blue moon (2)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

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Imagine sitting in the living room cuddled up on the couch with your partner or maybe just a pet or a pillow watching TV.
There is a comedy on and you are laughing you ass off and life is one big party.

As you are sitting there cuddled up with the one you love watching the TV a spot mysteriously appears on her belly which is also the temporary home of your child.
You didn’t notice it until something touches your hand and you look down at it.

You see a small brown wet spot on the back of your hand so you draw it closer for a better look to see what it was.
It’s a strange substance, one he has never seen before.
Where did it come from?
He dismisses it and wipes it clean on his jeans then wrapped his arm around his wife again.

Just then his wife let’s out a gasp and he pushes up and asks if she is ok.
She turns and looks at him and as she turns he sees a dark brown spot on her forehead and a brown tear running down her face.

Looking up at the ceiling he saw this large growing brown stain slowly growing across the ceiling like a wound.
Getting off of the couch he stood under it and watched as another brown speck dripped down towards the.
His hand reached out blocking its way to his wife and looked at it closer.
What is this he thought?

He decided to go upstairs to see what was going on up there but as he left the living room and rounded the corner he saw a brown river flowing over the steps leading upstairs.
From here he could also smell something vile and repulsive, like it came from the depths of hell.
He went to the front door and put on his shoes and started walking up the stairs to the second floor.
At the top he began to gag because the smell was so bad but he held it together and went to towards the washroom.
He walked past piles of human faeces that littered the hallway to the washroom where he saw something he had never seen before.

Shooting from the toilet like a three-foot high brown pillar was a continuous flood of sewage.
It looked like a horror movie enfolding before him.
It was not only their shit, the whole fucken neighbourhood’s shit was pouring from the toilet like a big porcelain fountain.
GALLONS of it was pouring into their place like it had been transformed into a sewage treatment plant.
He ran downstairs and grabbed his axe and charged the wall smashing it open hoping to find a valve or some means to stop the nightmare erupting from the bowl of hell but when the first blow struck the wall it erupted, spewing more shit water from it and raising the level of what was already ankle deep shit soup.

Dropping the axe he ran down the stairs where he grabbed his pregnant wife and ran from their home gagging and throwing up along the way.
He didn’t know what to do next.
Call a plumber or an exorcist.

That was a week ago and it happened to some friends of some friends of mine.
They bought a house in a relatively new development that is still under construction to live in.
They wanted something new hoping to have to do any fixing up.
What they know now is that at some stage, by accident the main sewer line that runs infront of every house collecting any sewage coming from the houses had been damaged at some stage and slowly over time had begun to build up over time and with the cold weather they have been having it wasn’t able to handle all the water from the rains and people flushing the toilets and tub.

The blockage just happened to be infront of their house, pure luck, it could have been anyone’s place but it just happened to be infront theirs.
So when we had a heavy rain last week the water charged down the pipe and hit the barrier.
Being blocked, all the sludge, water and crap had only one place to go and that was the first pipe close to the blockage and up it went with a vengeance.
There was shit on the ceiling of the washroom when he went back later with city officials to see what happened.

The house needs to be gutted, all of it because of the contamination and they figure its going to cost the insurance company more than it cost to buy it.
They need all new appliances because it got into all the crevices.
Their clothes are gone as is anything that was porous.

The worse part is that they figure that they will be out of their house for a month.
This is one shitty time of year for this to happen.
A year earlier they were on the verge of slitting up and this baby brought them closer together and everything was going in the right path until now.

The insurance will be paying for 90% of the damages because there were some things that were not covered and I think there is a deductible to so they are strapped for money with a baby due in early March.
To make matters worse the insurance company will only pay for two weeks in the hotel.

My friend told them that they could live with them for the time they are not in the hotel and that they would help them as much as they could.
My friend also decided to throw the soon to be mother a baby shower hoping to cheer her up a bit and she hadn’t had one.
They don’t have that many friends so my friend called over the women from her family and managed to get 10 people there for her and they had a great time from what I am told.
I did give her hell for not inviting me and she said it was only for woman.
I told her I was a lesbian, I don’t know what the problem was.

