blue moon (2)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ambushed ©

I was sitting here writing a nice little rant for today and talking to a friend at the same time when I got a phone call from Mike needing help.
It seemed his car broke down and he wanted me to borrow my father’s car and go get him.
I looked at the clock on the wall and it said 10:30pm.

This meant I had to get dressed in my street clothes and go out into this muggy soup again today.
Why they hell do I need friends again?
I need more enemies; they only call to threaten you not give them rides.

I say goodbye to ItisI, who by the way became a grandmother again today.
She gave birth to a family of bunnies I think.
This is seven grand kids so far and one hasn’t even started yet.

I got dressed and walked out the door and as luck would have it my brother was outside talking to my parents on the porch.
I tell him I need a ride so he drove me to where I needed to go.
When we got there we found buddy waiting for me.
It seems that he got the car going by the time I reached him so I told my brother he could leave and I would get a ride back.

I get in the car and we take off for home but when we got to the corner where he was supposed to turn for my place he went straight instead.
I protested but he said he needed to make a stop first so I sat back in the seat and went along for the ride.

He turned here and there until he was pulling into Archie’s place.
There were all there laughing when I got out of the car.
It seems that it was all BS.
I don’t go out much any more and when they try to get me out of the house I tend to say no.
They think it’s because I don’t have money or I am addicted to my computer.

Well that’s not the case.
Money isn’t an issue and I spend less time on my computer than I ever did.

I don’t drink much any more and when I go out I like going out alone because I tend to get into less trouble when I do.
Also I like to party my way and leave when I’m ready not when someone else wants me to leave because they are pissed.
I also get into less trouble when I don’t go out with them, well here lets see.

I went out with Rick one night and he got pissed.
When he is drunk he gets brave and starts trouble with his mouth and one time he picked on two massive body builders.
That only lasted one punch and he was out cold on the ground.
As they were about to leave I stopped them and told him they knocked him down so they were picking him up and dropping him in the car.
They said what I was going to do if they didn’t.
It was more than obvious I wasn’t much of a match for both of them and even one would have been in his favour.
I told them that I was going to take buddy’s Mustang and drive it right into the Camero the were driving before they even got out of the parking lot and I didn’t give a shit because it wasn’t my fucken car.
They picked him up and dropped him the back seat of the Mustang.
I grinned at them and smiled.
They may be big and strong but I’m fucken crazy.

Once while sitting in the pub a female friend ran in with her new boyfriend sporting a black eye.
She came to me saying she needed help with one of the bouncers up the street.
Seems he gave her the black eye while jumping on his back so her new pansy boyfriend could get away.
He left her there and waited a block away.
He asked me if I could go back and deal with the bouncer.
I sat there for a second, thought about it then smacked him in the head and had the doorman throw him out the door; I took her home with me that night.
Fuck it, this was easier.
I wasn’t going to back up someone who leaves his woman behind to take the trouble especially one of my friends.

Once I got a call and I had to go as fast as I can to pick up Mike because he had lost control of his car and ploughed into a highway sign outside of the police station.
He wanted me to get there before the cops did.
So I jumped into the Dart I had and raced passed the cop shop and got Mike in less than two minutes while he changed jackets he wanted me to drive him 10 miles to the other end of the city as fast as I could.
I hit speeds of 240 260 kph and got him there in about five minutes.
Then I had to smack him across the face before i left.

Five hours later he showed up at my place with a busted lip.
My Ex's eyes popped out of her head when she saw him and asked what happened.
She wasn’t there when I got the phone call.
He told her how he had been carjacked and the guy smacked him in the face with a gun before taking his car.
Then the guy crashed his car outside of the police station and the cops were now combing the area to find someone wearing a blue jacket because an eye witness seen the carjacker wearing one as he ran off.

Another time a friend called and said he was in jail for dangerous driving and high speeding but he didn’t have a driver’s license because it had been suspended so he used my name.
The cops wouldn’t let him go unless someone brought his drivers license for proof so he had his mother call me at home at 3 am in the morning.
On the way to the police station I had to wake up another friend to get his license just in case the police asked me for my license.
It’s a good thing to because they did ask and I became Steve that night and my Hindu friend became Greek.
Stupid cops.
So you see, it’s better avoiding friends sometimes.

I got out of the car and the boys were all there with a couple of cases of beer and four bottles of bourbon.
I haven’t seen some of them I a long while.
Most are EX bikers who refused to patch over to the HA when they moved in and opted to quit instead.
They are all getting old to now.

They joked about fooling me into showing up for a little while and we got down to some serious drinking and smoking some really good herb.
Some of the boys grow their own and it’s primo but not for sale.
We laughed and told the old stories.
Many of the boys are gone now and I just love seeing the excitement in their eyes when they talk about the old days.
I was a kid back then compared to these guys.
Why they brought me in I don’t know but from the day they did I never missed a party even though I wasn’t part of their thing.
In fact when all hell broke with me and my crew and they found my body guard shot to death it was them that went to the plate for me and warned everyone that I was with them and if they came after me they would be dealing with them too.

