blue moon (2)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Under Construction ©

As you can see I have taken the leap and started rebuilding my blog template under the new system.
This is what happens when you drink to much cough syrup.
The Swedish national bikini team is up here making sure no one sees what I'm doing behind the scene.

I have 25 pages of HTML to sort out but I figure I could salvage most of my old template but for a few stubborn pain in the ass ....................!@#$%#@!@#$%
But I think I can get back to what it mostly looked like before.
The hope here is that all this work will enable many people who haven't been able to open my blog to once again be able to get in and load a lot faster for those who can.

On the sick front, I'm still sick but I'm on the road to recovery.
I will fill you all in on the whole story of me getting sick and the battle I had today with it being just plan old fuck me up the butt Monday and how everything goes from bad to worse to you got to be fucken kidding me kind of day.

I have been trying to get to most of your blogs but with my links being gone its a little hard to do but my blog roll will be one of the first things I put up.

Ok I am off to bed now since i really haven't slept since Saturday

Have a nice day



Puss-in-Boots said...

Glad to hear you're finally on the mend, Walker. Your blog looks good so far. Take care...

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots : No No this is not what its going to look like LOL
It will look almost like it used to be.
As much as i like the gils and the nuclear explosion in the back ground I like my old template more and the new one has to really appeal to me or i will go back to the way it was.
I just want it to be easier on people coming here who has trouble opening it up but the Swedish bikini team can movein with me and help me write a couple of posts maybe.
A guy needs a good muse or five.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should use the Swedish bikini team! Ha! Looking forward to see what your new / old blog will look like... let's be creative! ha ha ha get better soon and rest up!

BikerCandy said...

Well I have to admit, it was kind of "hard" to read the white text over the blonde girls! But, I bet you did that on purpose huh? hee hee I hope to be able to get caught up on the goings on in Walkerville soon. Just thought I would drop a line and say I've missed reading your blog but so far work is still kicking my butt. Maybe later this week I can get caught up. In the meantime, I think I'll tell the hubs to check out your blog today before you take down the blonde bombshells. He could use a "lift" too!

Monogram Queen said...

I really hope you are feeling better. I hate to complain but the Swedith team are sorta in the way of my reading what you've written!

PBS said...

Hope you get some rest. The bikini team wouldn't be very helpful for that!


*stares off dreaming about the bikini team*

what, what... ummm. wait what happened?

Megan said...

Yeah, hard to concentrate with all that airbrushed flesh in the way!

Have fun with your html.

Bud said...

Take your time and just get better, Man!

Lindy said...

Drink lots of herbal tea & take some kind of 'medicinal' feel betters. Don't worry about us, for crying out loud, we'll be here when you feel better.

Just telling it like it is said...

Awe walker I am sorry I am not there to rub you down with vics...coarse you can't put it on your balls or else it might burn...just a little tid bit! Any who I hope you are feeling better...thank you for your constand encouragement I see why the women in your life find their clothes off and on the floor before you can count to ten. your kindness has given me hope again and since I am in the big D again maybe I should look up my canadian friends just to push the hockey stick around again...or to drink with...I kind of like that idea!!! take care huggs and unofficial kisses

Lora_3 said...

Damn I had a shit Monday too.

"Vics on the Ball", yes never a dull moment at Walkers!

Hell I'm just happy to be part of the blog roll! (F*cking A)

Mr. Walker Sir, I would like to request a Halloween story. Please!

Be safe...