blue moon (2)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Cold Wind ©

The sky was grey, raining down pellets of freezing rain turning the street into a shimmering glass path to our destination.
Today we said goodbye one last time to one of our own.

He was the head of his family and today he leads it into the church for one last time. Flanked by his sons, grandsons with a hundred more following behind; daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughters, great grandsons they followed him to the front while the rest of us watched on.

Outside the wind howled against the windows as the priest and two others chanted over him as those he loved wept in the pews.
My aunt, his daughter was saying goodbye to the second parent in a year.
His sons visibly shaken lost in their thoughts.

It was a bitter cold wind that waited for us at the gravesite, the coldest this year I think.

Tonight he once more rests next to his beloved wife.

But lets not end this post on a sad note.

I have known this man for a long time and he has seen and heard a lot about the others and me because he used to hang out with us a lot.
When we were younger we used to gather at the A&W before we headed off to do some street drag racing.
His sons used to be part of our group and he liked the younger crowd so was always at the A&W hanging out with his sons and us.
He was like one of the guys lets say and a little more open-minded; you had to be to hang out with us back then, we were a bit wild.
Just a bit.

One day he drove by the A&W on his way back from his garden patch with a bunch of fresh veggies and saw my van in the parking lot so he pulled in for a coffee and to hang out with us
He also wanted to give me some vegetables to give to my mother but when he got inside, he couldn’t see me or anyone else.
He figured maybe I was in the washroom and sat down in the booth and ordered a coffee.
After about thirty minutes he decided to go outside and see if I was in the van sleeping, I used to do that sometimes.
Park the van in the lot and crash for a couple of hours, that’s why it was insulated and had a bed in it.
Anyhow he went outside to my van and looked through the window but couldn’t see anything so he tried the door and it opened.
He went to step in and that’s when he noticed the puke on the ground and figured I was passed out drunk in the van so he stepped in.

Me and the others pulled into the parking lot of the A&W after going to see one of the guys try out his new car on the strip.
That’s when I noticed the open door at my van and started walking towards it, I could see movement through the window and the van was moving a bit.
I told the guys to tag along just in case there was any trouble and walked over to the van.
When I walked around the open door a looked in I could see Buddy fighting with Kim.

She was kind of a groupie that used to hang out with me once and a while and when we took off I forgot her in the van, well she was stoned, pissed drunk and passed out so I left her there BUT the doors were locked.
When I looked into the van I could see Kim pulling at his shirt and asked what the hell was going on.

He ran out of the van and told me to keep that crazy woman away from him.
He went into the van looking for me and Kim found him instead.
She was about eighteen, nineteen, blonde, pure German, horniest woman I have ever met.
She used to think every red light meant it’s blowjob time.
Do have any idea how hard it is to keep your foot on the break when that is happening?

This woman was so horny there wasn’t a parking meter she walked past that didn’t end up polished to a brilliant shine.
One time me her and Ingrid ……. Oh, sorry I was rambling
Anyway when she saw him come into the van she thought it was me in the dark and jumped him.
He started fighting her back so she got pissed off because she thought I didn’t want her and when she was horny she was crazy.
She started beating on him then trying to rip his clothes off; he was beating her back with a giant cucumber.
That’s about when I got there.

Since that day, if I ever said, “Hey Alex, can you go put this in my van”?
He would tell me to go fuck myself in Greek.

We don’t weight a man’s life by the amount of time he spends on this earth but by what kind of a man he was when he walked on it during the time he had and he walked with his head high and was loved until the end by many.

Rest in peace my friend

Zoi Se Mas (Life to us)



Peter said...

Commiserations on the loss of a friend Walker.

Walker said...

Peter: Thank you
I like to remember the good times we had together than think of his last day and his final struggles

Patti said...

May your friend rest in peace and be reunited with his beloved once again.
I love how he told you to F*** yourself in greek hehe.... Gotta love a guy like that!

Blazngfyre said...

I am sorry for your loss Walker, truly I am .... but I can't the image of HIM beating HER with a CUCUMBER out of my head! LOL

Sorry ... bad manners, and I am sooo burning in hell.


So, how do you tell someone to go fuck themselves in Greek?

Gypsy said...

I am also sorry for your loss Walker but glad that he will now be reunited with his wife.

He'd be turning in his grave today if he knew you had just told us that story about the van and the horny woman trying to ravage Glad you have some good and funny memories of him.

Shaz said...

Cant say more then any one else Walker but I love the way you look at the brighterside and its definately the only way to look at such loss.

Walker said...

Patti: Its a Grrek things, the swear alot LOL

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: We can burn in Hell together, that's if Hell can withstand our heat ;)

Go fuck yourself in Greek eh

A Ke Gamisou

Walker said...

Gypsy: Not with this one but i do have others that would LMAO!!!!!

Walker said...

Shaz:L This is a moment in time when you mourn the loss of part of your life but the rest of the time should be celebrating how they enriched you life

having my cake said...

Surely everyone would want to have people remember them with a fond smile. Sorry for your loss Walker x

nachtwache said...

I thought the same as Shaz.
For everything there is a season. But it's hard to say goodbye for those left behind.
Take care!