blue moon (2)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Once... ©

Once I was young, small and innocent
Once upon a time the world was at peace
Once everything was new and everyone was happy
Once the world was a blossoming flower

Now I am old, bigger and guilty
Now the world is at war
Now everything is used up and everyone is angry
Now the world is wilting away

Once people held hands and sang
Once we all played in the tall grass
Once we used to talk
Once I was a creator

Now we shake our fists and yell
Now the grass is dead and paved over
Now there is only silence
Now I am a destroyer

Once the morning sun was a reason to live
Once the world smiled together
Once there was nothing to fear
Once life was living

Now the sun is killing us
Now the world cries with me
Now there is only fear
Now death is peace

Once there were tears of joy
Now there are only tears of pain
What will I be tomorrow?
What will we all become?


I hope you all find some peace and happiness today


Leah said...

I will certainly try.

But sometimes I feel this way too.

phoenix said...

Blessings Walker. I hope this finds you well.

All the flowers
of all the tomorrows
are in the seeds
of today.

Indian Proverb

Susan said...

Aww Walker,
That is such a sad poem. Well written and really makes the reader feel something.
Hope you feel better soon.
The telemarketer prank really was good.Gave me a good laugh! Thanks.

Walker said...

Leah: Its not easy sometimes with life being so fast and furious

Walker said...

phoenix: Thats a nice saying and true

Walker said...

Susan: I normally leave my poems on my poetry site but i wrote this at 5 am my time while watching people being murdered in Indian in real time and all I felt was sadness and needed to say something

Megan said...

Darling dear Walker,

I am glad I found you.

Peter said...

Nice poem Walker... even if it doesn't rhyme.

TROLL said...

Nice poem. But the world wasn't perfect before there were muslibs. And won't be perfect even if they're all killed or convert to the beauty and truth of the Gospel.

Walker said...

Megan: I'm a guy we have to be found because we don't ask for directions

Walker said...

Peter: I know, I can't rhyme

Walker said...

TROLL: and the true gospel is in the marijuana growers bible

Just telling it like it is said...

It's true I wonder often why can't there be change without blood shed? Peace be with you..

Michael Manning said...

Walker: This is the best blog post you have ever featured! It is with my own sense of defiance at the human condition you have described that leads me to agree with my 89 year-young Aunt's observation. "An outstretched hand must be met by another". This I will continue to do! Keep the faith, my friend! :)

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: There are alot of things we will never understand until those who shed the blood tell us the truth.

Walker said...

Michael Manning: Thank you Michael but I hope I have some in the past that were close.
A handhshake is a symbol of peace.
A cupped handshake with all four hands says united in peace.
The burden of war and violence weighs more than peace so why should we all want to weigh ourselves down more than what life throws our way

A.B. said...

I read this more about the innocence we have when we are young and as we get older, the world (can) seem to be a violent place to live/survive. I spent the morning with my 10 year nephew - he's protected (for the moment) from the news and for just those few hours.... I enjoyed spending a little time in his world.... away from the realities of everything outside of his world.

Nice poem and I hope you're feeling better. :-)

craziequeen said...

I read this shortly after reading Carmi's hearbreaking comments about explaining terrorism to his children....

And after reading about that Wal-Mart tragedy....

At these times you find peace of mind where you can. On a personal level, with a bad knee, two month waiting list for the hospital and bronchitis...I get my peace from my kitties; when Charlie and William snuggle me it makes the world a little bit warmer.


nachtwache said...

AB voiced my thoughts, as children many of us were unaware of the harsh reality that's out there.
Sadly in many parts of the world people are surrounded by violence and even the children aren't protected from it.
It's wrong. We all know it's wrong. If the opponents use violence, people think it's wrong. Even people that use violence to further their agenda know it's wrong, deep down.
Hug your loved ones and count yourself blessed to live in a pretty safe and rich nation. Maybe share a little this Christmas with those that have nothing.
Hugs Walker and health!!

Anonymous said...

This was heartfelt aand beautiful, Walker.
Some time ago, I think it was Coca-Cola, that had an ad on tv that started out, "I'd like to teach the world to sing, In perfect harmony..."
I so wish it we all could do that.

I hope things went well at the dr.'s for you and you are getting better!

Bud said...

I'm trying hard to just look at the bright side even if the world is more than a bit fucked up.

Suzanne said...

Hi darling. Beautiful post. This isn't what I was going to say. I have no time to comment so stopped by to say "Love ya! Be back later." That seemed entirely inappropriate after reading this post.

I was at the park yesterday feeding the ferals of course, and a homeless guy I adore informed me that some people ride by on bikes and throw things at the cats. I felt angry, then just sad. He looked sad. I said "What's wrong with people?" He replied "I don't really know, but I think perhaps they've never known love." Maybe it's as simple as ugliness exists because there is a lack of love.

This really is a beautiful post and poem. Thanks for taking the time to write it.


Lora_3 said...

All hold your hand and sing. We can play in the grass too! LOL

The secret of the future is knowing the path.;)

On one of the darkest nights of my life you were the saving light. I prey that light shines in your life today.

Be safe...

PBS said...

That is a beautiful poem. Yes it is sad but makes a person think...

Lindy said...

You always manage to put your finger on the right button. I hope you're feeling better. Soon, I hope the world feels better too. God Bless you Walker.

Tammi said...

Terrific post W.,
How have you been feeling?You haven't lost your balance and fell on your poor lil kitty kitty yet have you?

gab said...

Happy Turkey day late hope you were up to enjoying it.

Walker said...

A.B.: We see peace for the first time when we are in our mother's womb.
For nine moths we live in peace and from the day we are born we slowly, if lucky loose our innosence.
By the time we get to middle age we know more of the truth and by the time we reach the end of life we realize we know nothing

Walker said...

craziequeen: comfort is good but to much isn't good either.
How long should we step back and hope.
We can start a revolution from home and teach our kids whats right but when the outside world looms out there threatening us in the dark, what then.
The were saying that their plan in Afganastan is to reeducate the young and within 2 gerneration or 3 they shoudl be on track.
3 generations?
Do we want to wait that long and who tells the mothers of the dead soldiers over the next 6o years their sons died for a good cause or is that a learning experience.
I love the comfort of my cat or a woman but is that security enough.

Walker said...

nachtwache: I don't think we should have to protect them from knowng what the world is like out there.
I think we sould be finding ways to make it a better place to be proud to tell them what the world is like out there.

Walker said...

ItisI: The doctors went well. I got stabbed in the arm twice and he felt better.
I loved that some and it should be the UN World anthem

Walker said...

Bud: I think we should look past the ugliness by getting it out of our way once and for all as a united front with those we call our enemies and fight the worse enemy out there, Bigotry.
This is how they get us all to fight.

Walker said...

Suzanne: I know you are the champion of all your little darling at the park and what you do to make sure they have a cjance to survive.
You do everything out of love for animals.

Walker said...

Lora_3: Can there be rolling around in the grass too while singing?

Walker said...

PBS: We have to start thinking about the people we elect to think for us.
Something has to happen.
Maybe we have to really look at who are friends are and make moves to distance ourselves with those who pretend to be our friends when their citezens are killing us

Walker said...

Lindy: There are a billion children going to be born in the next generation who need not loose their innosence to soon

Walker said...

Tammi: My health is better but my life is still crazy LOL

Walker said...

gab: I had pizza watched football and the cops outside :)

Monogram Queen said...

Beautiful... so profound!

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: Thank you :)