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Sunday, April 06, 2008

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Look at the sun out there brightenning up the day, warming up the air.
Look at Walker sick as a dog getting his leg chewed off by Biggie.
Yup the first sign of nice weather and I get sick.
So I am drowning myself in movies to try and get over this.
The following is a post I wrote and forgot to put up, probably because i thought of something else to write about at the time.
I hope you are all having a nice weekend with beautiful weather and if the weather sucks then I hope you are cuddled up with what's beautiful in your lives.



You know what I hate?
I hate when people think I am stupid.

A couple of weeks ago I bid on something on Ebay and won.
It was a great deal because what I bid and won was worth 30x times what I had to pay for it.
In fact I was surprised it was there without a reserve.
Using my paypal account I paid for the item then sent an email to the seller asking when the item would be shipped.
The next day I received an email saying that it had been mailed March 12 2008.

That was great news because I’m telling you; this was like getting a Ferrari for the price of a bicycle.
So for two weeks I am sitting here waiting for the item to arrive, it’s coming from China, everything comes from China now.
My brother bought something from China and he got it in four days and it’s been two weeks and it hadn’t arrived yet.
Then the other day I get an email out of the blue from the seller telling me that he had gone to the post office that day and found out that my package had been lost.

Huh, go figure that.
My question is why did he even go to the post office two weeks later to enquire about my parcel?
I didn’t send him an email asking him why it hadn’t arrived yet so how did he know I didn’t receive it?
Or maybe he never sent it?
I bought an item that normally sells for close to $300 for $7.
That’s gotta to hurt someone’s pocket especially if your business is selling these things?

He offered to reimburse me of my money or I could pick out anything else I may like in his store so he wasn’t trying to rip me off, he was just trying to save his butt.
When I bid on the item I knew there was going to be a problem because I can sense the obvious but I bid on it anyway and won.
If he would had sent me an email saying “hi I fucked up and that is not what was supposed to be there” I would have understood.
It’s not like I am new to this but he choose to invent this elaborate scenario thinking I would be dumb enough to fall for it.
I little honesty once in awhile would go a long way.

I have decided I am going to email him and tell them to credit my account; I don’t want something from his store now or ever again.

While I was on Ebay I decided to check and see if there were any vaporizers up for bidding.
I have been thinking about buying one after hearing people say it better than smoking joints.
From what I have been told it uses hot air to burn the THC and leaves all the pulp behind to be disposed of.
No smoke or carbon gets taken in and I don’t have to roll any more.
What will they think of next?
I put vaporizer in the search box and a whole bunch of stuff came up that are up for bid so I start clicking on everything and reading about the items up for bid then looked at the prices.

There were all sorts so weird contraptions saying they were the best and the shiniest ones cost the most.
Some look suspiciously like bongs from 60’s like this one, which sells for $89.

It’s got that "I Dream of Jennie" feel to it and after a good blast I bet you see her materialize out of the smoke you exhale.
Bright happy colors adorn its parts bringing you back to a more naïve world.

Then there are some that look like boxes such as this one.

I would feel like I was blowing into a breathalyser instead of sucking THC enriched air to find that blend of pain relief and euphoria.

Then there is this one.

It’s one of the top end vaporizers.
It’s called a volcano and I don’t know how good it is but at $700 I don’t think there would be enough money left over to even buy some pot to put in it for a ride.
The Volcano is the one that intrigued me the most though because of it accessories.
As I read the info on it more than once I had to physically pull my eyebrows down because they got frozen in the surprised shock position.

This is how it works.
You put your herb in the volcano and press a button.
The machine heats up blowing hot air through the pipe vaporising the contents of the bowl.
Once that is done you suck back on the mouthpiece and take in the THC but wait.
Say someone is at you door and you can’t get stoned now?
Not to worry because it will stay in the think in its state until you are ready for it.
WOW, how cool is that?
But wait, there is more.
Yes, there is more because these people know how busy we are and don’t have time to fart let alone set up a machine to vaporise a dream and what happens if you are not home and far from your Precious?

Not to worry, they have travel bags you could inflate like small balloons so you can fill them up and bring along the buzz for a ride.
Hell I bet you could fill and sell them.
Just think if they came in various colors a drug dealer could dress like a clown then sell them on the corner and he could call them Happy Balloons.

I smoke pot for two reasons.
One is medicinal and the other is recreational.
I don’t endorse its use or condemn it and I think it should be legalized because for one, it’s the only way you could control something you can't get rid of.

When I first started smoking pot the pot was good, I thought it was great and we smoked and drove back then.
I am not saying it was the smartest thing to do but when you’re young you don’t think along those lines.
The pot we have today and drive, I don’t think so.
Some of the boys refuse to drive now when they are stone because they can barely walk let alone see to drive.

So as a pot smoker and lover of a good buzz I don’t really want to be walking down the street with a smile on my face only to see a car coming at me with its diver blinded by a large balloon protruding from his/her mouth.
I think it’s time governments all over the world got together to find ways to deal with drug issues.
A lot of drug money funds many of the wars in the world.
A lot of crime stems from drugs and the money is the lure and addiction.
A lot of people die because of bad drugs.

When so many bad things happen because of one thing it begs me to ask, why doesn’t the government take over?
It’s what they did with prohibition.
That was the stupidest thing to do that help create some of the major crime organizations that exist today.
Vice is profitable only when it’s illegal so by making it legal it looses its profit appeal.

Besides the profits could be used toward treating people with serious drug addictions instead of some gangsters retirement fund.

They sell a bunch of weird shit on Ebay.
I think I like the, "I dream of Jennie" one.
It will remind me of those years when people were naïve and only thought of love, not money or war and peace, peace was more than just a word, it was a feeling not just a dream.

Have a nice day



Lynilu said...

Aww, Walker, I hope you get over the crud soon. This is definitely not the time to be sick. Don't know about your neighborhood, my mine is sunny and warm, and inviting play! I think I'll go do just that!

Get well!

having my cake said...

Get Well Soon x

Ive had good and bad experiences on ebay. My first was hideous. After repeated emails, I did eventually get my £100 of stuff but it was touch and go... and three months after the money originally came out of my PayPal account.

Lindy said...

Wow, the good ole days when you could actually smoke yourself better. Nowadays I buy a bottle of Jack & a bottle of Nyquil & hit one or the other all night long. Feel better!!

Susan said...

I am not feeling so hot myself. I think the stress of Kaylas illness is wearing me down. I hope you feel better soon.
Sorry I have not been visiting lately. Just browsing through your latest posts, I see I missed your Birthday. Heres to another year! Hugs and kisses being sent to you with a big bow on top.

Patti said...

Hope you feel better soon my friend.

I have never smoked pot or cigarettes (quit laughing) but I am a live and let live kinda person.

Sorry you got skunked on eBay. Effers.

Anonymous Boxer said...

You can buy bongs on Ebay?????????


Get well soon. Rest.

Gypsy said...

Doesn't that suck when the weather changes and you get sick? Hope you get better soon Walker. You should have organised this better and got sick while you had a "nurse" on standby to give you some TLC.

nachtwache said...

Get well, me too.
Our weather is wet and cold, I cuddle Ashton when I get a chance. :)

Luka said...

I'm with you on the hating it when people think I'm stupid thing!

Hope you're feeling a bit better now x

gab said...

So sorry to hear your not feeling well. When I get more time I'll tell you all about my little hassle from ebay.
But for now.......
Tag your it go to my blog for instructions. HUGS

Shaz said...

Get well soon Honey xx

Anonymous said...

oh no! get better!