blue moon (2)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shooting Stars ©

I just hung up the phone on another life but the world is too busy to stop and think anymore.
The first time I met Alex it was in 1970.
The last time I saw him was last year at his wife’s funeral.
Not the man I first met.

In 1970 he was a giant among men with a smile on his face, hope in his heart a wife and three kids that looked up to him.
He joked and was always there when needed.

Last year when I saw him he was a stickman, wheelchair bound lost to the world around him.
This giant redwood among men sat in a corner head hung low at the foot of his wife’s casket.
A woman he spent 60 years being married to only to be put into separate nursing homes in the end while their children battled each other for control of the money until the money was all gone and there was nothing left to do but assign blame.

The mother/wife died without having seen her husband for a year, never got a chance to say goodbye to the man she loved for 60 years and now he is gone to, alone in some dark room with no one there to say goodbye.
I hope there is a heaven for their sake and as I sit here thinking back I can see them dancing together once more among the clouds.

I can sit here and bad mouth their kids on how they stole and spent all the money on casinos, expensive clothes and cars but why should I waste my breath, they will have to answer to their deeds in the sleep.

If you look up to the stars tonight you may see Alex and Georgia cutting a swat across the night sky on their way to dance on the bright side of the moon.

Have a nice weekend.



The Troll said...

Very touching post. And there IS indeed a Heaven. I WILL be looking skyward tonight as there will be a rare visual display of planets aligning. Maybe I'll see your friends dancing too.

Blazngfyre said...

How sad.

I too will be looking at the night sky for a pair of dancing stars.

Gypsy said...

The best and worst of humanity right there in one post.

I do hope that Alex and Georgia are dancing once again in the clouds and that heaven keeps them together always.

upset waitress said...

Well that was grim Walker!!!

Walker said...

The Troll: There are people who make life heaven here on earth and deserve to find it in the after life I believe.

itisi said...

Here's to Georgia and Alex, may they dance through the heavens

What a heartfelt post you have written, Walker.

Are these the two people you had posted about earlier; that to save money their children put them in two different nursing homes? I seem to remember some controversy like that.

It is sad that their children were so greedy.

Walker said...

Blazngfyre:It's only sad if we look at it that way.
I see a happy ending when two people who love each other are reunited :)

Walker said...

Gypsy: Life is bitter and sweet we just got to keep it more sweeter than bitter

Walker said...

upset waitress: Not really, I think it was full of hope and promise :)

Walker said...

itisi: Yes these are the same two people who worked hard to see their kids had a better life.
They should have spent oit on themselves but even as I say that and know these people I know it would have made no difference even if they knew in advance

Sally said...

The need for greed is becoming more common IMO. I was very, very fortunate after my parents were gone this did not, not once, become an issue.

I'm sorry about your friend, but as you say, they're together again; this time for eternity with no interference.

BikerCandy said...

I'm sorry about your friends. I just can never understand how money can cause so much hurt and drama and it's all for naught. I doubt there is one cent left of their money. I hope their children live a life of poverty and dispair and I hope that their own children hide them in a basement and never go down to see them and they lay in their wet clothes all day long...But hey...that's just me and I'm a vindictive bitch.

Patti said...

I hope and pray that they are cutting a swath through the stars...

nachtwache said...

There's a heaven, they're happy now.
Their children will have to live with what they did and the consequences of it all. Hopefully they'll learn; I'm sure their parents would want them to become better people and find true happiness, which money can't buy.