I was lying there in the arms of my imagination, the phone rings".. that would be a great beginning to a short story or song.

What this post illustrates to me, is that family can make you truly crazy (buzz kills!) but in end.. you'll be there for them.... because they are family.

itisi said...

Any way you slice it, your family will always come to you when there is trouble.
There is a reason for this: You stand strong and
you are the calm in the storm.

Sally said...

Sometimes being the calm in the storm; you can end up in the hospital yourself. Just ask me. But the short of the long is, like you say, family; the beginning and the end.

I think life is a test, and whenever I think I know some of the answers NOPE, I was wrong. :)

Carnalis said...

That was a rollercoaster of a post.

i would enjoy those dreams while you can :)

~grey said...

I wish more people would figure out... not letting your past interfere with the present.

Thanks for sharing... :)

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: To many things have happened over the last few decades that have changed how we raise our kids.
Alot has to do with how many rights we have given our kids.
In some ways society has added and abetted their deliquency.
For example kids now know they can leave their parents and apply for welfare and live how t hey want to.
Problem is they don;t know how to live because most of their life someone else has been doing it for them and they didn;t learn nothing about life other than mom or dad will supply it.

Walker said...

Romany Angel: I hope she was looking for attention and i think she was. All she got was me pissed and i don;t think thats what she was looking for.
I hope you found that tingle you were looking for ;)

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: I will probably get what I do every year which is nothing but you know, that would be fine if they just gave me some peace and quite for a bit.

Walker said...

Leah: Outside of bailing me out until i can get to the bank I never bugged my parents mind you i did put them through hell like the two times i was killed.

Walker said...

Bud: Aren't you tired of the exc uses?
I know i am.
None of use are perfect and life isn't paradise but it's only that way because we ar3e waiting for others to make it that way.
It's time we took charge of our future and not expect others to create it for us to complain about

Walker said...

mrhaney: Kids are a pain in the ass and society doesn;t make it any easier for us to deal with it but we do and sometimes we win.
It's the losses that hurt the most

Walker said...

Boxer: Friends you choose but family is our curse LOL
Family always comes first even if we don;t like it.

Walker said...

itisi: I should het a helmet then and maybe a whip. HA HA HA

Walker said...

Sally: There are never any answers only speculations and derivatives of reality to choose from.
The only things answers produe is more questions het we ask and asnwer

Walker said...

Carnalis: I do enjoy them and on occation I work on making a few come true.
Got to hoep for something especially when the rollorcoaster goes down and you find your heart in your throat cutting off your air

Walker said...

grey : Bad things happen to good people but if we stop at the scene of the crime or accident then we are only victims but if we fight past the scene of the crime we stand a chance to become almost whole and heros to ourselves.
We set the mark for our kids to reach for but it starts with we so they could be them.

nachtwache said...

I agree with your take on why kids are the way they are nowadays.
Has your SIL ever been diagnosed for some mental illness like bi-polar? There are medications to control that. One of my friends went off the deep end, putting the family into debt, kicking her husband out a few times, trying to kill herself, thinking her husband wanted to kill her...... she's been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder with schizophrenic tendencies. With medication she's balanced again.
I feel for your niece as well and for the dog.
Our daughter tried the " I'm calling social services..." once, I told her to go right ahead, because there was no way we were going to go through the same crap we did with her brother. That was the last time she tried that.
Keep on dreaming.


"You got something on me, fine but no freebees and I don’t give a fuck if you’re wearing a badge or not."

fuck yeah man..

*high fives and puts down thirty pack of beer to share, rolls one and passes it over to be lit.*

Walker said...

nachtwache: I'll never stop dreaming.
I see more naked women that way ;)

Kids today want it all for nothing and when they don;t get it its our fault.
Not in my house and it wasn't in my father either.
I worked so i won't have to worry down the road not to throw it away so some snotty lazy kid could be happy online doing nothing

Walker said...

INNER VOICES: Anytime man, anytime

Michael Manning said...

This Blog is a sort of "Ozzie and Harriet"...with a twist. That just came to me as I read episodes of interesting and hilarious people who telephone or just show up unannounced on your door step! I have a new name for the show if you ever decide to option the rights of the Blog into a TV series: "Walker!" :D)

PBS said...

That's so true about so many problems being caused by people dwelling on the past. You should be a counselor--oh wait, actually you ARE one, in that all these people come to you for help!