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Friday, August 01, 2008

The Stepford Wives ©

Busy Busy Busy
That’s what it has been like around here for the last two days and today will be the same.
I took my mother shopping one Wednesday to the stores my father never takes her, I picked up a few things.
Yesterday it was my turn.
I had to pick up everything for the bbq on the 16th of August in fact I have to send the invites on Saturday.
I know for a fact that there will be no less that 60 people with a lot of new faces.
Seems my bbq is getting more and more popular.

It will be a little more interesting this year, as my daughters will be attending for the first time ever.
They’ll be showing up with their mother who doesn’t let them go anywhere alone and they are 16 and 20.
To spice up the mix, not only will the mother of my kids be there but also four ex lovers and two want to be lovers, not that either has a hope in hell.
One is the GF of a good friends brother and the other wants to be a porn star.
Been there done that and she is NOT gonna cut it but I don’t mind practicing.

This is not including the Jelly shooter girls who have decided this year that they will share duties because they get to drunk when only one does it.
All my hard-core friends make them have a drink each time they take one so the girls may swallow 10-15 by the end of the night.
There will be one person missing that has me worried.
She is of concern to me lately.

By all rights she should be here with me now but I think too much and do my best to make logical decisions from what my math.
I met her 10 years ago, a budding flower that never blossomed.
When she was 14 her father at her stepmothers order, put her out on the street in a rural town with ten bucks in her hand.
He wished her luck then drove off.

14 year old virgin with no knowledge of life let alone how to survive found herself in a puddle of her innocence within a week for a bed to sleep in instead of dark alleys.
Soon she met the man who would become her husband who happened to be 14 years her senior.
After 25 years or so she had two kids with him and was always busy with the kids and her life but it lacked intimacy.
Her husband provided well and didn’t physically abuse her but her didn’t prop up her self esteem either.
He used to tell her she was fat, when she weighed no more than 130 pounds.
She became anorexic then found herself sick in the hospital.
She fell into a depression then found herself on a shrink’s couch that prescribed an array of pills for her to take to become more of a Stepford wife.
One day after her husband bluntly told her that the pills were making her fat she swallowed the whole bottle of them and laid down to go to sleep.
If it weren’t for one of her sons coming home to find her she would have been gone today.
Three month she spent in a psychiatric ward before she was released back into the real world.
It was about this time she stumbled into my world.

I had just become recently single again and was spending more time at the pub playing trivia.
I just love trivia and NTN was coming big so I used to play almost every night and soon found myself with an interesting group of people.
Lawyer, teachers, politicians, a fortuneteller with his white witch GF, a couple of university professors, a cop and me, the drug using Hood.
Quite the group eh?

Her son was part of our little trivia group that won more North American tournaments that any other around and had the spoils to prove it.
It was at one of these when she first came.
I noticed her but that was it.
Well I did notice she was beautiful and sexy but I figure the less you notice the less chances of getting in trouble occur.

I always sat alone or on the edge of the group but never got to friendly with them in the beginning, I didn’t want to contaminate these nice people with my way of life.
In the past many tried to walk into it only to be destroyed by the shock of it mostly.
She started coming in regularly after the first time and liked the pub so much she would stop by in the afternoons for a pint.
It was on one of these occasions our relationship changed.
She was sitting there by herself having a beer and a guy sat next to her trying to chat her up.
She is the shy type and withdraws inside herself when confronted so she said nothing not even when the guy put his arm around her and grabbed her tit.
I could see from across the bar that she was uncomfortable so I walked around and told the guy to go find another chair.
He told me to mind my own business.
Dave the bartender just looked at me and said nothing.
I was the bouncer here for special events and had the power to deal with idiots like this who found himself with a busted nose then dragged to the front laying on the sidewalk and barred for life.

I apologized to her for what had happened, as did the bartender who gave her a pint on the house and I went to sit at my regular perch.

The next time I went to play trivia with the group I sat at my usual perch then she came in and sat next to my at my end of the bar.
As the other showed up they saw us and crowded around me and sat at my end of the bar also.
I got to say I didn’t feel to damn comfortable about that then they tell me they have been watching and listening to me interact with the waitresses and some of the other customers and thought I was funny and wanted to hang out with me.
What happened, I don’t know really just that now I lost all my privacy.
They turned out to be a great bunch and good friends still who are all coming to my Bbq.

Two years later during the hockey playoffs she was at the pub.
Her husband had gone on a holiday by himself for a couple of weeks, something he did regularly, so she went to the pub to watch the game and found me there.
We were having fun yelling and screaming for our team.
We lost, but had a ball.
She got totally pissed and could barely walk.
She was only two blocks from my house so I walked her home to make sure she got there safe.
It’s a rough place downtown late on a Friday or Saturday night and I wasn’t going to let her walk home hammered.

It was snowing, I remember it clearly as one of those memories I will never forget.
I walked her to her place and made sure she was inside when she turned and kissed me with her hooks stuck into the back of my head.
It got hot there for a few minutes.
As her fingers fumbled with my belt buckle I came to my senses and stopped her.
I could have just fucked her right there on the floor, I wanted to but there was a lot to think about first.
One she was married but for me the main one was that she was drunk.
I am no angel and breaking the law I have no problems with but I don’t do drunk women because they are drunk.
I never want to here from someone I took advantage of them when they were at their weakest and I told her as much.
I told her if she wanted to fuck me she would have to come the next day when she was sober and left.
8am the next morning there was a knock at my door.

