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Monday, December 03, 2007

We Love You, You Hate Us ©

So I am sitting here last night resting on the couch watching the news when I see what’s been unfolding in the Sudan.
It seems this British schoolteacher who is over there, probably working for shit wages to teach these people something is in jail serving 15 days because her class named a stuffed toy mascot Muhammad.

A real killer isn’t he.
In fact, if you are appalled by that fact, then hear this.
The population say that it’s too lenient and she should be executed.
One man on TV said if he sees her on the street he will KILL her.

And if you think their actions are to extreme they (Muslims) have a message for you too.


What a bunch of fucken idiots.
Can somebody tell me why the FUCK we helping these people for?
Are we damn stupid?

These people aren’t illiterate, they are just plain stupid.
This is not a religion; if it thinks like this it’s a fucken cult.
Break out the fucken koolade and start the party.

I’ll stick to the tequila.

I know a lot of Muslims and none of them are like this.
I went to the guy at the store because he is from Africa, a Muslim and brought me back a cool carved mask.
I asked him his thoughts and he said that they get to much sun in the Sudan.

There you go, the whole population has sunstroke or they have been stroking it so long they have gone mental.
My message to them is, Chill out, it could be worse.
I know for a fact that this isn’t what most Muslims think from what I have heard from friends and the news around the world.
It’s shit like this though that leads people from other countries and religions to judge the whole because of what a few do, it’s to bad but when you see thousands of people on the news screaming fanatically to kill a woman for naming a stuffed toy Muhammad what are you supposed to think?

Personally I am insulted that there are people in the world that actually think like this among us and it doesn’t say much for the Sudanese government either for putting someone in jail for naming a stuffed toy Muhammad.

She didn’t even name it, it was her students that did.
I want to know if the penalty for naming a Teddy Bear Muhammad is execution then what is the penalty for all the civilians that the Sudanese government has murder through war and systematically starving them?

They should be looking for ways to bring peace to their people not jailing a woman for naming a stuffed toy Muhammad.

These are my opinions

Have a nic e day



Nan said...

I'm with you on this one Walker. Thank you for saying what we are all thinking!

patti_cake said...

I agree with you Walker. I have been following this and am apalled by this. If I were the poor woman i'd high tail it home as fast as possible and let the bastards remain illiterate and ignorant.

BikerCandy said...

I haven't heard this story but I've been in the cave I kindly refer to as my house for the last few days. I agree with you wholeheartedly though. I can't understand this kind of zealot! What idiots they are and to think they want to kill her for this! It's no wonder the world is in the shape it is.

Anonymous said...

Me too.. I only heard bits of this story..but didnt know what the fuss was THIS is what it is're right..a few stoopids have to ruin the ENTIRE image of a country like the Sudan..which I would assume is a perfectly decent, normal country MOST of the time.... What is this world coming to????

Peter said...

Its a crazy world we live in Walker, these minority groups have far too much power over the general population of these under-developed countries, so you get the screaming mobs which make it seem like everyone agrees wit these crazy ideas.

Teresa said...

I have been following this story and while we all think its nuts--these people don't think like us. They don't understand common sense, decency or compassion. They just don't get it and they never will. I feel bad for the nice and normal people that live in Sudan and other parts of the world that really want and need help from the West.

Lynilu said...

Have you noticed how *little* that occurs in the middle east actually makes sense?

Just sayin'.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Totally agree. Good post.

nachtwache said...

I'm a little late, just reading some comments and wondering jyankee was having a bit of fun or really thinks that's a minority doing this in Sudan. That's the country were were the Muslim Arabs are raiding villages of the native Blacks, often Christians or animistic religion and murdering, raping and enslaving the people. Teresa is right, they're so different from us, the culture is based on emotions, while ours is based on intellect. If your brain controles the heart, you can act rational, if your emotions control the brain, you can't think straight. Besides their leaders are telling them lies. In the middle east, the "news" shows Jewish doctors stealing a little girls eyes, a Jew asking for blood from a Christian girl to mix in with dough for a flat bread and other complete crap, but the people believe it and think anyone not Muslim is evil. They say Jews are sons of Satan. I kidd you not! Some suicide bombers have been forced to do it, like being handcuffed to the steering wheel of a car, or told the bomb will go off (in a car) in , say, 2 hours, after they've parked it and hightailed it, but it goes off in 10 minutes. There's tons of sites on the internet about it all.