blue moon (2)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Halloween Kiss: Part Three ©

Walker looked at the first sentence and at the open box on the coffee table, how bad could it be he thought; the thing was empty.
He put the letter down and went back to the couch where Lana lay still unconscious from fainting.
He liked her better when she wasn’t awake.

He went to the bathroom and came back with a wet towel and started trying to cool down her face, maybe she would wake up and he could bet out of this creepy place.
It didn’t look like she was going to be waking up any soon so he left the damp towel on her forehead and looked at the letter once more.


Well that part is a complete bust now isn’t it?

Hi walker, I assume this is you and you have figured out how to find my cabin through one of my drafts in my blog.
I always knew you were a smart one.

Yeah right, Walker thought to himself as he stole a peek at the open box.

I don’t want you to open the box because it was made for a special task in the early 14th Century.
It was made to trap and imprison an evil demon that was terrorizing the Balkans and has for over six hundred years.

I want you to take this box and bring it to the address at the bottom of the page and give it to my sister Ava, she will know what to do after that.
You might like her; she is kind of hot and your type.

Now how would he know what his type was?
Walker looked towards Lana and she was still not stirring but she had nice legs.

There are evil people; worshipers of the demon that want to take it and set her free to start her bloody rampage once more.
I think they are the ones behind the missing bloggers, taking and sacrificing them to the demon.

I am sorry I had to bring you into this but I didn’t know anyone else who I could trust to do this for me.

He probably means he didn’t know anyone more stupid than Walker that would do this.

You got to get the box to my sister’s place as fast as possible and she will give you all the information I have documented about the demon and his cult.
Don’t trust anyone but my sister with this.

Your friend


Ava Prim
999 Elm St.

Great, now he had to go somewhere else and deliver this stupid empty box.
Demons, bah, bull shit he thought.
FB must have been on drugs if he believes in demons, what next, Vampires and fucken Ghosts.

He folded the letter and stuffed it back into the envelope and took the open box off of the coffee table and started to inspect it.
It was obviously as empty as it was when he opened that damn thing and he didn’t see little green fucken demons hiding in it either.

The box was made of wood and stained red and its sides were ornately carved with what looked like devils dancing around a large flaming fire with a lot of naked women.
The design went around the whole box, which was about 12 x 8 and about six inches high.
The inside was lined with a blood red silk cloth.

It was held closed by what he thought was a brass lock but a closer look told him that it was gold not brass.
A latch shaped like a woman’s leg came down connecting to a similar attached to the box and then you had to push a slider that looked like a cock between the legs and into a ring the held both together.

Walker thought that this was cool, he loved boxes and erotica but this was both in one.
He wondered if FB’s sister would mind if he kept the box now that it was empty, not that it was his fault or anything like that.
After having inspected the inside and the entire outside he was satisfied that it wasn’t made in China then closed the lid and slipped the lock into place, sealing the box once more as he found it in the safe, empty.
Just for the record if anyone asked.

No sooner had he closed the lid on the box, Lana started to stir.
Walker got up and walked over to the couch and took the compress from Lana’s forehead and asked how she was doing.

Lana opened her eyes and stared at Walker in the eyes.
There was something in her eyes he hadn’t seem before and he and Lana had already had that eyes contact when they first met when he had her tied up on the bed.

Walker could hear a low sound, it was like a soft growl and it was coming from Lana’s throat.
She grabbed him by the front of the shirt and pulled him down to her.
He tried to pull back buck she held him with strength he had never seen before in anyone one.
Her lips violently devoured his with a ravenous hunger.
He could feel her nails digging into the back of his swollen head from the beating she gave him earlier.
Lana pushed her tongue into his mouth; it was so long Walker thought it was going to slide down his throat and choke him.

She then pushed him back to the floor and got on top of him.
Walker couldn’t get her off of him, not that he was trying real hard but every time he pushed back at her he found himself facing twice as much as he was putting out so he decided he would just let it go and see what it got him.

Lana released his lips and stared down into his eyes as she was grinding her ass indo his growing crotch.
She sat erect on him and reached up and cupped her tits then looked down at them.
She smiled and closed her eyes and her tits started to grow bigger and bigger.
WTF was going on Walker thought.
As much as he loved big tits he had never seen them grow that fast on a woman unless he was inflating One Eyed Betty.

