blue moon (2)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Toe Jam Blues ©

It’s Sunday morning and the day is new
Yesterday was long and coughed until I was blue
The night was hard as you kept me awake with your panting
Today you’ll be gone and I won’t have to listen to your ranting

I gave you my love
You ran away with my glove
I told you they were new
Then you ate my shoe

You son of a bitch
I should get a needle and threat to sow up your butt with a single stitch
Watch you get big, fat, blotted and blue
Until you spit out the sole of my shoe

You pissed on the door
Then crapped on the floor
You fucked the washroom carpet
Then bit my other pet

If you weren’t so cute
I’d give you the boot
But your probably eat that too
Just like my Nike shoe

You drank my toilet water, now your nose is blue
Maybe that drove you to eat my other shoe
The SIL will come and you’ll be outta here
Then I’ll sit back when you’re gone and have a beer

You dug a whole in my carpet but didn’t have a bone
So you buried my phone
I yell at you
You hide in the closet and find another shoe

Biggie is gone back home
I am sweeping the floor of all the chewed up Styrofoam
Another weekend has gone by
I’m alive but if that dog eats another shoe, he’s gonna die

Have a nice day



Patti said...

I knew from the very first line that it was BIGGIE! We need pics!

nachtwache said...

LOL! Aww, he stole your heart too.
Good poem.

Gypsy said...

I'm with Patti...let's have some pics of the newest creature to have won your heart.

Anonymous said...

really....? want pics want pics!