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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sunny Day ©

Thursday and a bright sunny Thursday it is.
My back has been down graded to just a being a nuisance so I guess I’m happy about that.
I could have used a little more sleep though.
5 am I get a call from my friend in the UK.
You know after 8 years you would think they knew the time zones by now and I told her.

She said she knew what time it was and that’s why she called because she knows I wake up with a hard on and needed a favor to ask me.
She knows I’m at my weakest when I’m pitching a tent.

“What do you want”?
“Uh huh”
“I don’t know”
“Well it’s not that simple”
“Yeah I know”
“Yeah yeah”
“I don’t want a headache”
“I’ll think about it”
“How big are her tits again”?

Our election is over.
Yup, 38 days after it was called, they campaigned, the people voted and we have exactly they same thing as we had before we spent all that money.
I LOVE DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I am happy with the results because no one has a majority so we should get sensible government.
I have always believed a government with absolute power, absolutely abuses it.
Best to have them by the balls so they don’t run off with our lives for four years.
I know there are people out there who don’t agree with me and I am glad you don’t because it helps us keep the balance where it is now.
I’m a liberal minded person and know what I am like so having a Liberal government in total power could be catastrophic and costly because of all the needless spending.
The other end of the spectrum we have the Conservatives who would like nothing more than to handcuff you then force you to suffer to meet their goals.

What we have now is a government that has to make decisions that would agree with the other parties or they may get thrown out of power.
The ball squeezing part.
For me this is the best government because it represents ALL Canadians not just the ones who voted for one particular party.

This is one of our main weakness as a society.
We view election like sporting events and when it’s over there are champions and the vanquished.
I hear the animosity between parties and voters before and after the elections.

What happened to responsible government for the people by the people?
Why is it when someone of conscience steps outside party lines to vote with the opposition for the better of his constituency is tossed out of the party?
Why is it when you look at the commercials and debates of competing politicians half of what you hear are personal attacks on each other?
Does it matter if you went to school with a radical or if you cracked under torture?

For a person to rise through the ranks of the political ladder they would have earned that right to be going for the position they seek, so who gives a fuck if someone was a slut in collage.
Beats hiding in the closet poking yourself with a curling iron.

What are you going to do for me?
That’s what matters not all this fucken bullshit they throw at each other.
How the fuck are you going to save me money if you can’t give me more?
I want clean air not you airing dirty your laundry.
Who cares about bridges that go nowhere, tell me where my bridge is going that’s all that matters.

These people we vote for should be helping each other make our countries stronger as a team and the ones in power should be the ones doing their best to get the oppositions into the act to bind us all together not going out there and fucking everyone up.

I was sitting here the other day with a friend watching the new when the piece with McCain came on where he had passed the mic to a woman who said that she wasn’t voting for Obama because he was an Arab.

McCain grabbed the Mic from her and attacked the comment.
Thumbs up to McCain on that because race should NEVER be an issue especially when we are a melting pot of colors and nationalities, but my thoughts didn’t stop there.
I thought to myself, you know these guys fight dirty.
What if this was a set up?
Think about it whose to say the Obama camp didn’t send her over to make McCain look bad and whose to say McCain’s camp didn’t set this up so he could be the Knight in shining armor to defend the color of America.
I’m going to stand by McCain on this as I do believe him to be an honorable man but I tell you, I wouldn’t put it past them to pull crap like that to get votes.

Can someone tell me why campaigns in the States have to run for so long?
I mean when you work for a company and they do a yearly evaluation on your performance, isn’t that enough?
I mean you are in office for four years the results of your time at work is there for everyone to see so why do you need eight months of disrupting everyone lives and my TV viewing.
If you did a good job we will renew your contract but if you screwed the pouch well all the begging you do won’t help you and stop licking my ass.
The only thing there is what you left after fucking us all.

I sit and watch the news sometimes just shaking my head.
I watch these debates and I’m waiting for Jerry Springer to jump out from behind a curtain with some KKK members, Al Sharpton and the old lady who won’t vote for Arabs, naked wrestling Obama to the floor and tying him up with her bra.

Stoning politicians should be legal.
A stoned politician might be better.

Vote for Walker
Free munchies and sex toys for everyone

Have a nice day



3 Magpies said...

Three week, three weeks and the campaigning will come to an end here, too! Maybe I can sleep through the rest of it..., wait...I have kids to raise. I can't even get a good night's sleep without one of them needing something, making a HUGE mess, or creating some kind of crisis... Sounds like the government, doesn't it?! Well, at least they aren't plastering signs all over and placing random solicitation calls. They haven't called you, have they?

Scarlet said...

I'll vote for you!

Now ..... onto the REALLY important stuff.
Do I get to pick my own toy?
If so, leave this:
on my doorstep.