She looked down at Walker and asked him if he liked her tits now.
He didn’t have to say anything to her she could see it in his eyes as she tore at the blouse sending buttons in every direction of the room.
Her eyes were closed as she held her perfect tits in her hands pinching her nipples hard as she massaged them, still grounding herself into Walker’s hard cock.

Walker really loved it all but if she pushed down any harder he was going to have more that a busted nose.
Fuck it he thought and reached up and grabbed her tits and her eyes went wide open and he pupils were fucken black as the ace of spades.
That freaked him out so much he was up and on his feet sending Lana flying to the floor butt first with a loud thud.
What hardon he once had in his pants, was now down and hiding in his back pocket.

Lana slowly got up on her feet and was walking towards Walker with a smile on her lips and tits pointing at him like to big torpedoes.
Walker grabbed the poker from the fireplace and told Lana if she got any close her was going to crack her skull in two.
He knew she was a crackhead; they always go weird on you when they need a fix.

She told him that her name wasn’t Lana; it was Ava, Ava Prim as she walked closer to Walker.
He told her not to move because he will really let her have it.
How did she know about Ava Prim she didn’t get a chance to look at the letter unless she was always Ava Prim and she just started to show her real self?
She’s probably a mental patient from an asylum or he was and wished he were back there now.

She told him that she wasn’t going to hurt him, just fuck him a little or maybe a lot and she took a step closer and walker swung the poker at her head like a bat.
Lana or Ava who ever she fucken was, grabbed his wrist and crushed it until he dropped the poker to the floor then hit him so hard he sailed over the couch and hiding the floor hard.

Walker couldn’t believe he was getting his butt kicked by 105-pound woman, AGAIN for the second time in one night.
He was thinking he was getting way to old for this kind of stuff as he crawled back up to his feet.

Lana picked up the poker from the floor then tossed it to Walker and told him to try again.
Walker moved forward and knew what was going to happen if he took another swing at her, the woman was as strong as a bull.
He stepped in and raised his arm in the air but this time instead of hitting her in the head, he kicked her in the pussy as hard as he could.

She just stood there smiling at him
Walker though she must be dead not to feel that.
Next thing he knew he was flying through the air again, landing on the sofa so hard it flipped over spilling him on the floor not far from where he landed the first time.

Lana walked up to him as he lay there on the floor and held out the poker to him again.
He just looked at it and told her where to shove the poker.
She just smiled at him and said “You first” then took a step towards him.
That got his to his feet real fast with his back against the wall, not that he thought that it would save him.
From what he had already seen and gone through he knew she could probably shove that up in him and he wouldn’t be able to stop her.
The look on his doctor face would be priceless when he went for his next prostate check and he found that there though.

Lana asked him his name and he told her that she already knew his name.
She looked him straight in the face and told him that she wasn’t the person he thought she was.
She was Ava Prim, her friend Lana was in the box on the table.
That was it, he was 100% sure Lana was at least cracked if not a crackhead.

Lana/Ava went on to tell him a story.
She said that she was forced into the box by an evil demon, which then took possession of her body.
He is a Necromancer and devours souls to survive but first he needs to terrify his victims so that he could get the maximum amount of energy from their souls before he sucks the life from them.

He found her three years ago through one of her servants that he met online and managed to get invited to her house during the day while Ava slept.
The next thing she knew she found herself a prisoner inside the box.
She has been trapped in that box for three years now, waiting for someone to come along and free her so she could get her revenge and thanks to him she will now be able to get her body back.

Walker was sitting in the chair listening to her tell her story while still trying to think of a way to smash her skull then run down to the car and head on home to pretend this day never happened.

Ava came over and sat next to him and told Walker that she needed his help to get her body back.
Walker pried his eyes off of her chest and looked her in the face and asked her about Lana.

Ava told him that Lana was safe for now in the box and would stay that way unless someone was to destroy the box with her in it.
When Walker asked Ava how they were going to get Lana from out of the box she told him that if he helped her find the Necromancer she would help him set Lana free from the box and not before then because she needed Lana’s body so that she could find her own body.

