blue moon (2)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend: Part Two ©

4pm rolled around and I had all the food cook and chopped up into mouth-sized bits.
The broiled chicken breasts were sitting in a pool of fresh lemon marinade while they were still hot to soak some of the flavour up.

What I did different this time was that instead of making everyone up all the time going for food I put up a couple of small tables to put trays next to people so no one had to get up other than to go to the washroom.

No sooner that I said “Done” to myself, the doorbell rang and the first player was here to be followed by the rest ten minutes later, the party was on.
Everyone piled the cases of beer next to the fridge and the bottles of rum and brandy on the counter and sat down to play some poker.

Archie was the vocal one most of the time like always and was passing around the plastic shooter glasses filled with brandy to everyone.
Today we had a new player playing with us, which pisses Archie off to no end because the new players always need help and advice.
He thinks that if you’re going to be playing with us you should have at least 20 years experience.

Everything was going pretty good for about two hours, the new guy didn’t bug Archie to much and the football game was about to start so I pulled out the food that I had in the ovens and passed the trays around.

Archie started bugging everyone to bet on the game.
He was taking the Patriots of course and giving 7 points to boot.
It doesn’t matter if the bookmakers are saying 12 points, Archie knows better.
No one wanted to take up the offer but the new guy who said he didn’t know much about the two teams playing but would bet him two bucks straight up with no handicap.
Archie jumped up on that and called him a sucker on top of it.

It wasn’t long before the Giants put one through the uprights for three points, causing Archie’s eye to twitch.
The guys ribbed him about it but Archie just assaulted them back with his bitter tongue.
In the second quarter the Pats came back and scored to take the lead with a touchdown adding fuel to Archie loud bellowing voice.
It’s a good thing I know the neighbours.

At the halftime show, Tom Petty scared the fuck out of everyone in the kitchen and we all ran for the washroom.
Someone has to talk to Tom.
He looks like a fucken scraggly old witch.
Has he been playing with Michael Jackson again?

After the small break we sat down and started playing again.
I had been loosing steady the whole nigh and it wasn’t like I was loosing on stupid hands, I lost some big pots with some big hands.

Archie to was loosing but his luck had seemed to have turned as had the Patriots’ at the end of the half.
He had won a couple of small pots and was now poised to win a big one against the new guy.
Archie was bullying him with raises but the new guy kept calling until the end and the showed their cards and Archie had a full house but the new guy had a straight flush hearts.
He asked Archie who won.
The look he gave him should have killed the new guy but it only aged him a few years.

Archie opened his mouth to say something and the Giants scored a touchdown and Archie forgot about the poker and flipped out about the football.
It was about this time the door went off and there was a guy there that isn’t liked by many of the crowd that was here that night.
He was one of us once but he fell off the edge completely and is now a neurotic bum.
At one time he had it all, it’s a short fall to the bottom.

I told him I would let him in but he would have to shut up and do what I told him, to get some food and a beer and go after he was done.
When some of them saw him follow me back into the kitchen it was Archie that said something first and I told him that this was my house and my rules.
He eats has a couple of beers and goes and there wasn’t any negotiating.
I won’t let him leave hungry and he looked like he needed it.
His clothes probably hadn’t been washed in months.

For the next hour I played referee until buddy had his fill of food and beer then left and a good thing because the Patriots scored to take the lead once more.
Archie needed all the space back there to wobble around in joy in.
He was so glued to the game now that he stopped playing poker and cheered on the Pats to a victory………….lost.

Oh yeah………….it was like a fucken volcano erupting spewing all sorts of shit all over the place.
The red face resembled the burning lava as it rushes down the side of this mammoth mountain.
He was so fucken mad……….He grabbed his coat and left.
I mean he up and got up and dressed and WALKED HOME.
He never walks ANY WHERE.

BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s not over.

The new guy walked up to him and said, “You owe me two bucks”.

Have a nice day



Luka said...

I'm impressed that you actually cook and prepare proper food, rather than just opening a couple of packets of crisps (as I would)!

Walker said...

Luka: Oh no, I love to cook and we love to eat so I sat down and roasted a leg of lamb , broiled five pounds of marinated chichen breast, 5 pounds of sausages, spinach pies, roasted lemon potatoes, olives, hot greek peppers, a bucket of fresh coleslaw and frsh buns from the baker.

Cips are for when you're alone so no one could steal any of them :)

gab said...

Awww Poor Archie!(not)lol.
I can just about picture it. And funny thing is I felt like I was right there in the room with ya all.

The Troll said...

He didn't really ask if a Straight Flush won, did he? If it's true, send him and Archie my way.


Walker said...

gab: He was so sure that tha Pats were going to win he just got out of control when they lost.

Walker said...

The Troll: No he is still learning but Archie is no slouch.
Him and Tom won $102,000 in one sitting.
They just don't care about loosing and go gung ho on you.

Patti said...

Nice of you to feed the former friend Walker. I wouldn't expect any less from you.

Bwwwaaa haaaa I loved the Pat's losing LOVED.IT. (sorry Archie)

Blazngfyre said...

ROFLMAO! I'm not sure which is funnier .... the poker game or the football! lol

Can chicks get in on the game?

Walker said...

Patti: Feeding a friend is a pleasure and in some way the only right thing to do.

I loved watching the Pats get their just dessert.

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: I don;t have a problem with chicks playing, thier money is as good as everyone else's.
We buy clothes to if need be :P

having my cake said...

You play poker whilst the game is on? If Im at Ruf's and the footie is on, I have to maintain complete silence!

Walker said...

having my cake:I hope he has worn you out enough to keep you quiet :)

BikerCandy said...

I really hope Archie paid off the debt, tell me he did. If he didn't then that's just about the poorest sport I've ever heard about. I can't help but chuckle about the entire scene though. It's so frustrating to get beat by someone that doesn't even know how to play but you got to give the new guy credit, he seemed to have beginners luck big time!

Oh, the food sounded delish too!

Anonymous Boxer said...

This is why I prefer to sit quietly and over eat during the Super Bowl. It's so much easier. Seriously, I can do heavy damage on some good dip and chips.

Walker said...

BikerCandy: Archie paid the two bucks before he stormed off and when i stopped by to see him the nexr day he said he never wants to see football again.
Then asked me to go put in his hockey picks.

The new guy won about forty bucks which was ok for the first time.
Next time we cleaan him out

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: Some hot salsa/philidelphia cream cheese dip with natchos, I'm there

Peter said...

Hi Walker, that sounded like a good day and all that food, are any of you under 250 pounds??? I found myself rootin' for the new guy... no not in the Aussie way... in the American way, Archie is a bit over the top at times.

Walker said...

Peter: It was a good day. Half of us are under 250 but not me, I am 5 pounds short but working on it lol