Their women drove me nuts.
They call me up and ask me to go get their men from this strip club or that so they wouldn’t get into trouble.
Did I mention these guys are bigger than me; one is 6-10 with one hell of an Irish temper.

Three hours later and I was three sheets to the wind after about half a forty of whiskey and five joints.
There was a hooker across the street and they kept calling her over then when she got there they told her they weren’t calling to her.
This happened about three times before she caught on.

A delivery boy brought us 200 dollars in Chinese food and we all tried to soak up the booze.
I don’t think it helped me much because I swear I was getting drunker after eating.
This went on for about three hours before we all decided it was best to stop while we could all still walk.
They also decided that we were going to have a big bbq next week with a whole lamb or pig on a spit and I was going to do the cooking like the old days.
I guess some things don’t change and shouldn’t.
I miss them sometimes as I do the ones that aren’t with us any more.
I miss the old days when I didn’t care about living or dieing just enjoying life to it’s extreme.

So now I sit here infront of my computer not feeling like finishing that rant but writing this post.
Maybe have a scotch and a joint to remember a little more about the times when I was more alive than dead.

Have a nice day



Puss-in-Boots said...

D'you know, Walker...despite being ambushed, I think you had a bloody good time...sounds pretty good to me anyway. Good on you...and cheers to your mates for doing something like that for you.

Enjoy the weekend.

Monogram Queen said...

Um yeah I think i'd choose to go out alone too under those circumstances... though I don't really want to go see the Dark Knight alone tonight :(

BikerCandy said...

It sounds like the kidnapping worked out anyway. I'm glad you had a good time. I have one question though...what does this mean?

Most are EX bikers who refused to patch over to the HA when they moved in and opted to quit instead.

I have no idea what that means at to explain?

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: I did have a good time, we always do but they do get carried away sometimes which makes for reouble and some good stories a few years down the line

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: I am seldom alone when i go out. Usually i sit alone and by the end of the night i have people I dont know sitting with me laughing

Walker said...

BikerCandy: We are always about having a good time, loud and fun with heaps of booze.

They belonged cirtain club and when the Hells Angels moved in they joined which means 5they patched over their colors with the Hells Angels colors and became HAs themselves.
Mostoof the guys quit rather than join.
They were getting older and didnt need the headache.
They younger ones stayed

Dotm said...

Boy,does that bring back memories. There was a time when one of Walt`s older brothers lived in another state about 4 or 5 hours drive from us. It was around 3AM when our phone rang. His brother wanted Walt to hurry there and pick him up before the cops had time to walk up the stairs to his upstairs apartment. Guess he got drunk and his wife had called the cops on him. I don`t think even superman could have gotten there that fast. LOL.
The only time this brother wasn`t drunk and getting into fights was when he lived with us. I had a rule in my house-- no one was allowed to drink till they were drunk around my little kids. His mouth was bad when he drank. Nothing you would like your little kids to hear. As I told all his brothers, it`s not the drinks that I object to, it`s the drinks the first few lead to. I got tired of stopping fights and Walt got tired of trying to handle his drunken brother. Another brother-in-law never drank when he had to work the next day and if he got drunk, all I had to do is talk him into laying down on our couch and he would fall asleep and sleep it off. He was never rude or any trouble. He did sometimes get into crying jags for me to handle. Walt was the baby of his family and still he was like a father supporting these two many times through our marriage. We were glad when they both got married ( second wife for the bad drinker and she knew how to handle him). Life got much easier after that.
I sure don`t miss those days.

Scarlet said...


I know of what you speak, and how you feel.


Anonymous Boxer said...

I miss the old days too.



HOWEVER, my "old" days are nothing compared to yours. Your old days would have given me instant gray hair.

I hope you had that scotch and joint.

Gypsy said...

I no longer have the energy to relive my old days. Of course they were child's play compared to yours but even so, sometimes I cringe at what I used to get up to during my brief wild period.

No, the quiet life is more my speed these days....

Glad you had a good time Walker and that they managed to get you out of the house. It doesn't hurt to live it up once in a while.

Walker said...

Dotm: He sounds like my brother in some ways.
When he is in trouble he is quick to call and when you need him finding Jimmy Hoffa would be easier. LOL

Walker said...

Scarlet: Don;t gte me wrong, i have had some nice times now but back then with my crew we were free.
Less responsabilities, I was healthier but now it seems life is mundane and boring.
I miss the rebel years.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: You would have loved it.
A little danger only adds some spice to your life ;)

Walker said...

Gypsy: Its doesn;t matter what we all did, it's the fact that what we did made us feel free.
Our expoeriences are equal in weight to the life style we led. :)