Walker then asked her that if destroying the box would kill the occupant, why hadn’t the Necromancer destroyed it to kill her instead of keeping it in the safe.
Ava told him there was always a catch to any dark magic.
Even though she was imprisoned in the box and the Necromancer had taken over her body, it was her essence that kept it alive.
If that were to be destroyed the body would die, so killing her would be killing like himself.
The same isn’t said about the body, if it dies the soul in the box remains alive and could transfer to another body when it’s opened.

Walker sat there thinking, even if all of this was true and he was not in some drug-induced nightmare, he didn’t know if he could trust Ava.
Even her story was hard to swallow in fact it was the kind of stuff doctors use to lock up people in rubber rooms with and throw away the key.

After a bit Walker agreed to help her find the demon and get her body back.
He didn’t know why he was going to help her.
Lana gave him a headache for the short time her knew her and Ava who was possessing Lana’s body was giving him a bigger one now.

He got up and picked up the box and told her that he had a car with some friends down on the road.
He also told her that he had a good idea he knew where the demon was and showed her the address written on the letter he found in the safe.
Ava told him that it was her address that was on the paper, not only had the Necromancer stolen her body but also her home.

Walker started walking towards the door and Lana/Ava was following him when he stopped and asked her if she was going top put something one to cover her tits.
Ava looked down at Lana’s new tits and gave then a firm squeeze and told Walker she liked them out like that.
But she would cover them if it bothered him.
Hell no it didn’t bother Walker a bit, wait until the guys got a load of her back at the car.

The wind was howling through the trees as the couple staggered through the dark woods the whirling sound seemed closer.
What had they stirred awake in that cabin?
What could have been hidden in that bricked up safe that they had unleashed on the unsuspecting world?
A dark shadow pressed down on them as they came to the opening of the meadow.

Walker opened the back door and let Ava step in first the Walker sat next to her.
Mike looked through the rear view mirror and stopped what he was about to say and turned to see Lana’s tits sitting out in the open like the nose on her face.

Mike asked walker in Greek why Lana’s was topless.
Archie turned to look to when he hear topless, his suicide sauce covered jaw fell open at the sight of Lana’s boobs.
Walker told Mike that it wasn’t Lana, that this was Ava.
Mike gave Walker a strange look and asked him if he was drunk or maybe he bumped his head again.
In fact, it did looked like he had been beaten up again.

Walker told him it was a long story and would tell them on the way to the new place they had to go and gave Mike the address.
About two miles down the road Walker had to tell Archie to turn around and face the front he was drooling all over Walker’s shoes.

On the way to Ava’s house Walker brought Mike up to speed of what had happened in the cabin and the fate of Lana.
Mike said he never heard of someone else possessing someone else’s body but if it were ok with everyone he wouldn’t mind possessing Lana’s body for an hour in the back seat when all of this was done.

Walker asked Ava how they were going to get Lana out of the box again and back into her body.
She said that first they had to capture the Necromancer then she would have to transfer back into the box so Lana could return to her body and then she could transfer back to her body and trap the Necromancer back into his prison.
That sounded easy to Walker, strange but easy.

An hour later they drove up Elm Street and stopped infront of a huge mansion.
Walker looked at Ava and asked her if this was her house and she said it was.
He then asked her who else lived there and she said just her and a servant, the same servant that put her in this predicament.
This was a big house for just one person; it must have ten bedrooms in it at least he enquired.
She told him twelve bedrooms to be exact and each with its own bed, then grinned at Walker.

Walker told Mike to drive past the house and park the car.
They will try and go up to the house undetected.

Mike said that he was coming along this time.
It seemed like every time he stayed in the car Walker was coming out with a different woman or at least one crazy woman who thought, she was two different women.
Archie said he was coming to because he needed to go to the washroom.
Walker told Archie they weren’t going up there to use the fucken toilet, then told him to take the box and follow them.

While they were stealthily moving along the shadows slowly up towards the house Mike moved in closer to Walker and asked him if Lana’s tits looked bigger to him.
Walker told him to shut up and keep quiet.

