blue moon (2)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Toe Blues ©

Yeah yeah
I’m stoned on painkillers, pot and Budweiser but I took my vitamins first.

The toes, they are still there.
They told me not to worry unless they turn black.
They look pretty fucken close now, dark ugly blue but not black.
They don’t hurt as much so that might be a good sign or it’s the first sign just before turning black.
Oh who cares, it they did turn black and fall off it’ll only add to how much weight loss I had this month.

Today I got a phone call from my ex.
You know that fucken phone never rings and there is someone at the other end saying you just won 10 million dollars.

Her sister needs help moving her daughter’s stuff from her apartment to her mother’s and they want me to do it.
This is the EX that ran off with my kids for eight years without a word.
This is the same sister who used to see me on the street and spit at me.
Now they want my help.

My ex came back into our lives just before Christmas and now they want me to help them.
Did I mention the rest of her family don’t like me either?
For seventeen years I kissed butt to keep the peace and in the end my reward was loosing my kids and I had a court order in my favour.

About five years ago while at a mall I spotted my Exs mother.
She’s old now, curled up from age and barely able to walk but here she was loaded down with plastic bags dragging them out the door to the bus stop.
This old bitch hated my guts.
When she smiled and spoke Russian to me they weren’t endearing words,
I’m good with languages and after a while I knew what she was saying to me.

She’s in her eighties and looked like a huddled up mole as she struggled to get on the bus with her load.
I walked up behind her and my options were simple.
Throw her under the fucken bus and be done with her for what I had to go through or help her in the fucken bus, which I did.
She didn’t recognize me as I have changed a lot in twenty years not that it mattered if she did.
I’m happy she didn’t.

Now her daughter wants me to help her move her daughter’ stuff.
I should tell her to fuck off instead.
Three years ago she called her youngest daughter and told her to come by the house.
The daughter walked to the bus stop to wait for the bus.
She never got on it.
As she stood at the bus stoop some nut hit her from behind and dragged her into a wooded area where a fight ensued when she came to but she wasn’t strong enough to fight off the man and she died at his hands.
He didn’t molest her in any way.
He just killed him for the hell of it.
That was the only reason.
He didn’t even know her, it was random, she just happened to be the one there at that moment.

I was best man at her wedding.
She married a guy who turned out was already married to someone else at the same time and he was running back and forth between them for 5 years in the same city.
I don’t know how he managed to explain why he was only home half the time to these women but he did until they all found themselves staring at each other in K Mart on day.
That must have been one sight to behold HA HA HA

They want me to drive the truck and move everything in and out of it from the second floor of a building with no elevator.
She said there are about 100 plastic tubs of stuff that need to be moved.
I don’t know but 100 plastic tubs sounds like a lot to me and I have to do all the work for free to boot.
You know I am beginning to miss the days she used to spit at me.

I have a busted foot and a screwed up shoulder.
I have to prepare for my annual bbq on the 16th of August which will bring up to 60 people if not more this year.
So what do I do, I tell her yes.
I must be the biggest idiot to walk on the face of the Earth.

I am one of those people who is big on revenge.
This was my time to squash the fuckers instead I may find myself getting squashed.
I got to stop talking myself out of getting even with those that deserve it.

A friend flies back to the UK this morning.
She came down last Tuesday when she found out her mother passed away.
Six weeks earlier it had been her father.
There isn’t much more that could be said about that other than life isn’t fare to any of us in the end.
We just got to make do with what we have left.

Some of the boys are picking me up in the morning and taking me to the movies.
I think we are going to see Journey to the center of the Earth and Hancok I don’t know for sure because they are dragging me out of the house.
I don’t know if some of them could stay awake long enough to watch two whole movies HA HA HA
These guys got up to ten years on me in fact they were the first ones to first take me to the movies as a kid.
I remember that clear as day, a triple bill for 50 cents.
Elvis Presley in “Speedway”, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in “Pardners” and James Coburn in “In Like Flint”
That was a long time ago and these guys were younger back then.
Now they eat and pass out at the table, now they want to go watch two movies.
We may get kicked out for their snoring.
My money is on them not being able to stay for both movies.
I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

Before I go, some of you asked if the pot broke.
No it didn’t and you could see it on the bottom right with the aloe Vera in it.

I did loose some leaves from the plant which I have been putting to good use on my foot.

Have a nice day



Susan said...

I love when you post photos of your home. I feel like you are letting us in to your personal space. The room is so bright and looks like a nice place to be.
So can you help move all that stuff in your current condition?

Robyn said...

*strolling up to Walker...hits him in the back of the head* What the hell man! They shit on you...and you now play nice guy and have broken toes to boot?! Geesh! Let me speak to them...and really get real with them my friend!
Since, you were probably high as a kite on pain meds, I am going to use the excuse you were in a drug induced coma and that under now circumstance are you to move 100 plastic bins that probably weigh about 100lbs each!
*really annoyed with them using Walker...knowing its not right...and some sort of justice needs to come out of it...plotting*
This really erks me them RIGHT NOW! And tell them HELL NO! Infact, call the day you said you were coming over to help them and then laugh in the phone...Bahwahhhaahhaaaaa!
Dude, I am sorry about me getting on the soap box...but I have this thing against ex's *locking and loading and aiming at my ex*
Take care of the toes and stay off them and enjoy the movie(s)! Let us know how your friends!
Many hugs and your in my thoughts!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I agree, Walker, you're too soft or it was the pain meds. Consider yourself clipped over the ear for saying yes!

