blue moon (2)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend ©

Man, am I happy this weekend is over.
Hell the whole week was a bastard, maybe the month.
I don’t know if it’s just me or I have been doing a lot of work lately.

First it started with 20 cm of snow and when that was over Mother Nature wanted to show us who the boss was so she rained down on us just to make the snow three times its normal weight to make shovelling even harder than it already was.
Then she topped it off with some white icing snow.


My back is killing me.
I didn’t hurt it in any way, its just age I think.
Old wounds reminding me of past adventures, disasters…… times.
Each mark, scratch, rip carved into this skin is a map connected with years of tears of joy or pain, through time filled a life of memories, stories to touch and think about one day when time stands still.

Sunday was Super Bowl and I had about ten people coming by to watch and play poker so there was a lot of preparing to do and I still had to go shopping.
Shopping was the first thing I the list on Saturday so I went next door to scoop up the key for the car.
When I got next door my father was fiddling with the sink.
My father fiddling with anything is scary.
It seems the sink was clogged.
It has been giving them a problem over the years and my father has done almost everything he could to get it fixed but hire a plumber; that costs money.

He would rather spend 1000 over 10 years patching something up than to pay 200 now and not have a problem for the next 10 years.
When I got there he had just finished pouring a quart of liquid plumber down the drain and all it did it send a bubble back at him like a fart through the water telling him to kiss my ass.

I asked him if he wanted me to look at it and he said NO in his stubborn voice.
Fine I grabbed the keys and went to the grocery store to pick up what I needed for Sunday.
When I got back and walked into my parent’s kitchen, my father was over the sink fucking it like a madman with a plunger.
My mother was sitting there covered in her sweat.

I asked him how it was going and he gave me this look or desperate rage.
He said he couldn’t understand why it was like this.
I decided it was time I had a look at the problem and told him I wanted to see where it went down into the basement.
Downstairs under the sink I found the drain pipe, which was made of pcv and it butted into a pipe that was made 70 years ago out of cast iron.
I didn’t want to mess with something that old in case it broke and I couldn’t find parts so I told my father I was going to cut away the pvc pipe and see if its clogged and after I could replace the pipe.
He was scared if I cut the pipe I wouldn’t be able to fix it.

As I was looking at the pipe I was going to cut I noticed it was sloped upward instead of down, how stupid was that and showed my father.
This had been this way for at least 40 years.
First I had to go to Home Depot and pick up some supplies that I might need for the job.

While there I stopped by the plants section as I always do to look for a deal or to pick up something that I needed like today, it was plant food for my lemon tree, which has decided to take over my bedroom.
Guess who is getting moved this week and as sure as hell isn’t going to be me?
The lady there knows me now and walks over to see what I am looking for and to chat a bit.
She asked me how I managed to get my plants to grow so big at home and I told her that it was easy after I quit drinking like I used to and used the washroom more than the pots.

After our chat I grabbed some plant food then went to the plumbing section and took what I thought I will need and a couple of extras just in case something happens and shit happens way to often around here.
I went straight home after and down to the basement
Long story short, I cut the pipe, about a 3-foot span of it and it was clogged solid on the inside with stuff you couldn’t find in a horror movie, it must have weighed 10 pounds.
The ends that were still there were clogged as well so I had to cut even more from both sides until I found the clog, a wad of paper and six inches of sand.
How all that got there, I have no idea especially the paper because it can’t fit through the little holes of the sink.

After clearing all the shit out of the way I installed a new pipe on a proper slope but also added a piece that opened so If there ever is another clog all he has to do is unscrew that and clean it out without having to cut the pipe again.

We went upstairs and filled the sink to the top with water then let it drain.
The water turned into a whirlpool and disappeared down the hole in a gurgling funnel.
My mother was happy and said it never went down that fast before.
Even my father was happy and gave me his hacksaw, to replace mine that broke while I was cutting the pipe.

After fixing their sink I came home where I proceeded to make coleslaw and prepared a leg of lamb for the oven the next day.
With the leg back in the fridge I peeled 10 pounds of potatoes so I wouldn’t have to do it the next day and put them in the fridge with the rest of the stuff.
There was already 5 pounds of chicken breast marinating in the there already along 5 pounds of smoked sausages that were slated for the grill the next day to.

When I was sure the food was ready I went and cleaned around the house, especially the downstairs washroom, which is the one that is used mostly when the guys come.
I can hose that sucker clean they aren’t pissing all over the walls in the upstairs washroom.
When I was done the clock said 6 am on the wall.

When my eyes opened next it was 10 am.
I had 6 hours to get ready for them………..

To Be Continued………..



Lindy said...

super bowl sunday sucked for me. i didn't plan a party & still had 9 people to contend with. i spent the entire time except the last 20 minutes in the kitchen feeding that crew. go giants!

Anonymous Boxer said...

I taped the whole thing and watched it in "fast motion" hours later. I went out shopping! The Malls were empty.

Walker said...

Lindy : I slaved over a hot stove to but they served themselves. Besides I had toi referee the fights in the kitchen

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: That's one way of doing it but we had heaps opf snow coming down to its was best to stay in and party

Patti said...

I'll say it again Walker your parents are SO lucky they have you!

Blazngfyre said...

Leg of lamb????

I am sooooooo coming to YOUR house next year for SuperBowl ... I'll even brave the freakin snow! lol

I only made chicken wings, shredded beef tacos, chicken fried steak fingers and garlic bread.

The Troll said...

Small World. I spent My Fishing time Sunday fixing Papa Troll's AC where I too encountered PVC pipe sloped UPWARD. And lacking a place to either drain gunk out or put bleach in. Replaced it with a piece-of-pipe that had both.

I suspect a vast conspiracy in play regarding the design.

Walker said...

Patti: I think we are all happy to have what family we got with us :)

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: You come to my place any time and I will cook one up just for you.
You could do the midevil thing and grab it with both hands and rip into it with your teeth

Walker said...

The Troll: I suspect we will have to keep our eyes open to prevent stuff like this from happening before hand