They got to the side of the house where Ava told Walker there was another way in from the back that was always kept unlocked.
Along the side of the house they went until they got to a door that lead down into the cellar.
Pulling up on the handle the door slowly opened and he placed it up against the side of the house and walked down the dark steps, the others followed in behind him.

Walker took out his Zippo and lit it for some light as they made their way to the stairs leading upward to the first floor.
Ada said that these stairs lead to the kitchen.
The went up the stairs and when he got to the top she stopped there and listened through the door to see if he could hear anything.
It was quiet on the other side of the door so he slowly turned the handle and pushed out the door a little bit so he could see if there was anyone infront of it in the kitchen.
He saw no one so he opened it a little more and edged his head out and got a better look at the surrounding room before he ventured out of the cellar.
Ava was next to emerged followed by Mike and then Archie bringing up the rear.

Walker said that they would split up so they could cover more ground.
He and Ava would go upstairs and Mike and Archie could check the first floor but they had to be careful, they were dealing with a killer demon.
Mike and Archie both laughed at the mention of demons but they said they would keep their eyes open for any ghosts and washrooms.

Walker turned to Archie and told him to pass him the box.
Archie gave him the box of wings.
WTF was this?!

Archie told him to get the box and he grabbed the box of wings like walker asked.

Walker wanted to pummel him and would have if Ava hadn’t grabbed his arm and passed him the wooden box.
He couldn’t believe Archie grabbed the fucken wings.
Always about the food with Archie wasn’t it.
With the box now in his hands now he started up the stairs with Ava as Mike and Archie went to check out the first floor.

Mike lead the way around the corner from the kitchen to what looked like the study.
He was using the little flashlight on his key chain to see where he was going because the house was dark and they didn’t really want to start opening up lights since they just broke into the place and he didn’t care what that crazy woman Lana or Ava said that it was her house.

Just passed the study Archie opened a door and he was rewarded with a toilet sitting waiting for him at the other end.
He told Mike to wait for him so he could go to the washroom and pulled the door closed behind him.
Mike moved to a dark corner so if someone walked in they wouldn’t see him standing there in the hall like a sitting duck.

As he stood there he heard a noise coming back from the study where they had just come from.
Slowly he moved out of the shadows and closer to the sound.
Pressed up again the wall he looked around the corner and saw a woman sitting behind the desk smiling in his direction and stroking her naked tits.

Mike pulled back behind the wall and stood there as his heart started beating faster.
Slowly he leaned over and looked around the corner again and this time she had walked around the desk and was bent over the top with her ass pointed in his direction, legs spread and playing with her pussy, he could see it glistening in the dark even from this distance as he fingers slipped in and out of her.

Mike pulled back again and stood there trying to think of what he should do.
Run to look for Walker and go in there and fuck that ass off of her.
He knew what he wanted to do but Walker would think different, probably want to fuck her himself the greedy bastard.

Again he leaned forward to take a look at her and as his eyes went around the corner he was startled to find her face pressed up against the wall right there next to his.
He stepped back and she came around the corner.
She asked him if he was gay or maybe he just didn’t like her since he didn’t come out into the study and fuck her like she wanted him to.

She walked up to Mike and ran her hand over his baldhead then pulled him closer top her, bent down and kissed his lips.
Mike wasn’t one to refuse a woman and grabbed hold of her and kissed her back as they slowly made their way back into the study and on top of the desk.
He slowly moved down to her tits and started sucking on her hard nipples and her fingers dug into his scalp.

Walker didn’t see where she came from but she moved swiftly and hit Ava so hard she flipped over the railing and fell landing on the steps at the bottom.
Walker looked down and saw her twisted body lying upside down at the bottom of the steps.

The woman that jumped out and hit her turned now and faced Walker.
Walker went to say something but a swift movement from the woman sent him flying down the hallway and crashing into the wall.
As he lay slumped on the floor he thought to himself how many times he had the shit kicked out of him today and where the fuck did all these super women coming from.

The new woman walked up to him and stood there looking down at him for a few seconds and then told him she was happy to finally meet him after all this time reading his blog.
Walker looked at her and couldn’t place her.
He asked if she was a lurker and she started to laugh out loud.

