blue moon (2)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

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Oh me aching bones.
My back is on the mend but the weather is still screwed.
We got wet snow today, it got tired of trying to decide rain or snow so we got both as a compromise.
This is what living in Canada is.
Depending on what part of the country you live in and the season means nothing when it comes down to the weather.
You get what it feels like giving you.
It goes with our terrain to.
On the east coast we have the Atlantic Ocean carving out the cliffs with its roaring waves.
The west coast has its lush forests and the Rocky Mountains, a natural barrier that keeps the harsh Canadian winters from them.
In the middle you have a variety of terrain and climate.
Except for Saskatchewan, there they are just plain flat for a thousand miles.

A friend of mine moved out there for a job with his girl friend.
After a year of living in the middle of nowhere and the never-ending miles of wheat, they went crazy.
She wanted to leave but he had signed a contract where he worked and couldn’t so she up and walked out on him.
He told me that Saskatchewan was so big and flat he could still see her walking down the road three days later.

In my last post I offered to answer any questions you might want to toss my way and there was a few of you who left some.

Peter of Holtie’s House asked, “What The Fuck is going on with the weather”???

Good question Peter, why are we all getting all this inconsistent weather?
it's because someone stole our weather.

Many scientists say it’s because of global warming because of what we put in the air and also how we are reshaping the earth.

I sat here thinking about this question while waiting for my toast to pop out.
We are reshaping how the earth looks every day so why shouldn’t the weather change as well.
Throughout the world we have equipment of some sort raping the earth of her natural resources but are not replacing them, because we can’t.

Everything on this planet is here for a reason and at some point there has to be a balance or the scales of life will tip to far to one side as we are seeing right now all over the world.

Think of this.
The Earth doesn’t really grow in size except for some bits and pieces of small meteors that survive our atmosphere.
So what’s on the earth is all there is.
We, as the dominant species on the planet have been tapping into the earth and using up its resources.
Actually, I don’t really think we are using up these resources but converting them into another form.
I believe that what’s on the earth stays on the earth but after its used is some form it transforms into something new.

Even us, we are a resource of this planet and we can only grow as much as the earth can support.
Each person, creature or plant is a piece of the earth.
The food that is grown to feed everything is only a displacement of the earth in a small part.

Every year we each eat thousands of pounds of organic food and drink thousands of gallons of fluids, water.
All from the earth, part of the earth which makes us a piece of the earth.
Every ounce on your body is an ounce of the earth.

If we could weigh the earth when there was only one person on it, it would still weigh the same today with eight billion people on it.
The only thing we have managed to do id change the look of her.

We take, take and take, and then we migrate from one part of the world to another in droves displacing more weight from one place to another.
People are like moving mountains when enough of them move in the same direction.

We move mountains of dirt from one place to build concrete mountains someplace else where there was no stress on the earth before.

The earth has not changed in size or weight in all its existence but we have changed how it breathes.
Our constant demand for more is creating more pollution requiring more resources to be used to keep up with the demand changing how the earth breathes.
The climate changes are an indication of when she is having a cold or an allergic reaction to something WE put in the air.
The earth is suffering from asthma and we are the cause.
I think the weather will keep changing until we wake up but by then it will take a thousand years to fix what we have ruined and that’s If we start now.

That is just one of my theories to the weather woes another is that the increase in chili consumption is causing the massive climate changes due to the release of unwanted gases.

I decided I should ask for some other people their views so that my thoughts can be compared to others.

I asked my friend Benjamin and he said it’s because not enough people smoke ganja.
Benjamin (if you call him anything else like Ben or Benji he will curse you with this voodoo look in his eyes) is from Jamaica and all he does is get stoned.
I have no fucken idea where he gets his money from but for as long as I have known him he is always stoned and I have never seen him work.
He figures if everyone was stoned they wouldn’t want to get off of the couch and do anything thus not using up resources other than the marijuana that you have to grow and smoke.

Interesting thought really.
Constantly stoned and with nothing to do ever again and saving the world.
Sounds fucken boring to me.

My aunt says its god, he is angry with us for our gluttony.
Uh huh, then why does she have a house here and house in Greece and a condo in Florida?
God should move all the clouds and snow over her houses.

Trying to breach the generation gap I asked my niece her views about all the crazy weather we have been having.
See she has gotten a lot more intelligent since she went to day care and I think has caught up to her father knowledge wise.

After pondering my question for about thirty seconds while she dug out the apple filling with her finger from the pie she asked for she said it snowed because Jimmy at school uses up to many diapers.
Hmmm, the pollution theory.

So the answer to Peter’s question would be that we have fucked paradise and now paradise is fucking us.
Over the last 200 years we have slowly changed the weather with our industries and their consumption of fossil fuels.
What we take out of the earth has a price even if we believe it’s for free.
Every brick you pull out of the side of your house will weaken it just like if you take a brick out of the earth’s structure.
In the end there will only be a pile of bricks covered in snow unless we stop pulling the bricks out and maybe putting some back for support.