Thanks President/Prime Minister/Head DICKtator Walker!

Suzanne said...

Well, after your comment and last post I wrote something really risque on my blog in response. Not expecting anyone to actually read it. Well, my dear friend Kylie in Australia did and responded. I erased as fast as I could. Too funny. She's probably lurking as we speak! If you read it, well, it's true, if not, you missed a great comment! Next time buddy.

Okay, now I have to read this post. I'll be back.


Suzanne said...

Okay, I've read it. I've concluded that Canadians are really absorbed in American politics. Yes, I noticed. I've also concluded that American hockey players are really absorbed in Canadian hockey. Go figure! What?

You say your liberal, but your comments are rather conservative and all about McCain (honey, he's a conservative Republican!). I may have to report you to the Republican party as a pot smokin', liberal minded smart ass. Then see how far you get in that cesspool called reform. Good luck with that!

Oh sex toys. I don't need one. I have Rob! Yup, he can skate too!!!

;) XO

Suzanne said...

Your, you're, what? I do my best.

Walker said...

3 Magpies: They called 100 times until the last day i think.
I kept telling them i was voting for the marijuana party

Walker said...

Scarlet: You'd vote for the opposition for a toy LOL ;)

Walker said...

Suzanne: Yes I am and I know what McCain is and I wouldn't vote for someone like him not in this economic climate at least.
I am a liberal but i won't sell the kitty either to make someone happy.

I don't think my government does enough for the people.
All the people especially the poor.
The corporations get breaks and then move jobs to other countries because its cheaper than paying Canadians to do the work.
More money should be invested in people and not corporations as most concervatives would want to do.

Vickie said...

Where do I cast my vote---wait I forgot you are in Canada can you run for us as well---I like the way you think---all but do you really think McCain is all that honorable? I always had until this campaign and I think more of it has to do with his party than with who he really his.---just my opinion and I have a lot of them and they get me no where but trouble.

PBS said...

Oh yes, I'm SO tired of the campaigning and am glad for only a few more weeks of it. Did watch the final (and other) debates, though.

Walker said...

Vickie: I think he toes the party line but i like to think he is and honorable man just as I think Obama is.
Its safe to say dirt will fly when you are scrambling to get to the top of the mountain but in order to get to this point you have had to show who you really are.
You can't hide everything when you are in the public eye.
None of us are perfect but this job is about policy and thats what people should be voting on.
We should all have opinions.
I think he would be a bad leader right now but it doesnt mean he would be the perfect one suited for it in another climate.

Walker said...

PBS: I watched them all too. I know i am Canadian but we are so close in everything no matter that we are separate countries are economies are fused together so i like to know what is going on.
I will be glad when its over though

A.B. said...

I would expect high quality mojo in every freezer, too!

Megan said...

"Screwed the pouch"

I know you didn't mean that, but omigod I am laughing so hard right now.

Megan said...

...and now I am laughing even harder because maybe you did mean that?

Love this blog. LOVE it! But don't worry man, I won't follow you home or anything. I can get my own ride...

Gypsy said...

Walker I am so fucking OVER the American campaign I can't even begin to tell you. It's getting so I can't visit an American blog without being bombarded with election propoganda. I've even stopped going to quite a few blogs because I am SO bored with it. I can't turn on our news, that's right...the Australian news without the election being in the first 5 minutes. Christ Almighty I've had jobs that have lasted less time than this election campaign has gone on. The money spent could have cleared the national debt of a small country. It's bloody ridiculous. Can you tell how much I hate it because I could go on for another 10 minutes at least if you like. No? Ok.

Another thing the Canadians have in common with Aussies is we have a short campaign period, we all dutifully go off and vote and then it's over and we all get back on with our lives while absolutely nothing changes.

Have a great weekend and sorry for the rant.

Just telling it like it is said...

First of all I would like to step on my soap box and say that My Father was a Marine in Vietnam and he never tries to live off the greatness that he was due to his patriotic duties. Get over it Macain..your wife might be a drunk but a rich drunk!!! Off soap box..
Walker: I have to say that I am a magnet to you due to your tent bizness ways..
thank you

Peter said...

"Vote for Walker!!!!" that should be easy to sell, the duration of the American campaign is ridiculous, and that's from as far away as Australia, I would hate to have it bounced at me from a local point of view.
We tend to have the 3or 4 terms of one party or the other then a landslide victory to the opposition wherein they have the power to do as they please until we repeat the process again... bloody sad way to run a country!!!!

nachtwache said...

Ahh, gotta love politics, eh?
Still friends?
Our circus is behind us now, should last awhile.
Be grateful you just lost a few days and not your eyesight! :)