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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's Fido Eatiing? ©

I see some of you looked at the link that I put up in the previous post.
I didn’t want to put up a post with it because I thought an 8-minute video was enough without having to read my chatter on top of that.

I see some of you didn’t know what to say.
I must admit I was the same way when I first read it, then anger set in before I remembered I had just lost my cat Emme six months ago and had her disposed of with people I really don’t know other than I called the humane society and was told where to go.
That’s when worry set in and I found myself getting into the car and driving down there to find out who I blindly gave my dead cat to, to dispose of.

At the time I wasn’t fucken thinking properly and wanted to do what was right quick before Frick figured it out and frantically did what I had to do.
Now I find myself freaking out because my cat might be pet food for someone else’s pet, maybe even food for Frick.

First thing, Emme is buried proper in a mass grave for pets and the place I gave her to is a part of the Humane Society and I feel better but it doesn’t exonerate me from my own stupidity.
Most pet owners like myself think of our pets as members of our family and feel pain when we loose one but in the last 48 hours I have begun questioning myself more because of that video.

I like to think that I care for my pets to the best of my ability by making sure they are fed and loved.
Having a pet is a lot of work as is taking care of one’s child.
They offer us love and affection without prejudice and are always there when they sense that they are needed.
We in turn go out and buy food and take them to the vet to be checked and kept up with their shots.
Or do we?

We hug and pet our animals; some of us dress them up to keep them warm or dry from the elements.
We go out and buy them the best food to feed them and not that cheap crap so that they are healthy.
Or are we poisoning them?

Last year many pets got sick and many died because of bad pet food.
I myself had to return three boxes of recalled food because it would have made my cats sick.
I was just lucky that I hadn’t opened those yet because they were still eating the previous batch.
Then I saw that video and thought to myself, I read the packages of food that I eat but never what I buy for the cats.

I don’t know how the rest of you buy pet food but I go and buy name brands and avoid the no names.
Admittedly I buy what I see on TV and assume that these people know what they are doing so I buy that food but that is the same food that was recalled.
They blamed it on one ingredient that they got from another manufacturer but sitting here and thinking about it, that’s no excuse.
If you bought a burger from some place then that place is responsible for you because they guarantee it.
Mistakes happen and those are excusable but not reading what we feed our pets isn’t.
Would you blindfold yourself and open the cupboard to grab a bottle then give it to your kid to drink without checking if it was bowl cleaner or a soda pop?
But that’s what I have been doing with my pets.
I shop according to price and not ingredients; then we wonder why pets are getting diseases, more now than before and our bankbooks getting rapped at the vets trying to save them from what WE did to them because we don’t bother to check to see what we feed our other family members.

The video is an advertisement for a book but it brings out a lot of good points.
I don’t know about the part where our dead pets and road kill is thrown into the mix but it disgusts me just to think about it and if I EVER find out that they are and it’s true, then they better start fucken running because they next fucken batch of pet food coming out of that fucken company will be Executive Stew for fucken alligators.

This reminded me of that Charlton Heston movie Soylent Green, where Charlton Heston’s character followed his dead friend’s body (played by Edward G. Robinson) to where they were supposed to take it to bury him only to find out they were turning the dead people into food then feeding it to the general population while the rich were eating steak at 500 a pound.
That movie was set in the year 2022 and it’s now what year?

Not to long ago we found out that they were feeding chickens food that had chicken parts in them.
Then we get bird flu spreading across Europe/Asia and we wonder why and where it came from.
Mad cow disease; is it a disease or a mad scientist’s fuck up?
How many of you see those commercials for new drugs that could treat this but the side effects could kill you or make you wish you were dead?
Are they lining us up for the big kill by first practicing with our pets by recycling them into pet food and selling them back to us after we paid then to dispose of our precious animals?

You have to wonder with the way the world works today.
You have large corporations that own companies in many fields so it wouldn’t be strange for a conglomerate to own say, a string of funeral homes and a string of pet food companies, maybe a pharmaceutical division that works.
Might as well stop looking for Jimmy Hoffa, our pets have been probably shitting him out for decades.

Going past our worse fears you have to ask yourselves where do they get the meat they use in pet food.
Lets look at one of Frick’s cans.
This one is Friskies whitefish and tuna.

Ocean whitefish, water sufficient for processing, poultry by-products, meat by-products, liver, tuna, brewers rice, natural and artificial flavors, guar gum, titanium dioxide color, potassium chloride, salt, carrageenan, Vitamin E supplement, dicalcium phosphate, zinc sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, Vitamin A supplement, copper sulfate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, niacin, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin supplement, cobalt carbonate, Vitamin D-3 supplement, Vitamin B-12 supplement, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of Vitamin K activity), folic acid, potassium iodide, biotin. B-5197

HEY, why are there chicken and other meat products in a can of tuna, maybe they are taking the Sun Kiss brand literally and putting chicken bits into the cat food to tell us tuna is the chicken of the sea and everything probably tastes like chicken to Frick anyway, Eh and what the fuck are meat by-products?
See that’s how they sneak shit in past us, what kind of meat by products it doesn’t say.
When people hide something it’s usually bad.
I used to think they used old critters that are of no use any more but I am sure they use animals that dropped dead on the spot from disease as well then sold it to a pet food company.

I didn’t tell you how I found that video did I.
I was looking for information about dogs because I am thinking of getting a god instead of another cat hoping Frick won’t feel as bothered by it and that’s when I stumbled onto the video.

Now I have to do more thinking about it.
My Ex’s father never bought pet food.
His dogs never came into the house and live outside in their own kennel all year around.
He used to buy meat and liver from the butcher and make his own gruel as I called it first by boiling it and then poured in oatmeal to bind it all together.
His dogs lived long and were healthy until the end.
Maybe that’s the solution, it’s obvious we can’t trust money hungry corporations with the health of our pets.

You know what, I think pet food should be healthy enough for a human to eat it because let’s face it.
There ARE a lot of humans eating it to.
From now on, I will be reading more and not listening to what commercials say.

So when’s the last time you read what’s on that can or bag of pet food?
Fuck, when’s the last time you read what’s on the label of what you eat?

I think maybe a dogfish besides I have a handle on how to dispose it when the time comes.

Have a nice day



Michael Manning said...

I think pet cemeteries are a bit over rated. And I feel sorry for those who never knew the love of a dog or cat. I believe your cat is with the Good Lord where no harm can come to him by either word or deed.

Peter said...

Sign me up for aq bunch of shares in that "executive Alligator food Co."

Gypsy said...

I'm with Peter, please get me some too Walker. That label reads like a science experiment and that's just the stuff they're revealing albeit under the guise of "by product".

Thank god my little fur baby Lucy is safely buried on my property where her poor little body can't be misappropriated for ill gotten gains.

Monogram Queen said...

We have our pets buried in the back yard with a small statue as a marker.
About the pet food, I only feed mine dry food but I know kibble is not exempt from by-products etc. either. I just don't know. Reilly seems healthy enough.

Anonymous Boxer said...

My pets are under the St. Francis Statue in my backyard and I plan to never leave my house. Hell, maybe I'll have my ashes put there too! As for pet food, many years ago I switched to a more ogranic food but even those are full of crap. I wish I was a better cook... I'd make their food, but I think that would kill them before Pedigree.

nachtwache said...

Our Golden Retriever kept getting 'hot spots' until we switched his food to "First Choice", he lived to 13, which is pretty good for that breed.
My husband never buys any of the brands that are well known and big advertisers, he says they're the worst food to give to your pets.
It's all about people with no scruples and greed.