They managed to get some stuff for her but nowhere near what she needed so I spent last week calling up friends and family member looking for clothes and furniture for anything baby.

They are a young couple that are already strapped for cash having their first kid when this happened.
I figured that things are expensive as it is right now for all of us and I have a lot of friends and family who buy lots of stuff they don’t use any more so I called up asking, begging and maybe a little blackmailing to collect what they need like a playpen that looked brand spanking new.
It was one of these new fancy ones that collects together into a compact carry case.
I had my niece’s high back chair that collapses into a carry basket my parents bought for her when she came over to stay which was practically new because you couldn’t keep the kid still even at that age.
Throw in some clothes and a large bag of stuffed toys and I had a shipment for my friend to pick up this morning, which she did.
In the spring I have a new playhouse by Fisher Price for the yard they could have to so they can play in the summer.

It’s been a crazy week around here with this, wait until I tell you about that.

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

I was going to say SHIT but that would seem like I think it's funny and I most certainly DON'T. What a terrible thing to happen and bless you for the kind soul you are in calling on your friends and family to help out.

It's wonderful how human kindness comes to the fore at times like this. I hope that fortune will smile on them a little more favourably from now on. It sounds like they could do with some good luck. Now Walker, what has been happening with you?

Southern to the bone. said...

I'm sorry for your friends; what a huge disappointment for them. We just never know. Thank you for sharing this story, and I wish them well.

BikerCandy said...

Wow...that just about made me gag and I'm not even close to it! I can't imagine the smell...and I feel so sorry for your friends. I hope they get back in their house soon.

having my cake said...

What a horrible horrible thing to happen. My thoughts are with them and with you for your kindness x

nachtwache said...

That is something nobody would ever think of happening! What a nightmare. They must have lost everything. It's great when people get together and help someone in need. That's what makes the world a better place.
We had lots of rain and the sewer couldn't keep up, which led to the water coming up in the middle of the street, like a fountain; I thought it was a burst water pipe at first. The neighbour across the street had his basement flood, he's a bit lower than us. We had a lake in the front yard. Hubby installed a back flow lock in our sewer pipe, that water can only flow out, never back in. It's a good thing to have!

Walker said...

Gypsy: Yes it is terrible and doesn;t all the shit happen at the worse times.
Why did it have to be Christmas or is it to show us that we don't need everything we have just what we need.

What's been happening here, well lots and most is not good.

patti_cake said...

OMG that is just horrible. I feel so sorry for those poor people At least the baby is not here yet. Bless you Walker, you're the best!

Walker said...

BikerCandy: Just the though of liquid shit covering everything you own is enough to make you gag.
I hope that everything get put back together before Christmas.

Walker said...

Southern to the bone: I like to think of this as another test of their relationships stregth.
They have been through alkot this last year.
Sometimes it takes something like this to make you stronger.
Thank you for stopping by

Walker said...

having my cake: I don;t think of it as doing anything special.
I like to think if we help people when they need it they will pass it forward to someone else who will down the road. If we don;t take care of each other in times like these then we don;t deserve to get help when we need it

Walker said...

nachtwache: I have had my sewer back up from my basement floor and had to wad into it to clean knee deep sludge and shit and let me tell you, they don;t pay people who do this for a living enough and I don;t care if its 100 an hour

Walker said...

patti_cake : Oh yes, its a good thing this didn;t happen after the baby was born with all the freaking germs that must have been around.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I thought you were writing fiction at first, and then the reality of this horror hit me. How ironic that they bought a new home, hoping to avoid trouble. It says a lot about new construction nowadays. It also says a lot about your friends for the kindness that has been shown to this poor young couple. My heart goes out to them. I hope they can find some good in this.

Walker said...

Sometimes fiction and reality are one and the same. My friends are all good people when pressed to the cause

Anonymous said...

Yes I thought it was a story at first! And in this day and age...what the hell..someone's head should be gone for this...and yes..You and your friends are such nice guys to come in the call of duty....

Peter said...

There are some story's that touch your heart Walker, this was one of them, I can't imagine ever living in that house again no matter how much cleaning and re-newing was done,
You're a good little lesbian friend to have.