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Monday, August 11, 2008

Still Chugging Away ©

Hells Bells and me with no more shotgun shells.
I guess I’ll be pissing on the fire yet again.
My weekend was a regular Walker weekend.
It had the makings to be something more with almost everyone I know out of town or country.
Two of the boys are in Europe for a month, my brother Sil and as an added bonus took m y ex and kids to Quebec for a week.
My mother’s work has been done and after getting mad at her she is now in bed.

I am worried, she works so much she has been having dizzy spells lately and I don’t want her doing anything any more.
I have to talk to my brother; he is going to have to find a way to get his laundry done at home instead of dragging it to my mothers when he has a perfectly good working washer/dryer at home.
I am getting one next month so I won’t have to use the one next door but usually my mother does it while she haws me doing something for her.

With everyone away I figure this was my opportunity to get the house cleaned so I drag out the vacuum and set it up in the living room to start cleaning the carpets there first.
No sooner had I applied this powder crap that is supposed to make you carpet smell fresh, the doorbell rang.
Outside stood one of my brother’s customers flanked by two computers.

For the last couple of months all of my brother’s old customers have been piling at my door with their computers because their units have been crashing one after another when they do their updates because someone used a bootleg copy of windows and if you don’t activate a new installation after 30 days the computer locks up.
I on the other hand have a legal copy with a multi corporate license with support, which I got from someone for a favor and have been fixing their computers for 100 a pop.

Letting him in I tell him that I would get to them by Monday but instead of money I wanted him to bring me four cases of beer.
I figure I need beer for the BBQ and since I was going to have to borrow a care and drive where he lives anyway to buy it, he might as well pick it up and drop it off for me.
He agreed and took off.

After he had gone I went back to my vacuum and found my dumb fucken cat rolling around on the carpet in the powder I dropped down to freshen the carpet before vacuuming.
I have no idea if this shit can harm my cat but I don’t want to pay the Vet to find out.
I shouldn’t have bought the potpourri one knowing my cat loves smelling flowers.
As soon as I grabbed the cat I started vacuuming Frick clean as he kicked and screamed.
Better him screaming than me screaming as I pay to have his stomach pumped out.
After the cat ran off to hide in the basement I put the hose back on the vacuum and started pushing it to clean the carpet when I noticed that rubber smell I have learned to hate.
It tells me that the rubber is broken and I only have one left.
I’d try and use a condom but they’re lubricated and would only suck and not spin the brush because the spindle would be greased.
You can’t really get the job done right with only sucking and no licking the top clean.

With the new band in the machine I started the vacuum and cleaned the living room and the den but when I moved to the hallway and was confronted by three computers blocking my way.
It mean I had to move them out of the hallway to the other room then back again to do the room.
Thinking for a second I decided, fuck the vacuuming for now and fix the bloody computers and get them out of the way then vacuum.

So one by one I brought the computers here and hooked them up to my network and started cleaning out the mess.
First I back up the whole drive to my external before wiping it clean so I could just transfer files back later.
I was mostly done by 2 am when I rolled a joint and grabbed a beer.
I don’t like doing either while working; Microsoft makes me dizzy as it is without giving them any more help to confuse me any more than I usually am.
As I stomped the roach out in the ashtray the doorbell rang.
Normally no one rings my doorbell at that time without calling first and I don’t care to be opening my door at that time but I have my Louisville slugger parked at the door for those times I have no choice.

I turn the outside light on first then open the door and standing outside blinded by the 200watt bulb were two cops.
I unlocked the screen door and pushed it open releasing the cloud of pot smoke to pass through them.
I asked what I could do for them.
The female cop was staring at Louis; I guess she was worried I might smack her with it so I leaned it back in its corner.

They asked me for my name, which I freely gave to them.
It’s not like I have been caught doing something done anything wrong besides burning Acapulco Gold incense.
As the female cop ran my name her partner told me why they were there.
It seems my SIL’s daughter had a fight with her BF and she said he smacked her around then took off.
She called her mother and her mother said that if there was any trouble to call me seeing as I was the only one who isn’t away from home.
She figures it was only right that they call me instead her father for some reason.

