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Friday, August 22, 2008

Almost Sober ©

Someone stop the spinning ball so I can get off.
It’s been non-stop here for the last 2 weeks and I don’t see it slowing down in the near future.
Sunday morning I got rid of the last straggler from the BBq and was preparing to hit the sack when my EX phoned and said she was stopping by with the kids and four other people.
She didn’t show up the night before because she had gone to her sister’s place and ended up with an alcohol induced headache.

That brought up some ugly memories.
When we were together 16 years ago drinking was a major problem with her as she had a violent temper when she got drunk which culminated in her stabbing me on two different occasions and bludgeoning me in my sleep once all because she was out of whiskey.
Yet I still stayed because of some stupid sense of loyalty until she made the mistake and left me.
Best day of my life.

She did change her mind the next day when they guy she left me for ran off at the restaurant he took her out to dinner the night before leaving her stuck with the bill.
He must have seen her bar tab.
She got mad when she showed up at my door and saw a naked woman behind me walk from the washroom and down the hall back to the bedroom.

That was the first day of hell that had me on a 15 year war to see my kids.
I had to fight off various accusations from sexual abuse to violence until one day a judge told her to shut up and stop lying.
Her lawyer was reprimanded for encouraging the lies and ordered my EX to bring the kids to me of she would be thrown in jail.

I won’t bore you with tales of being jumped by three men while walking home that were sent to deal with me by her family or being set up and almost being killed by the cops on a crowded street leaving me and 6 cops in the hospital.

She used that down time to disappear to another part of the country, it was also the time I said fuck it and stopped trying.
I figure is my kids wanted to see me later on they could come and find me before this shit got to out of hand and was forced to kill someone because of some stupid drunk junkie.

Now that she is back with the kids into our lives she says she doesn’t drink any more but she was drunk on Saturday when at her sisters as I was told by my daughter and the EX’s sister.
Here she drank the rest of the jelly shooters in my fridge with her sister’s help, there was about 20 and three bottles of Motts Clamato Ceasars they had in about an hour.
That’s fine, I don’t care what people do or how they drink, neither was driving.

After that she went through the rest of my fridge and started feeding her guests, I’m still buzzed in the living room trying to keep everyone there entertained.
When they had drank all the booze they liked they came back and she was holding a number of items in her hands like a couple of photo albums and some personal items that were non of her fucken business to be holding.
She had sent my youngest daughter upstairs to me bedrooms and had her look through all the drawers looking for things to show her sister.

Well, I do my best to be nice to people but there are limits to what I am willing to accept and having someone riffling through my shit isn’t one of them and I sternly told my EX that I didn’t appreciate someone going through my stuff because this was where I lived and not her house.
My fridge is one thing but the rest of the house is off limits to everyone one especially MY bedroom.

She didn’t take kindly to that and later on when she asked me for some pictures in my albums because she had lost all of hers I told her no and that soured her disposition to which I didn’t really give a fuck about any way.
I have had to swallow a lot of anger to even be able to speak to her and I wasn’t going to give up any more.
I figure she should be happy I don’t toss her over a bridge for what she put me through and if it wasn’t for the kids, she wouldn’t be walking through my front fucken door at all.

After putting up with this for 7 hours they decided they were leaving and I finally went to bed and slept for 10 hours.
In the morning I find out the EX had no sooner walked through her front door loaded with bags of food she took from my fridge and told my kids how badly I treated her.

Frankly, I don’t give a fuck and that’s what I told the person who told me.
I have wasted too much time and energy because of that woman and won’t waste another joule because of her again,

No matter how secluded I try to make my life I find myself constantly being bombarded at the door or on the phone by people I am trying to avoid.
Now it’s the Ex’s sister who keeps stopping by to ask me when and if I am going to the Greek Festival so she can hang out with me.
Don’t be getting any ideas because the only thing on this woman mind is finding someone to spend heaps of cash on keeping her drunk and numb.
I keep telling her I don’t know but the truth is that I do know.

Tonight Walker will be going on a date for the first time in oh………..30 years.
I know it sounds nuts but I really haven’t been on a official date in that long.
I see a lot of women and go out to dinner with women that I have known through years but not like it’s a date, date.

Most of the women I have met over the years have been either through the pub or some party I may have been attending.
In fact I still haven’t asked anyone out on a date in that long either because I was asked out last week and accepted.
I know she has been wanting to go out with me for the last three years but I have been staying away because of my friend’s brother who has been trying to get a date with her for over 20 years now and can’t get anywhere with her.
I tried to explain to him once that you don’t take a date to a scrabble competition but he didn’t listen.

I don’t know where this will be going because I have no expectations other than going out to have a good time.
I find people who go out with expectations end up being disappointed and ruining the whole night so I am just going to go and see how the night unfolds.
The only headache I foresee is my Ex’s sister being there and bugging me all night.
I guess you will have to come back on Monday to find out how that went.

Life sure doesn’t get any easier as you get older does it?
But I can’t really complain.
I should have been dead long ago yet I managed to survive when many of my friends ended up dancing with the grim reaper one last time.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people and enjoyed the pleasures of many a women, experiencing all forms of love, lust and love lost.

But life goes on and I still have a lot of living to do and there is still a couple of women I’d like to have a dance with. Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clipart

Have a nice weekend



Monogram Queen said...

Have a wonderful time on your date Hon! I think you have went WAY above and beyond with the EX. She needs to chill and her sister, doubly so!


"make sure you unload the gun before your date"

have fun man, youve had a hell of a month. you might deserve a small break by now... happy friday man.
im two hours away from getting off early and sitting at my local bar for an hour drinking free beer...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey you have a good time on your date, Walker. I hope she's a nice lady and deserving of a guy like you. Yeah, let's know how it goes...I can't wait to hear.

Good luck.

Luka said...

Hope the date went well! I think you have the right attitude - expect nothing and anything that happens is a bonus :)

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: My Ex is a taker and a wanter and when she doesnt get then she becomes a whinner until she get a bottle then she's just a wino

Walker said...

INNER VOICES: Sorry I don't shoot blanks ;)

Free beer is great it'sd the free hangover i have issues with

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: She is a nice lady and smart to with a cute (_/_)

Walker said...

Luka: I only go out to have a good time and at the end og the night i am smiling no matter what.
Usually its because of the amount of booze we drink lol

Gypsy said...

I can't believe your ex getting your daughter to go through your drawers and your personal stuff and treating your home as if it were her own. That woman has no boundaries whatsoever. I do wonder about the damage her behaviour has on your girls though.

I don't need to ask about the date cos I cheatred and read the above post first ;)

Dotm said...

I hate it when any one uses their kids that way. I think maybe you should have a talk with your daughter about checking out any place in your home with out your permission. She should show you more respect even if your ex doesn`t.
Glad you are able to see your daughter more often now.
Have a great week-end.