Glad the toes aren't falling off...mind you it'd be a good excuse not to help with the move...but maybe a bit extreme.

Take care, watch the toes and I'm glad the pot and the aloe vera survived.

Monogram Queen said...

My toes turned black and no seemed to care!
Really Walker I would tell them they need to hire someone or do the hiring for them. With your bum parts you do NOT need to risk further injuries....
but knowing you, you will.

BikerCandy said...

I'm sitting here thinking "now how in the hell is he going to lift anything with a bum shoulder and a broke foot?" The answer...YOU CAN'T!

Call them and tell them you were high on pain killers (bragger!) and you really can't help this time! I mean it...Do it...Like right now!!!!!!!

Scarlet said...

You must have had a REALLY good buzz going when the bitch, er I mean, EX called!
I DESPISE people who take advantage of another's generous nature ... and your ex sure has your number!
*climbs down off bitch box*

I'll say no more.
You're a grown man.
However, I DO want that killer lamp that's in the picture!
I totally dig it! :D

Gypsy said...

Now that Scarlet has stepped down from the bitch box allow me to take her place. WTF are you thinking man? Are you completely insane? You sure that pot didn't hit you on the noggin on the way down the other day?

Please ring them back and tell them NO NO NO. Hire someone else you used to spit on.

End of rant. Now I hope that bad shoulder and those cute little blue toes get better soon.

Anonymous Boxer said...

and now it's my turn, after the lovely Scarlet and Gypsy,

DO NOT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


okay, I feel better.

I saw Hancock - it was good.

xxoo to your toes.

Dotm said...

Gee Walker I was going to send the toes a get well card but when I looked, I found I had lost their owners address. So, that leaves me asking their owner to please let them rest, don`t strain them doing any heavy lifting, and keep off the foot as much as possible so the toes can heal straighter. Remember, if you don`t baby them and they heal crooked, they won`t fit into their shoes anymore and then where would you be?
I know you don`t need a second mother bossing you around, but ask one of your friends that you do things for to help you with the lifting at your ex-wifes place. That way you are still helping her without doing more damage to the toes or foot. Hands and feet are things we must show respect for as we can`t have much of a life without them. So, please listen to your friends and take care of yourself.

Dotm said...

Just downloaded mozella firefox and back to see how well it opens the comment place. So far good. Thanks for the suggestion.

Walker said...

Susan: I don't mond showing the inside of my house as much as I hate cleaning it LOL
I will do what I can thats all I can do

Walker said...

Robyn: Given different circumstances I would have told her to stuff it but seeing as she has been tthrough alot and throw in the fact she will get my kids to help her I figure I would be better o ff close to watch and make sure it doesn't get out of control.
When my ex last move she had my daughters carry a couch 2 kilometers so she wouldn't have to pay for a moving truck.

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: No I am afraid I was lucid. I just can;t kick someone when they are already beaten to the ground.
I like my opponents to be standing when i knock them down.
Besides not helping because of the past would make me as bad or worse than them in some ways.
I don't care to have them call me friend though.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: Trust me when I say my body hurts at the thought of doing this but i got to look past what they want me to do and look at the alternatives.
I know my kids will be guilted into helping and in a sense at least in my own mind my refusal would put them in my place.

Walker said...

BikerCandy: The way I figure it is that if most of the stuff is in plastic containers then i could just slide them down t he stairs and not have to do much carrying but thats just speculation until I see what I will be working with.

Ah you just want to sit back and have a joint too LOL

Walker said...

Scarlet:I don;t like being used a nd taken advantage of and hate watching people being used to but sometimes we have to play stupid and be used for a better reason.

The mnost important part is that you know what they think you don't know and go with it.

Where I did draw the line was when they asked me to use my credit card to pay for the truck I am to be using. They said I would be paid back later but I said no to that.

Walker said...

Gypsy: Its either me or my kids alone moving all of this stuff.
It makes it an easy choice for me.
So it will ne yes but i don;t intendd to kill myself and if I am not totally up to it then I can;t do more than drive then all i will do is drive.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: I wish I got to see Hancock but Archie was wasted after the first movie.

I want to say no but I can't.
My friends and family, You all included tell me to say no but I can't.
Besides someone has to say yes.

Walker said...

Dotm: I'm hoping that the next three weeks will get them to heal more so I will be in better shape to do what I have to do.
I hate being busted up, it seems I spend alot of time healing instead of enjoying life LOL

I know you will like FireFox more than IE at least its more stable

Anonymous Boxer said...

I get you. I was just hoping one of "us" would get a break.


Robyn said...

Gee! Walker...I see! You are a 'good man' sweety! Still...damn it! It really burns my hide. *wraps arms around Walker's neck and gives big ol'hug* you are big softy...*wink*

Scarlet said...

I get it Walker.
Which is why you have such a fan club! :D

Just be kind to yourself, k?!