Walker rolled to his side and started getting up again and as he was pushing off of the floor he saw where the wooden box had fallen next to the wall.
In this dim light he could see that she was tall and beautiful with long raven hair that fell over her shoulders and cascaded over her tits.

She smiled at him and told him that he was impressed that he followed his instruction to the letter and brought him what he needed for his survival.

Walker was dizzy, hurt and confused but it started to dawn on him a little or he was finally cracking up.
He was FB, FB was the Necromancer and was in Ava’s body and such a nice body it was as his eyes swallowed he up for a second, just a second because a backhand slammed him against the wall but this time his legs kept him standing.

FB slowly walked up to him and told him that he was right, that he was FB and thanks to Walker the rest of him plan was falling into place.
Plan, what fucken plan?
FB hit Walker with an uppercut, picked him off of his feet and dropping him to the floor in a heap next to the box.

FB told him all of this was so that he could get Walker here so that he could take over his body.
He had planned it all.
His murder and the fiery crash that burned his body to a crisp, then to get walker to help him and bring the box to the house.

FB would open the box and allow Ava’s essence to enter a dead old woman and when in there he would kill her.
The he would kill Walker and use the box to enter his body and no one would be the wiser.

Walker asked him why he chose him and not someone else.
FB told him that he was the perfect person because for one he had killed most of the women on his blogroll and eventually they would be linked to him so he needed to get away now and also, Walker’s blogroll had many women on it and its just what he needed.
Women were terrified more easily than men and their souls did taste better when they were terrified.
Just then Walker saw something FB hadn’t noticed.

She pushed Mike off of her and got to her knees infront of him and pulled out his cock from his pants and started sucking on it.
Mike stood there with one hand on the desktop holding him self there so he wouldn’t fall down as she slid his cock between her lips.

Mike was in heaven when he looked down to watch her sucking on his cock when she let his cock slip out of her mouth and she looked up at him.
She then smiled and Mike say her teeth, they looked like vampire teeth and then her face when a few shades of grey and she opened her mouth to bite his cock off but before she could sink her teeth into his shaft he whacked her on the side of the head with the telephone that was sitting on the side of the desk.

Stepping back he put his pecker back into his pants and pulled out his gun and pointed at her.
She got back to her feet and Mike told her to stay where she was because he will shoot her but she didn’t care and walked towards him.
No one could say Mike didn’t warn her and let loose hissing her three times in the chest knocking her back a few steps but she didn’t fall, she kept on moving forward.

Mike fired twice more and he saw that her wounds were healing almost as fast as he was shooting her.WTF was going on.
Damn Walker gets him into trouble all the time, he raised the gun and she her through the head.
That should put her down and it did until she started getting up again, it was time to leave and slowly started movie back toward where he had come from.

They heard the shots upstairs and FB turned in the direction of the sound just in time to get a brained by Ava who was not dead for some reason.
FB stumbled back as Ava stepping toward him and started pummelling him or technically herself since he was in her body.
Walker got up and took a vase off of a table in the hallway and smashed it on FB’s head that only seemed to piss him off more.
He knew that feeling and the one where he gets punched in the nose yet AGAIN.

He grabbed the box off of the floor when he got up this time and started making his way down the stairs to the first floor when Mike came running up to him screaming something about naked vampires.
He asked him where Archie was and he said he was in the washroom.

Archie was sitting on the toilet doing his business while still eating cold chicken wings.
Archie live to eat and he does it all the time, even on the toilet if he could.
Just then the door tore open and a naked woman was standing in front of him with some mean looking teeth.
She stepped into the washroom and stopped dead in her tracks.
Covering her mouth with her hands she started gagging, then staggered out of the washroom.
Archie got off of the toilet and pulled his pants back up.
Grabbing his bucket of wings he walked out of the door and just then a loud scream made him jump up spilling chicken wings out of the top of the box.
He looked up and there was another woman with wild eyes bearing long sharp teeth running at him.
He turned and started to run towards the kitchen, the vampire quickly reached the spot where Archie had jumped and she slipped on a chicken wings that had fallen on the floor then went up into the air and came crashing down on a wooden chair sending one of the wooden legs through her heart.

