blue moon (2)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shaking It Up ©

I’m still here as some of you have found out a la phone.
You know who your friends are when they call you at home to see how you are after a small absence or just to see if they could catch you in a compromising position.


Hi Walker, how are you?
Hi, I am ok, why?
It’s been awhile since you posted or logged on to Yahoo and I was just checking how are you surviving with your guest.
It’s only been three days and we are going great thank you very much
Can we talk?
Yes I can talk
You’re not busy getting laid are you or anything like that?
No I am not busy, we’re just sitting here talking, it’s been fun catching up
Is she around?
Yeah she is right here sucking on the straw
OMG, I thought you said you could talk!!!
Yes I can talk, she can’t
But you told me you weren’t busy
I’m not busy, she’s busy


Hello, Hello?
Must have been cut off.

Ah must be her calling back


Hi Walker, how’s it going?
Hey, I’m fine and how are you?
I am good, I just thought I would touch base and see how you’re fairing out with your visitor and to see if you are free for a chat.
Yeah I am free, X just called ten minutes ago to see how I was doing to but then she got cut off for some reason

"Squeak Squeak Squeak"

So what are you doing?
I was just laying here watching TV
Is your friend having a good time?
Yeah, we have been having a great time and visit

"Squeak Squeak Squeak"

Hey, what’s that squeaking noise?
That noise I hear in the background, what is it?
Ah the noise, my guest is beating the straw up and down as fast as she can
What do you mean she is beating the straw?!
Aw shit….hold on she squirted stuff all over me.
OMG, I thought you said you were watching TV?!
I am watching TV


Hello, hello…….hmmmm maybe it’s my phone line that’s broken


Hi Walker, are you busy
Hey, how are you, no I’m just sitting here petting my pussy?
So are you all ready for your friend to arrive?
Huh, she arrived two days ago.
I thought she was coming next week.
She came on Saturday and I am sure she will be cuming next week to.
So she is there?
Yes, right next to me.



What are you doing over there?

OMG, I can’t take it any more!!!!!

Get off of me.

OMG, are you two doing what I think you are?!


Hello, hello
There goes another one, fucken phone company.

Gezz, look at my leg, Frick really scratched it up when you scared him with your screaming, what happened to you?
The milkshake was still frozen and I got brain freeze when I sucked too much in.
I told you, you should have added a little more milk instead of beating the straw up and down through the cup cover like a lunatic trying to thaw it.
You looked like you were churning butter instead and the only thing you managed to do is spill it all over me and scare the fur off of Frick.
Let's go upstairs and I will clean the milkshake off

My guest is off to spend the night with her friends; they may be in jail by now.
Last time she went out with the girls they ended up in a strip club and came home with the stripper’s clothes.
She will be taking off to her parent’s place for Easter weekend and back here until it’s time for her to head off back to the UK but until then, the party is on especially on my Birthday next week.
I may end up in jail HA HA HA.

I hope all the Irish from the green Isle had a Happy St Patty’s Day as did all the rest of you once a year leprechauns.

Have a nice day.



BikerCandy said...

Very funny post Walker! You had me going...

Anonymous Boxer said...

Ahahaha - make sure YOU don't get arrested.

Walker said...

BikerCandy: I have no idea what you mean, I just said it as it was.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: I make no promises ;)

gab said...

My first thought was ahhh walker your pulling their legs trying to make them think your up to no good. My second thought was ut oh he is up to no good. I shouldva stayed with the first thought lol. Happy St Paddy's day! and have a good visit

Anonymous said...

Happy St P day! glad you still have your sense of humor....! uh huh.... it was one of those posts that could've gone wrong.... LOL

Patti said...

Walker you do know how to put one on don't you? You devil!

Gypsy said...

Just popped my head in to say hi and glad you are having .....ahem....a good time with your guest. Blushes and walks away....

nachtwache said...

I see I've missed a lot in the two weeks I was away.
Still catching up. Still got lots of snow?

Nan said...

Hey Walker. Sorry I haven't been around. I took a trip to BC to visit with my parents.

Luka said...

You are a very naughty man :)

Lindy said...

Hahaha, the straw....yeah, you're quite misleading when you want to be.

Gypsy said...

Hi Walker
Just thought I would pop my head in and wish you and your family a very Happy Easter. I'll catch up with you later when you are free ok?
Big hugs and I miss you.

TV de Plasma said...

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Walker said...

gab: Sometimes you have to go with your first instinct lol

Walker said...

JYankee : My sense of humour, perverted as it is, is the only thing that keeps me sane.

Walker said...

Patti: Me put one on you, naw :)

Walker said...

Gypsy : you can pop in and out any time you desire

Walker said...

nachtwache: The snow is melting and not to soon with spring on our heels

Walker said...

Nan: You have nothing to be sorry about, I hope you had a wonderful time at your parents

Walker said...

Luka: You don;t know the half of it ;)

Walker said...

: Me mislead someone, never .......

Walker said...

Gypsy: Thank you and I hope you have a Happy Easter too :)

bittersweet me said...


very funny man