That’s fine; I stand by family, even extended family but I think she should have called her father even if his wife is a stupid bitch.
She went to live with her father when my niece was born but his new wife used her as a baby sitter for her baby siblings and when she refused to get into the car one day when her father was to drunk to walk let alone drive they threw her out of the house.
So I guess calling the criminal of the family was the safest bet.
Go figure.

So I found out a little more of what was happening and it seems the BF ran away and there was no one but her at the apartment and in the middle of the night she started bleeding from her vagina and was in excruciating pain so she called her mother but should wouldn’t take the phone so then call and be taken to the hospital by ambulance.
The SIL’s daughter moved out of the house 6 months ago at the age of 17 with no life experience or skills what so ever and by all accounts still a virgin, I think that might have changed.

I told the cops I would take care of it and that she could come back down here when she was released from the hospital and stay at her mother’s house seeing as I had the keys to the place and there was no one there now.
She would also be closer to help if something happened.

That’s when the female cop came back and said that I was wanted in Quebec.
I told her I know, they love me there, in fact I offered to bet her that it wasn’t a pick up order and she said it wasn’t.
Of course not, it’s the Catch 22 plan.
They don’t want me there so I’m banned and frankly I don’t care to go there so it works out perfectly.
We leave each other alone.
The cops said that they would check up on her later, then left.

I spent the next two hours on the phone finding out what to do and if I should borrow a car at 3am to go find her at the hospital.
I talked to the doctor and was told she complained that two days earlier she got cramps and had some kind of discharge come out of her then she bleed constantly from that moment until she went to the hospital when the doctors managed to get her to stop bleeding.
After finding out that the doctors had gotten the bleeding under control and she was now sleeping I decided the best thing to do was go to bed myself and deal with all of this in the morning and if I was REALLY lucky I wouldn’t have deal with it if her mother came back.
Guess who got lucky in the morning?
I never would have thought my brother coming back would make my day.

So they, including my EX and one of my daughters went to the hospital to find out what happened.

This is what I learned from three different sources.
My Ex says the SIL’s doesn’t have a single mark on her and doesn’t look beaten.
The cops are not looking to charge anyone and it was the SIL who called the police from over there when it happened not the daughter calling them.

The BF dumped the daughter and ran off to British Columbia 3000 miles away but not before the SIL’s daughter threw herself on the ground in front of the car as he drove off and almost getting run over.

My EX tells me the SIL went crazy when she found out her daughter was in the hospital and took it out on my brother for not waking her up to tell her.
The thing is he did try to wake her up when the police called but she was to drunk and refused to get up.
SIL is a piss tank lately.
Everyone at the house told her he tried to wake her up but she kept telling him to leave her alone.
Then when she did get here she got drunk and was yelling in the street that night.
My brother slept at my mothers that day.

As for why she was bleeding, well that’s not being talked about but how many of you would let to bet it was a miscarriage?
I’m no doctor or a woman to understand what happens in one’s body but I have been witness to many things including abortions and miscarriages and it sounds a lot like one of those reasons to me.

She’s at home at her mother’s for now but I know this drama is not over especially with my SIL around.

So that was almost my whole weekend except for one thing.
I did manage to clean everything but the washroom.
At least that is done before the next crisis.

Have a nice day



Robyn said...

WOW! You days and evenings are so jammed packed with things going on! I am sorry to hear abut what is going on with SIL. It really bites!
Yep...I would gather that hit to the ground did the whole (possible) miscarriage thing! Which is awful!
Thanks doll for stopping by it ALWAYS makes my day...but it would be nice to see me in your fav list if you have one...*wink* just giving you grief because I know you can take it!

Nan said...

Never a dull moment with the Walker Clan.

Robyn said...

You've got mail! :)

Robyn said...

walker I couldn't find you post 'SMiling eyes' I really wanted to read that one! I too just love eyes...they are wonderful to give away all the secrets if one is really looking deep in ones eys!
Gee I keep coming back...I know I am like a bad!

Monogram Queen said...

Only you would have such drama with NO ONE ELSE HOME!
I feel sorry for the SIL's older daughter though. So young...

BikerCandy said...

Man, sounds like drama, drama, drama again in your world Walker! I hope it settles down in time for your barbeque. As for your brother not doing his own old is he, like 12?

Fire Byrd said...

Good grief, I'm knackered after reading all of that. Goodness knows how you coped with it....oh yes I do know you didn't get the washroom clean!

