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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday March 26th ©

I don’t know what to write about.
I have a beef with what happened to some man on the bus when he was arrested for being drunk then tossed in the drunk tank.
Only problem is that he wasn’t drunk and suffers from mental illness the cause of which is still undetermined because he worked with hazardous viruses for the government.

The man who can’t talk and has trouble walking properly stumbled his way out of the house to buy his wife a present at the jewellery store to show his love and after he painfully made his way to the jewellery store he was dumped at home by the transit wannabe cops with a bag and an empty box from the jewellery store that once contained a necklace he bought from Sears for his wife.
The people of this city have stepped up to the plate offering to buy him a replacement bracelet for his wife.
In fact they have had so many offers he could probably open a jewellery store with what people want to give him.
The bus company has no comment or an apology but bus fares are going up.

So if you ever come to the Capital of Canada, don’t worry about the criminals, the bus drivers and transit cops are the ones that will beat and rob you first.
Did I mention they gave the man a $65 ticket for being drunk in a public place?

These aren’t even real cops.
They give these punks a whistle, a set of handcuffs and they run around town pretending they’re Wyatt Earp at the OK Corral taking and trying to impress women by taking down desperately lost disable people.

This is a public service that we help pay for with our tax dollars and the best we can do is hire a bunch delinquents and rejects from the boy scouts to become transit cops.
Might as well hire the Hells Angels to catch drug dealers, they probably do a better job of it too.
What happened to serve and protect or has it been changed to self serve and lubricated for easier getaway?
I am sure there will be more to this story as the man is going to court for being impaired in a public place.

At the rate things are deteriorating to our social structure impaired driving will soon become safer than taking the bus.

I guess I could write a post about that.
Or I could write a post about all the fun I am having with my guest.
We went out last night to the pub for they’re all you can eat wings.
I managed to scoff down three pounds before I stopped fearing the size of the egg I would be laying ion the morning if I ate any more.
My date drank down 6 margaritas while I teased the cute barmaid that was serving us.
I had her laughing, blushing and a little wet.
I asked her to check and she actually stuck her hand down to see.
Now that’s service if you ask me and that’s why she got a nice tip.
She had this cute little lizard tattoo above her right butt cheek to.
She bought us a couple of Samboukas for the road and I promised to be back to abuse her a little more.

It has been awhile since I have been to that pub, every since the owner insulted one of my friends.
She told them they were out of toilet paper in the woman’s washroom and he told her to go to the gas station to wipe her butt so about 50 of us walked out and he lost the business within 14 months.

I got in without being seen and sat at the bar where I normally sit and was ok for about an hour and someone saw me. Then they all slowly drifted over to say hi.
It’s been two years since I had been in there and catching up was great.

I could write a post about that.

Or I could say that today is my Birthday and avoid writing a post all together.
I am feeling kind of tired from all the thrashing around I have been doing lately and maybe a little lazy.
Yeah that’s what I should do.
Take the lazy way out.

Hi, I am not writing a post today because it’s my birthday.
Forty-nine year ago, Wednesday March 26 1959 I was born and my mother’s pussy has never been the same since.
Hell my brother fell out according to her when it was his turn to be born.
Hmmm I was born on hump day; that may explain a lot.

Have a nice day



Peter said...

I guess you could write about any of those things and I guess we could just wish you a happy birthday.

gab said...

So I guess I could wish you Happy Birthday or something?!
and then I could read any of those other things that you might write about. And I could laugh at them or roll my eyes to the heavens like OMG he didnt just write that! So I guess I will just write a comment that says HUGS

BikerCandy said...

Happy Birthday!

The story about the guy is just sad. I'm glad the public is coming forward to make it right.

Patti said...

That is a shame about the man and the crooked transit po-po :(

I remembered it was your birthday before I even read your blog.
Happy Birthday Walker!

nachtwache said...

A very happy birthday, Walker.
I'm glad that people are rallying around that man; transit authorities should definitely apologize!
I hope your mom doesn't read your posts. She'd smack you for your comment for sure. tsk, tsk.
49 ! where does time go! I'll have a drink for you, CHEERS!

Lynilu said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Walker!

The story about the guy is awful. I can't believe what some people do. Those who are mentally impaired by illness, damage or accident of birth should be protected, and I simply can't understand those who take advantage of them. ugh.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Lindy said...

'HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!' clap-clap and I mean that in the most loving way. Not in like clap-clap brain on or clap-clap get some but like 'rayyyyyy!! 49 years!'
Too bad you didn't have something to write about though. We would have been feeling sorry for some poor abused old man or something.

Dotm said...

Happy Birthday Walker. Wow, 49 and look at all you have gone thru in those years. I hope the next 49 are much better. Hope this is the beginning of a wonderful year for you.
You are 6 months younger than my daughter who just got married. OH, to be that age again, but then I would probably just repeat the same old things and end up the same way. :)

Gypsy said...

Well Walker I could hone in on the "being tired with all the thrashing around you have been doing" but that might be best left alone ;) OR....I could comment about that dear man on the bus and say how effing disgusting it is and shame on them. OR....I could say that if I was your mother I would definitely smack you up side of the head for THAT comment. OR....I could lament that fact that Walker doesn't have anything to write about but I think I will just wish you a very Happy Birthday and I hope you got lucky on your special day. Wink wink nudge nudge....

Michael Manning said...

Chances are good that he had Parkinson's disease, which killed my Dad. This happens often. If the man was mute, as my Dad was at the end of his life, that's a shame. If he was able to speak, it might sound as if he is intoxicated. I am pissed just hearing about this. But you have a brave heart, my friend and most of all:




I'm in ! I'm in!!
Had h*** getting to the comment section here....took me so long I forgot what I was gona say.hahah
Oh...I'm so glad to be back in my comfort zone/blogging world.
Mine is a few days around the corner,and I dread it.Thanks for thr friggin reminder,btw!(LOL)kiddin'
Yea,what a bummer about that guy.Poor fella has enough problems I'm sure on a daily basis without the wanna-be cops harrassing him.The jerk-off's.I get pretty p.o.'d myself when people like him are mistreated.I have an aunt that is officially mentally retarded b/c of slipping out of the doctors hands when she was born.You hear that like a joke often,but that's no joke.In those days,law suits weren't as common,but my Grandma had to deal with her daughter/my aunt for many years before she died,and now my aunt is in a home...but she's been through alot due to her mental illness as well. friend.I couldn't wait to rush home and get online to play catch up on my faves...but I've been having to practice on our new computers that were installed in the breakroom for the last several hours....when we get it down pat,they will be moved into the office..the new crap sux,but all pays the same.LOL
Just had to get on and say hey..missed ya.....Tammi

Anonymous said...

happy birthday walker! hope it was good one and you gonna post about any interesting "presents"?

having my cake said...

Happy Belated Birthday x

craziequeen said...

Belated Happy Birthday, my friend :-)

{slightly comforting knowing you are older than me! lol}

[big transatlantic kiss]

btw - I'm coming to Canada next month....but am going to Victoria to see my god-daughter....and go whale-watching!