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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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I'm still here and I am a little better than I was last week but that's not enough.
I can't move to fast without getting dizzy so my life has slowed to a crawl until I see my doctor.
My appointment with the doctor is on Thursday where i hope to get the proper meds and not the ones I have been using to keep me stable for now.

My best friend is the bottle of Benadryl and my blanket is Frick who I'm starting to get a little suspicious about.
He started licking me the other day and has me wondering if he is trying to make me feel good or thinks I'm going to kick the bucket and is checking to see what I would taste like if he had to eat me when his food ran out.

The poker game went off without a hitch and I didn't fall out of my chair even once.
The duct tape they had me strapped into it with may have helped a bit as did the three beers, four brandies and eight joints I smoked.
Cleaning up was a breeze I just took the 4 corners of the table cloth and tied them up in a knot and dragged everything to the garbage bag and out to the sidewalk for the collectors to pick it up in the morning.
Only problem is I haven't seen my cell phone since.

I will keep this short as I still can't really think without giving myself a headache but thanks to my friend Leti who sent me this little tit bit that I will share with you I have a post.
Now many of you know that one of my favorite sports is fucking with telemarketers and I must say I do a damn good job of fucking with their heads but today, today I bow down to a master and crown him the King of telemarketer mind fuckers.


Have a nice day



Sally said...

Lord A Mercy!! hahahaha

Hope the dr. fixes you up Thurday, Walker. I'll check in on you later. Take care. :)

Walker said...

Sally: I do to or I may have to start wearing my hockey helmet again LOL

Teresa said...

XOXOXO Your poor thing. I have been so busy, I didn't even know you were under the weather. I am thinking of you.

Megan said...

You can't talk about a poker party and not tell is if you won! :)

Best of luck with the Dr and the diagnosis...

Megan said...

Us. Tell us if you won.

Walker said...

Teresa: I know you have been busy and in a way we have ben doing the same thing. You have been whirling around the country in circles and I have been whirling around in the house in circles :)

Walker said...

Megan: Ok I lost 20 bucks playing poker and I lost 2 bucks on the game. BUT they came with 5 cases of beer and drank two leaving three full ones for me.
So at 39 a case minus 20 I figure i am up a couple of hangovers :)

Monogram Queen said...

Glad you are still kicking... and deviling the telemarketers!!!

Just telling it like it is said...

two words: Meclazine and phenergan...makes all the difference..Meclazine for the dizziness and Phenergan or Zofran for nausea...feel better soon...I miss your sexual esipades;)

3 Magpies said...

Glad you are better! Hope you are completely well soon!

Romany Angel said...

I just came over to leave you a get well wish anyway and here you are. I hope the doc manages to help you with that dizziness, it sounds terrible.

I have heard that telemarketing thing before but it doesn't lose anything in the repeat listen. In fact I think I would still be giggling the hundredth go around.

I alos laughed in that part about Frick eating you when his food runs out. Even when you're sick you're funny. I'm thinking of you Walker and hope you feel better soon.

Bud said...

Your cat is telling you something. Get your ass to a real doctor but don't leave until you're satisfied he's actually trying to find out what's wrong.

The telemarketing stunt is perfect. It's circulated around before but really classic. I'd be hard pressed to come up with a match to that.

Peter said...

Yep Walker, your title of telemarketer teaser has gone I'm afraid, that's a riot from start to finish.

PBS said...

Oh dear, hope the doctor doesn't prescribe you to wear your hockey helmet! :)

But being dizzy isn't funny, it sucks. So really I hope you get something that works and gets rid of it.

Romany Angel said...

Hope you are feeling better today Walker and that you've got some good drugs from the doc.

gab said...

I had heard that one before but its always fun to listen to again. Yeah wish I was smart enough to think like that to get rid of those pesky telemarketers.