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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Throne Speech ©

When will the insanity cease?

I was sitting on my throne the other day reading The Independent, a UK newspaper my friend brought with her alone with 4-5 other supermarket rags from the UK she so generously added to the growing stack for people to read while trying to force out what you forced into your body.

As I read through the pages I noticed that for the most part we all have the same problems with politicians, inflation, immigration, high taxes, gas prices, politicians (Needed to put it twice because they get into lots of trouble) and all the other bullshit that comes with life living in the west like terrorism and Paris Hilton.
I read an article about child slavery in countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh where one million children are traded daily.
ONE MILLION KIDS A DAY are used by adults in this region as fodder.
One cocksucker stole his sister’s 7-year-old son and sold him to a brothel.

Now I can understand a couple of kids get snatched in a huge area among millions of people would be hard to find them but ONE FUCKEN MILLION KIDS go missing and why isn’t the government out there doing something about it!?

Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t we give these countries a hell of a lot of money in the last century so they could learn and develop ways to survive and feed themselves?
So what have they learned?
How to build nuclear weapons, that’s what.

Now we are all over here thinking, “wow, how did that happen”?
Here let me tell you how.
First the Brits went over there and introduced colonialism and their way of life to them then united them all together where most were at war with each other to fight the Turks and regain all lost territories.
Sikhs and other Indian peoples were conscripted into the British military and teaching them, not by educational means but by first hand experience in battle how to be a military.
Then after years of being under British rule they left giving them back their country with a standing army ready and experienced in war.

Then along came Canada and sold them a Candu reactor so that they would have heaps of power to help feed their people but you know what else you Candu with one of those babies eh?
Yeah yeah they said they wouldn’t but, what can I say, someone LIED.
Makes me wonder why we even bother to help people.
Just let them fuck each other to death.

One million kids a day get raped every day in this region alone.
Is it just me or is than number outrageously high?
I have always said that what a country does within its border is their business but you know what?
We don’t have to do business with them.
We don’t have the right to go to their house and tell them how to live but we don’t have to accept that kind of behaviour and we should tell them to their faces that we can;t do business with people who don;t care for their children.

How can we give financial support to countries that build bombs with their money instead of finding ways to feed their people?
Then they want to impose their beliefs by using are freedoms and rights that we have fought so hard to achieve against us when they come here to live, which brings me to the next article I read.

It seems that the UK is being flooded by a lot of Poles emigrating from Poland to the UK.
I have heard from a lot of people from there including my friend who just left complaining about them saying that they are a problem.
They said they don’t understand why there are so many.

I tried to explain it to them as I will do here for you now.
See this problem isn’t only in the UK.
It’s here there and every where but it's not always the same people, for instance in Italy and Greece it’s the Albanians.
Here there are more and more Chinese people immigrating in.
In the States, its Mexicans.

The world is migrating like the geese do in the Fall but for humans, this Fall mean the fall of the economy so they have to go where there is work.
Now us here in the west have gotten to smart for our own good and along with our knowledge we have also gotten sterile and don’t like getting dirty so we work at jobs that keep us clean and tidy for the most part.

So who is going to do the dirty jobs if we aren’t?
The Poles, Chinese, Albanians and who ever else doesn’t mind crawling down a sewer for 40 an hour.
So for those of you complaining about these people in your country, to fucken bad, you created the void for them to fill.

Now, with that said when you go to someone’s home, you live by their rules or you can leave.
A polish organization is slamming a UK newspaper for writing negative articles about Polish immigrants.
In essence portraying all Polish people in the same light as the trouble makers.
Now I can understand that and have to agree to some extent.
I have been listening to my parents slamming the Albanians as thieves and murders because a lot of crime has happened since their flood into Western Europe.

With any flood of people there will most certainly be garbage that comes with it and all anyone could do is slowly weed it out but you can’t portray a whole people because of a few.
It’s like saying all Italians are in the mafia.
Then I started laughing.
I read the most stupidest thing ever.
It seems that the polish men like groping women as they please without even knowing the woman.
Just grab her tits or ass as she is walking by on the sidewalk.
The Federation of Poles says that this is normal everywhere else in Europe and in Poland and Britain should just accept it.
HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!

Get the fuck out of here, dumb rude fuckers.
Here I am, worried I may bump into a woman in a mall and get accused of sexual assault and in Europe Poles are running around grabbing tits and ass because it’s ok.
Hell they could go to Bangladesh and fuck a 7 year old when their hands get tired.
I want to know if a Polish guy is sitting with his sister or wife and another Pole walked up and started rubbing her tits and pussy does he smack the guy or gets his address so he could go fuck his wife or sister?

What is lacking here is respect for people.
In Poland it may be ok to grope but in the west you grope you end up in a cell with Bubba groping your ass from behind showing you what your momma already knows and misses.

