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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter ©

Spring is on the horizon so t hat must mean Easter is on our doorstep.
For Christians it’s the time when Christ was resurrected, in a way it’s a lot like Spring as the Earth come back to life after it’s hibernation during the winter.

As some one you are sitting by the bunny feeding him carrots, hoping he will lay enough colored chocolate eggs so you won’t have to go out and buy some.
It’s funny how some holidays evolve over years and in some ways loose they’re meaning due to commercialism.

Take Christmas for example.
We went from celebrating the birth of Christ 2000 years ago to peeing our pants at the prospect of getting something we really want.
2000 years ago people looked at the night sky looking for the brightest star to make a wish upon, now we look at the night sky to spot a make believe fat fucker bringing gifts and WE teach our kids not to take gifts from strangers but if he is in a red suit with red cheeks it’s ok.

Not being an overly religious Christian, I don’t believe in god but I still believe in most of what is said.
I see it as a compromise to not having any faith at all with the only difference being that I put my father in man.
Scary eh.
As I see it, Christ, whom I do believe existed put his faith in man and in the end their fear led to his demise.

I don’t believe that he came back from the grave in the corporeal sense but I believe his death resurrected the faith people had in themselves and in other men.
His name became the banner to a new religion that has only grown over the centuries under the pretence of bringing freedom to those held in bondage and to feed those who are hungry.

A noble cause but over the years it has been distorted and abused by unscrupulous religious leaders.
A priest should be the last one to eat after his congregation not drive to the Ritz in his Caddy.
The house of god in some cities is bigger than the local hospital but sleeps empty at night while people die of cold on park benches.

For 400 years Christians put the sword to the innocent in the name of a mane whom gave his life so as they could see the light to find peace and freedom.
He led by example and reached out with a gentle hand to touch those needing his help but as the years passed the hand of his faith still reaches out but as time passed, the compassion it held lovingly was replaced with a spear firmly in it’s grip, held with as much love and compassion.

The world is gone to hell Muslim, Christian, Hinduism or what every religion you believe in.
Until everyone wakes up and takes a step back to really look at everything with UN-bias eyes, I am afraid our Children have no future.

Instead of educating ourselves to the ways of other people, we fight them because we think their ways are barbaric and absurd.
We fear what we don’t know as those who feared Christ did over 2000 years ago when they banished him to eternity.
What we don’t see or refuse to see is their way has been working for them, for thousands of years next to our, what, 400 years of existence on this side of the pond.
I don’t agree with their way of life but as long as they are not forcing it on me or mine then I don’t care what they do in their land and we should respect that.

Just as our ancestors rose from the fires of slavery and oppression to create the type of freedom we desired they would live and evolve according to how their citizens wish to live.
It’s the same for them.
If they don’t like how we live then they should learn to back off and live their way of live over there but if they so choose to come here they MUST abide by our rules not theirs.
We have to accommodate them to some extent because we do welcome immigration but we don’t have to bend over to be fucked up the ass either.

As Easter Sunday comes into being and the kids dig through all those chocolate eggs the bunny laid I’ll be wishing that all those people in the world no matter what religion they belong to and who still have some faith left in their fellow man can look back in time and resurrect the true reason their religions came into being, for peace and freedom for everyone not just the few blind zealots who only see straight ahead and not all around the world.

Before I close off this post I would like to direct you to two friends and fellow bloggers.

Susan has posted about Kayla, the news isn’t the Happiest but she will be going home to be with her parents for Easter.
I hope the doctors can find a way to help this young lady.

My friend Bennu is in a world of worry as her mother had a heart attack and stroke leaving her in the hospital and on a ventilator.

Happy Easter Weekend

Ah, so that’s where the eggs come from.



Anonymous Boxer said...

Here I was enjoying a Classic Walker Post and then.....bwahahaha - the picture! Bad Walker.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll add your Blogger friends to my prayers.

Luka said...

Thought provoking stuff. I prefer to see Easter in its original paganistic light and celebrate the fact that winter is ending and spring is on its way. I wish your friends all the best.

Lindy said...

I love Easter. I'll pray for your friends. But bad, bad picture.

gab said...

Happy Easter. Even though you dont celbrate yet. I myself agree with all you said. Its sad that the world today is more happy believing inthe man in the red suit rather than the man who started it all. And same with Easter whats up with all this candy stuff? I know I know I too have fallen into the candy trap and buy for the grandkids but I also try to tach them the real meaning even if Im not sure what that is myself! HUGS

Gypsy said...

