blue moon (2)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Quiet Weekend ©

Another weekend floated by and I didn’t find any time to myself yet again.
As is everything else in my life nothing was easy either.
Friday when I got back from shopping with my mother which by the way was a nightmare for anyone who cares to know.
There is a message on my phone from someone saying they were coming by on Saturday around 8pm and hinting that it was going to be a fun filled event.


So I start putting my shopping away and getting ready for someone who was stopping by in her Halloween Gothic Habit.
There something about a slutty nun that turns my crank.

After putting everything away I ran out to the wine store and picked up a couple of bottles then came straight back to find a message on my phone saying that who I was expecting had something come up and she will see me Saturday at 8pm.


I can make this work.
Probably not.
Not with only two fucken bottles of wine that’s for sure.

What would James Bond do?

Probably go to a commercial and run.

Well let’s see.
There was nothing expected from anyone one so what’s the worse that can happen, right?

Saturday, 6:30pm, the doorbell rings.
I open the door and there is a woman standing there and not one of the ones I was expecting.
Now I know I don’t have enough wine.

She said she was talking to a mutual friend of ours when my name popped up and here she is.
Yes here she is, on Saturday.
I let her in and we go sit in the TV room on the couch and start talking.
I’m looking at the clock most of the time.

We’re sitting there and she asks if I have anything to drink so I told her I did, pop, water… as I was getting up and she said she would come into the kitchen with me to choose.
She chose the bottle of wine on the counter.

I got us each a glass; might as well, I needed something about that time.
The clock on the wall said 7:10pm.

We went back to the couch and sat there to chat some more and within 30 minutes she had refilled her glass three times.
The bottle was almost empty and she said she hardly drinks.
Good thing she wasn’t trying hard.

Just then the phone rang and the woman who had originally left me a message was on the phone pissed.
She had hooked up with her sister for lunch and she was just to pissed now and wasn’t coming.
I mean boo…

I told her I would stop in at the store this week and we could make it up, then hung up but on the way back to the TV room I picked up a plate of cinnamon bums I had warmed up then went back to offer some to my guest.
She said no to cinnamon buns but held up the empty bottle and glass to tell me she needed more I guess.

Hey, I’m layback and easy so I went and opened up the second one then filled her glass once more.
I ate a cinnamon bun.

I looked at the clock and it was 8:30pm now so the other one was late which was a good sign.
We sat there getting into some deep subjects.
This lady knows a hell of a lot of stuff, more than I do and we can throw it back and forth and did between cinnamon bins and glasses of wine until she was feeling no pain and the subject turned to sex somehow.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it said it was 9:10pm.

I offered her a cinnamon bun.

She said no.
She had another glass of wine instead and wanted to smoke a joint.

It was about 9:30 the phone rang and the one who was late in coming said she was still waiting for her ride and didn’t know when it was going to show up.
Hey, I COMPLETELY understand.
Shit happens, it’s been happening to me all my life.

She hung up and I went back into the TV room where she was now curled up comfortable on my couch.
The conversation resumed from where it left off with about her telling me how it had been years since she last gotten laid last and how she still loved her ex husband and he was sleeping around now that he was free of her.
It was a deep personal conversation until the wine kicked in and then it shifted to where it was about time she did but didn’t know where to look.
Then she said she thought about me but no I was sleeping with her friend but then again she was married and she was single and she shouldn’t feel guilty but they were friends and she couldn’t do that to a friend but she did need to get fucked bad but she still loved her ex but he didn’t love her…….

I sat there eating a cinnamon bun thinking if I should tell her that I know for a fact this friend of hers slept with her husband years earlier but hey, I’m not telling.

So for thirty minutes I let her debate and argue with herself while I packed on some cinnamon winter fat until she stopped and asked m e what I though.
Personally I thought the cinnamon buns could have used a little more of that liquid icing they put on.
I like it when it oozes off and your fingers are all sticky from that and the other gooey shit they put in them.

I told her that there was only one flaw in all her reasoning.
She asked me what that was.
I told her she forgot to ask me if I wanted too.

“Oh…… does that mean you wouldn’t sleep with me”?

“I didn’t say that”.
“You’re appealing, nice big tits and…….. move your hands for a second”.
“Yes, very nice legs too”.
“I don’t know about the fishnet pantyhose though”.
“If they were stockings it would be much better but with those I’d have to rip them apart to eat some pussy”.

“Does that mean you would have sex with me”.

“You sure you don’t want a cinnamon bun”?

11pm she was sober enough to go home and at 11:30pm the phone rang to tell me she was safe.
By midnight the phone rang and I got a rain check from the other one because her ride never materialized.

I may have lost three dates but I did eat three hot cinnamon buns.

As I settled back down on the couch the phone rang and it was my friend from Toronto.
He asked if I was awake and I told him I was then he told me to open the door and it started ringing.

To be continued………

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

I'm sitting here wondering what kind of trouble you could have got yourself into if all THREE women had turned up on the same night. I'm sure you would have handled it well....what a shame we will never know :) Well until next weekend anyway ;)

Fire Byrd said...

I guess if all three turned up you'd have had enough cinnaman buns to go round!!!!

What's with the buns?

BikerCandy said...

Somehow I think this story is going to end with you getting laid after all.

Monogram Queen said...

Only you, Walker, only you! At least I get a real interesting post when I FINALLY have some time for blog-hopping! :)

Megan said...

Sounds like a sticky night.


yep, coulda been worse indeed!

bookbinder said...

My mind is making up all kinds of naughty scenarios. I'll have to come back for part two to see if any of them are correct.

Thanks for the birthday wish on Gab's blog.

PBS said...

Sounds like quite an interesting weekend, for sure! Did you run out of cinnamin buns?

celticgirl said...

Quiet? LOL.
How many people wish that they had 'quiet' nights like yours???

Dotm said...

Walker, you got my taste buds working overtime. OH, I do love cinnamon buns. Just reading about you eating them makes me wish I had some. Bought some a week ago, but they didn`t last very long. Used to make them a lot, but living alone, I would eat too many if I made my own, so I buy a smaller package of about a dozen.
Don`t think I could handle all you go through for your friends. Good Luck! :)