I think it’s time we all took a step back and re-evaluated what the fuck we are doing.
We are creating monsters around the world through our good intentions, be they blindly given.
We call people friends who treat their children as a means for income and pleasure.
We invite them here and then become scared to confront them when they break our laws and beliefs in fear we may be violating their religious or cultural freedoms.

It’s time we pulled up our pants and stopped getting fucked up the ass and started doing some fucking back of our own.
It’s time we shut off the taps and let them fend for themselves until they get it right and become more humanized if not civilized.
Call back all our troops and ambassadors then let them come to terms with the disgust they live in so they can want to get out of it on their own.
The alternative is self-destruction and hey, that works for me too.
When they figure out how to clean their garbage instead of hiding it then they can come back and we will talk about maybe being friends again.

So that’s my throne speech for today.
What do you read while on the Throne?

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

Hi honey,

I'm surprised you even manage to get done what you went in there for if that's what you read on the throne. That would give me chronic constipation or the runs depending on the level of disgust.

Me? I read the tv guide to work out what I want to watch. Usually I'm in and out before I've made a decision though.

Btw that song is one of my all time favourites. Just beautiful.

Patti said...

I don't do anything but "business" on the throne. No reading etc. LOL
That thing about the kids just sickens me. What in the hell is wrong with people? Why do people in the middle east seem so expendable? I don't get it.
I am cracking up over the polish/groping thing. What a way to get your ass kicked BUT GOOD.

nachtwache said...

In Switzerland we had Italians that always whistled at young women, teens, sometimes touched; my sister was sitting in the train, minding her on business, when some guy (Italian) reached under her skirt; she slapped him. I was 14 when Italians started to try and pick me up. I was seeing a friend off at the train station one day when I was 15, two Yugoslavs started talking to us, the waitress was not impressed with some stuff they said, we didn't understand it. I went to the washroom and the one guy followed me in there, he had me cornered, asking for sex,(since he had a long trip ahead of him) when the waitress came in, (having been alerted by my friend) and told him to get the hell out or she'd call the cops. Whew. I could go on, but I never experienced things as bad as what these Poles are said to be doing.
Geez, we don't need viagra, we need a pill to lower some mens' sex drive!
These people have no freaking self control, that's why women in some countries are forced to cover up, lest they tempt any men and as you can see, children aren't save and I'm sure neither are animals. Some things I've read or been told are beyond belief! Hell's too good for people that touch helpless innocents.
Last night I read a news item of a local prison disturbance where inmates broke windows and killed a pedophile. (They used the window glass shards) The story went on about the Pedo, he'd raped two children, one still in diapers, years ago and was a repeat offender. I can only feel happy that he got killed. Yes, when I read stuff like you'd read, I'd love to see a bomb dropped on those swine!
I'm still working on the 'love your enemy' bit, can't do it without divine help.

Anonymous said...

yes you certainly digested alot while you were in there....! i agree a lot of with what you say... and it happens in EVERY country... i don't believe there is any country free from even happens here in JP...i see it..though socially, JP is about 10 years behind the western world..and even though now it is will explode...and the Japanese won't even know what hit them!

Lindy said...

Wow, you had to have ingested as much as you projected on that throne. I'm still reeling over all of it. Do you know that here in the US a Mexican or Cuban woman 65 years or older can come into our country & immediately draw social security? I've lived here all my life & I have to have worked in the last 5 years before I turn 65 to draw my own money paid into social security. I think it sucks that we keep giving & they just keep taking. And I think the laws should apply to everyone. I'm not politically inclined...I'm just saying.

gab said...

A silly romance novel! I cant take all this stupid stuff that we all do to each other or the fact that once it gets started everyone stands around with their heads you know where saying now how did that happen? I think its terrible that this stuff happens after we all try to teach them a better way. And yes Im one who bitches that I dont like the mexicans,somolians or what ever coming here and taking over, but you see I know is our fault after all I have a sone who refuses to work for less than $15. an hour. and heaven for bid he work at a BK or Mcdonalds It didnt hurt me a bit and if I could I'd go back to Mcd and work cause I loved it there!

BikerCandy said...

Yeah, what you said.

And then we wonder why people are so negative and there seems to be so much less love in the world.

Dotm said...

I heard on TV that some are even coming here just to have their babies so the babies are born in America and then they can draw help funds. Time to change that law so the parents have to be American residents for the newborn baby to qualify as an American citizen and receive welfare etc..
I also heard that a lot of our deficit came from loans the president signed for from China, Russia, I think Quwait and other countries. No wonder we buy so much from other countries that we owe big bucks to. I had never before heard about these huge loans we received from other countries. No wonder our American Dollar is slowly getting lower value than theirs.