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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Link ©

You know what I hate, I hate when people take something from me without asking.
It’s mine, so ask for it.
The other day I noticed I was linked to a site so I followed it back.
Low and behold there was a piece of my post with a link going back to my blog.
I think a site such as this one should be asking for permission first, especially when they are potentially making money through this site.

It does explain a lot of the traffic I have been getting lately, especially towards my sex talks over the last little while.
BUT, they are still mine even if I do post them in public for anyone to read.
A little common courtesy would be to ask and I would more than likely have said ok.
Who doesn’t like a little free publicity but taking without asking me, then using it on a money generating site, that’s unethical.
Especially when the woman on the site has cum all over her face and it isn't mine.
Damn, do you think it might have been Bill, where's Hillary?

Any how I wasn;t going to have anything of it so I went over there and gave them a piece of my mind.

WARNING, This is a porn site.

Have a nice day


This is the comment I left

Hey buddy, you want to borrow some of my stuff for your site, there’s no problem just ask me but using my shit without asking first isn’t cool.
Another thing that’s not my cum on her face and why isn’t it?
You use my material then you should be using all of it and couldn’t you find a broad with some tits or was your sister in desperately need a job?

That first picture, what’s that, the “you came in my face” look or the “I just found the remote” look?
What I really think it is, it’s the shock on her face when she saw how much cum came out of the little cock, it’s almost as thick as the finger next to it.
What’s the matter you couldn’t find someone to fuck your sister so you did it yourself?
WTF keep it in the family eh.

You would make more money as the bottom in gay movies with that thing instead of an embarrassment in straight movies.
Take your sister along, she can be the top, probably has more than you do anyway.
Besides, you’re cock eyed, probably happened in a gay bar, not only did you miss cumming in her pussy, her ass but missed her mouth completely and came on top of her head or are you just trying to grow snakes up there for your next movie, Juicy Medusa Lucy?

I don’t appreciate people stealing my stuff.

Ask next time



Nan said...

Ummmm, well I guess you should be flattered????? Still, you're right, they should have asked.

Walker said...

Nan: Yes I am flatter in a small way but what if it was for a site i detested or didn't agree with?
I should have the right to say no.

Gypsy said...

Ok you know I'm itching to ask WHO but I won't....oh alright I already did. Seems to be the day for a bit of controversy. I thought things had been a bit too quiet in the blogosphere lately. Why doesn't anything exciting ever happen at my place? I so love me some drama :)

Walker said...

Gypsy: Drama, there is no drama here only naked women with cum on their face that isn't mine.
At least I think it isn't.
What did I do last week when I got drunk after Archie's and there was that mysterious woman who left a message on my machine tonight asking me to guess who she was.
She sound large breasted and blondish or like a 500 pound wrestler who got kicked in the buttons.
But no drama :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm flattering but yes... courtesy to ask! but then there are lots of those in the web... scary isnt it?

PBS said...

That was quite rude of them to do that. What a yucky site -- while yours is interesting and cool!

kat magendie said...

Well, I'm glad you told 'em off...! I didn't click on the site....(yet? laughing!!!!)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Cheeky sods, to plagiarise your work like that. Glad you went and gave them a piece of your mind...or some other part of your anatomy.

I'm not into porn so I didn't bother visiting. If they pinch stuff, I wouldn't go onto their site anyway, just out of principle.

upset waitress said...

Dam, I wanna know who scraped your stuff? And I agree with you.

You should get an affiliate account with a porn site you like, and every time someone wants to use your content, they have to place a link to some porn stuff you are earning from at the bottom of their post.

Peter said...

I guess you told them in no uncertain terms Walker!!!!

upset waitress said...

That was clearly an angry response.

Walker said...

JYankee: I don't mind people asking me to use my material.
Many have but this person just took it and stuck it on his sex site.
It's almost like I am promoting his site which i am not.

Walker said...

PBS: Aw thanks.
Its not my type of site either but I am sure that there are people who appreciate such material.
I don;t mind some porn myself.
Would rather be in it though LOL

Walker said...

kat magendie: We can;t just let people take what they want and use when they want to

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: We get bombarded by porn all the time when we look for music or other illegal downloads LOL

I just think people should ask before taking something that they have no permission to use.

Walker said...

upset waitress: LOL no i don;t want and affiliate site.
I may settle for guest fucker though HA HA HA

Walker said...

Peter: I told them something but they haven;t offered terms yet LOL
The way I see it, I hurt my head thinking some of this stuff up so I should have a say if someone wants to use it.

Walker said...

upset waitress: Dang right, People might think its me thats's cock eyed lol

Luka said...

Sounds like you and me have both been angry at other people's bad manners regarding blogging.

BikerCandy said...

It seems last week was the same for both of on the internet, and not in our own blogs. I understand your frustration. I like your response too. Any chance they responded back to you yet?

Walker said...

Luka: I wouldn't be as peeved if they asked me first.
I might have said yes, probably not.

Walker said...

BikerCandy: No they haven't and I don;t expect them to.
Sites like this are leaches.
The can't read or write, just can look at pictures that's why they steal other peoples writing.

Blazngfyre said...

Such lovely words on a tacky, tasteless, and let's face it, pathetic 'porn' site.

Asshats and fucktards abound in Cyberville, and what's worse, I know of many bloggers whose words have been lifted and re-used.

Thieving bastards ....

Patti said...

Whew Nas-tay!

You're right, they should have asked!

Walker said...

Blazngfyre:Yes I know, it is such a dead end site isn't it.
Some pole don't know how to put sentences together i guess to even ask.

Walker said...

Patti: Yes I know.
Asking makes everything easier and gives me the opertunity to be flattered and say um No or yes.

nachtwache said...

Definitely not cool. What a response they got from you.
I won't click on their link either never know what nasty virus one can pick up at those filthy sites :) Time for some sleep, I'm way behind with reading blogs, you wrote 6 since I last checked. Stupid work and overtime.
Take care!

Walker said...

nachtwache: If you went there you would only hurt your eyes.

I told you before you work to much and don;t get enough rest.

nachtwache said...

I know :) But that might change, since I got bumped from my position. If I work wickets, it'd be day shift and no overtime. Not so good, I'd loose the shift differential, over $100 every 2 weeks, $200 - $400 in OT, at least and my hubby likes to buy expensive stuff, heck, he just likes to buy, buy, buy. For years I've been putting out "fires" he's started. It's a bi-polar thing with some selfishness thrown in :)