She told me how her husband never told her that she was beautiful and she was.
A lot of guys hit on her at the pub even when her husband was around who looked more like her father.
Her never made love to her naked, in fact insisted she had to be covered the whole time and it never lasted more that ten minutes or until he came then went to bed.
She had never had an orgasm.
He was the second person she had been with ever since selling her soul the first time so she never really experienced the sex she heard about, and she knocked on my door.
She didn’t leave my bed until she had to get home at 5pm and it went on for the next 5 years, and three grand kids I introduced her to a world of uninhibited sex before I had to make a decision.

She came to me one day and told me she wanted to leave her husband to be with me.
I think that is one of the things that has made me happy in my life and also one of the saddest.
The truth was that I did want her but there was that math shit again.
Some of you are probably thinking, go for it and I thought about doing just that but then I thought of something else.

To be continued…………



Bud said...

Ok, you go me, Walker. I'm coming back so hurry up with the rest of this story!

Anonymous Boxer said...

beautifully written- it's clear she means something to you in the way you wrote this.

and I'm VERY curious about the rest of this story.

xoxo - have a great weekend.

Gypsy said...

I was privileged enough to have you share this story with me a long time ago. It sounds as though she hadn't had too many happy moments in her life up to this point of the story. Sometimes life provides us with a turning point and you were hers.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this beautifully written story.

Scarlet said...


Christ on a bike but you can be so damn infuriating sometimes! lol
Ok, maybe only to those of us who aren't so good at the waiting shit.


Dotm said...

Good luck with the BBQ. Sounds like you find room for so many friends along with family. I am sure everyone is looking forward , not only to the great food, but also to seeing everyone again. Worst part is once it is over, there is a long year to get through before seeing everyone in one place again and that leaves you hoping they are still around when the next years picnic gets here.

Just telling it like it is said...

you can't just leave me hanging like that...

Anonymous Boxer said...

hello? Are you there? I sure hope you're home writing the rest of this story.............

Robyn said...

WALKER! You are such a TEASE! Come on doll and come finish what you started...*wink*

Walker said...

Bud: I didn't want to post one long winded post so I figured I can write a couple of long winded posts lol

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: Thank you, yes she means alot to me

Walker said...

Gypsy: You have heard part of this yes :)

Walker said...

Scarlet: See, I can get you hot ;)

Walker said...

Dotm: I like having those I care about close to me like this.
We spend so much time running around today we don;t have time for family por friends so I hope epople get to come and enjoy themselves

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: I'd never leave you hanging.
It's not easy for me to post this without thinking first but when its straight and blogger stops FUCKING around I will post which should be soon :).

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer : I'm here but my blog has been or was until earlier as SPAM.

KLIK maybe but not SPAM.

Walker said...

Robyn: soon soon maybe tomorrow ;)

Michael Manning said...

Your friend's story is one of tremendous difficulty and I feel for her. She sounds like a wounded soul who deserves to heal and find a healthy path for her life along with happinesss.

Bollinger Byrd said...

..... and?
talk about sitting on the edge of my seat here.

So as your having your famous BBQ I will be having a summer blog party, hopefully in the garden... but English weather being what it is. But no -one will notice after the first half dozen drinks where they are anyway!

Bollinger Byrd said...

and another thing do love the way that flag and destination thing happen, just wish it would sort out it's UK geography a bit better!It moves me every time I come by to somewhere else.

Scarlet said...

I'm waiting .....


Just telling it like it is said...

Okay...I will be looking forward to it!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

You know, Walker, you may have done all sorts of things in your life, none of which are anyone's business but your own. But the reason I keep coming back to your blog is that you are a bloody nice guy as far as women are concerned tell it like it is.

Suzanne said...

Holy Shit (Robyn, what have you done to me!!!) No one will ever see this because they've moved on to the next one, but you and I can stay right here for a few minutes. The way you adore her is precious. I look forward to the continuation. You're a good, honest man and I think you deserve true love and so does she. Honestly, I hope you find it together.

You know by now I love animals and people. It's nice to run into another genuine human being. I read this post with such interst and such respect. Thank you for your honesty and for actually loving her!!! That's beauiful.

I'll be back.

XO Suze ;)

Walker said...

Bollinger Byrd: Parties are fun especially when your friends are around. I have this every year and it goes until 3-4 am sometimes with different people being that last ones to leave.

The flag thing is cool isn't it. I know its not always accurate but I make typoes to so I call it even

Walker said...

Michael Manning : We all deserve to find happiness and peace of mind. Its hard when the world is traveling so fast and not willing to slow down for people to catch up

Walker said...

Scarlet: Waiting is good sometimes :)

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is : I was writing it when you commented so I picked up the pace :)

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: I like to think t hat when I look at something I see whats true and real. I know many women are depressed becauseof how their life is and i want to try and show it can be better but you have to fight for it instead of sitting back and taking what is thrown at them or making bad choises because they don;t know what else to do.

Walker said...

Suzanne : I stand by those i love through hell or high water. Love doesn;t desolve it just fades away slowly and I can't just step back from someone I love who is in trouble.