What kind of weather should we create next?

Puss In Boots of Kats Cradle asked me something I haven’t tried in awhile.
hmmm, let me think. I know...can you touch your nose with your tongue”?

I used to but after finding out licking pussy was more fun than licking my nose I let it go.
Ok let’s see………………..
Hmm nope to short, let me go to the mirror so as I can get a better look….
I’m back, yeah I am short by about half an inch but I got an idea, we’ll come back to this later.

Nachtwache of nachtwachemachtmuede asked me “ since you like to cook and eat, is there anything you won't eat? As not liking it or finding it gross.I'm grossed out by lots of meats”.

I love to eat and have eaten many exotic meats to like alligator, snake, ostrich and most wild game.
I don’t care for wild meat and don’t eat it.
I hate eating animal innards, liver, heart BLAH!!!!!!
Also I hate octopus, it’s too slimy.

Blazngfyre asks, So, um ... does lil' Walker hang to the left or to the right?(You said we could ask ANYTHING!)

Yes I did say you can ask anything.
Hmm, let’s see, that depends if it’s in my pants and how loose the are, am I wearing underwear or am I buck naked?
Tell you what, I will look a little more into it and get back to you in the next part.
Yes yes

To Be continued…………………………

Have a nice weekend



Gypsy said...

I'm glad to hear your back is feeling a bit better. Yep the weather is screwed up big time. After getting day after day of temps in the 100's, today it is quite cool, maybe about 70 and there has even been a light spattering of rain.

When I saw how long your weather theory was I just KNEW my question would be answered in another part. You tease....and I so wanted to know about lil Walker too. Can I make a guess? I think he doesn't lean either way. My guess would be that he stands tall and to attention, constantly on the lookout for big Walker in case a hottie walks past. Am I right?

Peter said...

Well I did ask so I can't really complain I guess, just not sure I wanted to hear it was my fault (with a little help from my friends).
But one thing you can breathe easy about Walker is that I have absolutely no interest in Lil Walkers habits!!!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Good reply about the weather, Walker and I agree with's all our fault!

Look forward to you coming back about my question, and about Li'l Walker...I'm rather inclined to agree with Gypsy...heheh!

Patti said...

Ha Haaaa! I love the questions.. such variety!

and such honesty (but i'd expect nothing less from you!)

Michael Manning said...

I can see you as a Canadian TV Weatherman! :D))

having my cake said...

I knew I could rely on Blaze to ask the most pertinent question and cut straight to the crutch of the matter :)

Loved the idea of your friend still being able to see his gf walking across flat Saskatchewan three days later. So I learned something about Canadian geography too.

Blazngfyre said...


Good lord man! You must have REALLY driven the women in your life nutso (In an oh-so-good way) with THAT attitude! ;)

Guess i'll just have to pant awhile longer ......

Nan said...

Calgary isn't much better than saskatchewan. It's pretty flat here too and that was hard for me to get used to after growing up in Northeastern Ontario. But I guess we do have the mountains off in the distance and they are a short 1 hour drive away.

Dotm said...

Walker, I often wonder if every time we send off a rocket into space, could we be jarring the earth a little so it`s axis gets moved ending tilted a speck more each time. Wouldn`t that eventually have the earth sitting on a different slant so the weather they once had in one place gets moved to another place hitting a different place than before? In other words, maybe the weather isn`t moving, maybe the tilt of the earth is whats moving. Maybe we need to send every other rocket off from the opposite side of the world to help evening up the slant?
What do you think of my mind working overtime and ending up with this idea. Actually I have thought this for a long time.
Take it easy so you don`t make your back worse again.

Walker said...

Gypsy: The weather is getting bad all over the world and it makes you wonder why.

I didn't want to put up a post that was to long. :)

Walker said...

Peter: I try and stay out of lil Walker's way to.
He's just a prick sometimes.

I have started thinking about what I waste and what I use more these days but I am sure there are more was to make it easier for us as well.

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: I think as soon as we start accepting our end then maybe we can make thjose we elect see to.

Walker said...

Patti: There there are a variety and one ofd the reasons i love the people I read. They are all so different but the same in many ways.

Walker said...

Michael Manning: Me and weather man, hmmm only from Hawaii LOL

Walker said...

having my cake: I can always rely on Blaze or Gypsy, Vickie and Jules to not be shy and say their mind.
Even you when you get to know me better.

Canada is the land of variety no matter what it is, from the people to the land we have it all.

Walker said...

Blazngfyre :Who told?
You see i have to do some research first :)

Walker said...

Nan: When I was in BC I thought there couldn;t be a much more beautiful place that there and the mountains were like fingers reaching up into the heavens.

When we flew over Saskachewan, it looked like we were standing still.

Walker said...

Dotm: That is a good idea and I have thought of it myself.
For ever action there is always a reaction be it negative or possitive.

There are alot of planes taking off daily to.
Who knows, maybe one day it will start spinning in the other direction.