Fire Byrd said...

oh by the way forgot to say thank you for the mention the other day, didn't realise you'd done that.


nice... never a dull moment when family is around...

nachtwache said...

OK, just mentally digesting it all....
do you ever get some peace?!
You can't stop your mom from doing some things, she'll be bored to death, with nothing to do.
I can understand why your brother takes his laundry to mom, seems the wife isn't doing much. Of course he could do it himself.
17 is young to be moving out from home and in with a guy. She'll be having a broken heart for awhile.
That hurts more than physical pain.

Walker said...

Robyn: There is no such thing as a quiet day around here.
My whole blogroll is my favorites list and it's alphabetical

Walker said...

Nan: Once in a while there is like when there is that silence after someone farts in a crowded room and everything stops so people can maybe follow the echo back to the ass the let it go.

Walker said...

Robyn: I hide it under a rock :P

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: I know. I think that it would be quiet but they went and made cell phones.
Damn phone company is out to get me

Walker said...

BikerCandy: It better not spill at my BBQ because Walker doesn't like party poopers ;)

Walker said...

Fire Byrd : I cpe because I'm to big to hide and they find me.
I am used to it.
It's so quiet in my house they phone to see if i am home all the time so they could make some noise here to.

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: You're welcome
I think you're a brave,strong and beautiful woman and wanted others to know it to. :)
Oh and I loved those red shoes ;)

Walker said...

INNER VOICES: no there never is and what would we post about if it wasn't for them on the days where is to quiet lol

Thank you for stopping by

Walker said...

nachtwache: I don;t want to stop her but i want to slow her down.
She works 10 hours a day every day and she is 80 sufferiung from asthma high BP and a bunch of other stuff.
I just want her to rest.\
My brother likes being catered to l;ike royalty.
He has us running around for him all the time and frankly i am tired of it

Tammi said...

Wow! Do you think by some crazy chance,that we may actually be kin to one another.All that drama is like on a daily basis with my family.I get to where I DREAD answering the phone...(RECENT EXAMPLE)Mom's crying:PLEASE TAMMI PLEASE,I BEG YOU,when you get off at 7 a.m.,Go pick up "K" cuz she's walking in the rain..she's ran through the woods and she's all cut up for some strange reason...PLEASE Tammi,her boyfriend JUST went to jail and she has NOBODY,I'm so worried about her!!!"
ME: "MOM!! LISTEN to me! The broad is cracked out!She prolly got caught trying to steal something,he went to jail...she ran.That simple!"
MOM: "Ohhh NO NO NO!Can't be,Tammi...if you don't go get her walking down Old Bullard Road,I'll just have a heart attack" there it is...she pulls the heart condition card on me.Off I go to get her.SURE NUFF'...she's like: "Don't tell your Mom,but I'm all muddy from head to toe cuz I been running through the woods for hours(skitzing) in the rain".The BF and her were stealing lumber and got busted and she ran her cracked out skinny ass off....Guess the BF wasn't fast enuff,huh?
But yup,it DOES sound alot like the bleeding and other symptons you mentioned really do sound like a hush-hush miscarriage.I could be wrong...but your a gem for stepping in and taking control of the situation
Point being....I can be doing NOTHING but minding my own business and get thrown into more drama than you can imagine.
Remind me to call you when I get into my next
Awwww hell.Who cleans the washroom anyways?As long as your clothes are washed...f****-it!

Scarlet said...

I sooooooo wanna party with you!

"get down with O.P.P"! :D

Walker said...

Tammi: Hmmmm maybe we're kissing cousins ;)

Walker said...

Scarlet: If you get closer to here some day, who knows, you can make next years BBQ ;)

Just telling it like it is said...

At first I thought the knock at the door was some GF-sexual chocolate girl that was just trying to get the loving....then I thought that you were trying to clean the I thought the Copper was trying to have sexo with you only to find out that you have a crazy family...I mean really don't we all...and oh KY just in case you were wondering is good for all kinds of things...

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: Now I want to live what your imagination conjures up.LOL

Just telling it like it is said...

Oh walker if you only knew...why I can't control it myself...trouble I'm telling ya..

Peter said...

Congratulations on gettin' the house clean... the other stuff.. not so much.