We do indeed always seem to lose sight of what these celebrations are really all about. Hope you have a wonderful Easter however you choose to celebrate it Walker.

Grey said...

thanks Walker!

happy easter to y ou too!

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: A classic with a Twist or slipping on ice

Walker said...

Luka: when i was a kid, last week, I remember family getting togethr and sharing a meal going to midnight mass and watching the fireworks.
Now i have to buy Easter presents.

Walker said...

Lindy: Yeah I am bad but it's fun being bad lol

Walker said...

gab: Thank you, I thionk our holidays are getting to commercial.
Do we really need all of that stuff to celebrate our faith in something?

Walker said...

Gypsy: I celebrate Easter in April and it will be spent with family and friends Eating traditional food and pasties.
There will be some chocolate for the kids.

Walker said...

Grey: Thank you. :)

Michael Manning said...

Walker: You're a good guy. Religion is man-made. Faith is where I'm at.

You have a good heart to post about Kayla. I'm quite concerned but her courage and ability to still smile is a lesson to ALL of us. Let's suppoert her in our friendship!

Walker said...

Michael Manning: Faith is the most important part of any religion and life its self.
I will be pulling for Kayla until she is better.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Walker! Good post...then I saw the final pic....but then I thought...yeah...possible... usual... some good opinions...

upset waitress said...

Walker haha. I always rant about holidays being complete economical bullshit. Anyway, I want to wish you a Happy Easter while the world is going to hell :)

Phoenix said...

I'm late but Happy Easter!!
::: (\_(\
*: (=’ :’) :*
•.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»

Lynilu said...

I agree with a lot of what you've said here, Walker. "Religion" is a disappointing, man-made thing, but spirituality is a whole other concept. I simply live my life so that when I'm gone my kids will be proud to say I was their mom.

I'm reading "Lies My Teacher Told Me," and it points out how distorted "facts" can become. It addresses errors in history, but as I read it I draw correlations to other aspects of life, religion being one. Amazing, and unnerving, at times. It's certainly making me think. Your post does, too.

Happy Easter, Walker.

Walker said...

JYankee: Thank You, the picture in the end is just a theory about chocolate eggs and rabbits.
White rabbit chocolate color eggs ;)

Walker said...

upset waitress: I agree, the holidays have lost their true meaning and have been replaced by the storfront Santa and the pink rabbit

Walker said...

Phoenix: You're never late :)

Walker said...

Lynilu: When men sit down to create a way of life they make compromises for others and not always in the best interest of the many.
Many people view others with contempt because they are told to do so by god through their clergy men.
It's time people stopped and began to think on their own.

Patti said...

Walker while I am one of the pagans who chooses to embrace decorations, Santa, the Easter Bunny etc.
I do especially agree with your assessment that the priest/preacher/clergy/whatever should be the last one to eat rather than driving up to the Ritz in his Caddy.
My prayers and thoughts and healing vibes go out to your friends and the ones that love them.

Walker said...

You're nt a pagan for putting up decorations, if fact i think you embrace your joy of holidays more than many people that I know.

What I am saying is its being abused by the retail industry and many have forgotten why that holiday is for.

Lynilu said...

"It's time people stopped and began to think on their own."


The Troll said...

Wow, you couldn't be more wrong and wrong-headed about Christ Jesus and Easter. The pic was kinda funny though.

Walker said...

Lynilu:I think so to

Walker said...

The Troll: Actually I am not wrong.
Many different Christian religions believe different from o5thers.
If you were in Greece or Russia you would be shocked by how strict they are compared to how we learn here.
each sect of Christianity worships in their own way.
I may be wrong to how you have been taught but how I was shown and others i am not.

It's time they all got together as they are not trying to do and get with a common program

Shaz said...

Happy Easter Walker and I am lmao at that photo. We have chickens and I used to dye boiled eggs and put them in the pen at easter (I was a health freak when my kids were little and made everything including our carob eggs)
Anyway the kids used to love collecting the coloured eggs I am going to show them that picture because I could never explain where the bunny was lol
We have grown up calling eggs bum nuts we are a strange lot in oz lol or maybe its just me.

BikerCandy said...

Very thought provoking post Walker. I agree, things have gotten out of hand in this world and He really was about forgiveness and love. It's like the world has forgotten there was a New Testament and we all went back to living in the old Testament ways...spears and war instead of love and understanding. It's really a shame...

muse said...

Great Post! Bennu's mother is greatly improved but continues to think she will live forever surviving on sweets and 2 packs of cigs a day.

So tell me...did you eat the ears off the chocolate bunny first?