Archie found Walker and Mike near the kitchen and told him about the crazy women with the long hungry teeth.
Walker told them to go down to the cellar and out the same way they had gotten in, he was going to wait for Ava as long as he could.

Ava was battling it out with FB in the upstairs hallway and so far it was a stalemate until she got knocked down head over heels down the stairs again.
She looked up and could see FB in her body walking down the stairs towards her again, that’s when she saw walker waving at her to go down in the basement with her.
She slowly got up and made her way to the cellar door once more and they both went down the dark stairs.

Walker passed her the box and told her it was time for her to switch back with Lana so they could get FB back into the fucken box before he killed all of them.
He told he that as soon as FB came down he would open the box again so she could switch back into her body once more.

Ava agreed and took the box and held it infront of her then opened it.
That same cold air filled the room and Ava/Lana collapsed to the floor once more but this time with a thud because walker wasn’t close by to catch her.
He was busy keeping an eye on the stairs just in case FB or one of his friends showed up.

Just then the door at the top of the stairs burst open and FB was walking down the steps.
Walker holding the box walked deeper in the darkness of the cellar luring FB towards him and away from Lana.
As soon as FB got close to him walker turned the box him FB’s direction and opened it before he turned and hid behing a huge crate.
As he stayed there he saw FB fall to the floor much like lana had down twice that evening when the bos had been opened.
Believing that he was safe, Walker stood up and started coming around the crate when he realized that it wasn;t really a crate.

Just then and as it does in any halfway decent horror story the clock sounded out 12 times, ah, the witching hour is with us thought Walker as he quietly prised loose the lid to what appeared to be a coffin.His morbid curiosity had been aroused when that delightful little minx Lana had been rummaging around in the bedroom earlier in the evening.
Who knows what she had been looking for but it was now certain she would never find it, because FB was hopefully trapped in that box once more.

He pushed the top off and it was in fact a coffin, probably FB’s or was it.
Ava said that she had been trapped in the box for just three days, there was no way FB had gotten the coffin here that fast and even if he could he didn’t see a coffin at his place when he was there earlier.
Ava said she was sleeping when FB came to her house so he couldn’t have been a vampire.
Ava slept during the day she said.
Ava’s voice made him turn around.

Walker faced Ava and she slowly ran her hands over her body getting the feel of being back in her skin once more.
She looked at her open coffin behind Walker and told him that since he found her bed he might want to crawl in there with him for a little while.

Walker told her he didn’t think so and now that everything and one was in their rightful bodies he should be getting along.
He was tired and sore all over from all that had happened that night.

Ava told him that she couldn’t let him or his friends leave because of what they seen and now he knew that she was a vampire and her name wasn’t Ava Prim but Vampira.
She had rearranged the letters of her name to get Ava Prim.

She told Walker she would be happy to turn him and make her just like she was, a vampire.
They could live together watching the centuries go by.
Walker told her he didn’t want to live forever and certainly not with her and started to move when a woman he had not seen before appeared infront of him bearing her teeth.
Another came from the other side flanking him with Ava in the front.
It didn’t look good for Walker but just then the cellar door swung wide open and the early morning sun filled the basement.

Ava and the other vampires screamed in pain and ran to look for a dark corner to hide away from the sunlight.
Vampira started to turn but all of a sudden something came out the front of her chest, it was a wooden stake.
She grabbed the front of it and started to scream out into the early morning air as her body began to smoulder until it burst out into flames then she crumbled literally on the floor in a pile of dust.
The others had met the same fate as their master since it was her essence that kept them alive.

Walker walked out from behind the coffin and walked up to Lana who was standing in the center of the cellar holding another wooded chair leg and when he got close to her she whacked him in the head and demanded to know where her blouse and bra were.

Walker rubbed his sore skull then passed her his leather jacket and told her he would tell her about everything tomorrow when they wake up at his place.
She looked at him, his place?
He smiled, then kissed her before they walked out the cellar and into the bright sunlight.

I hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween



Gypsy said...

Wow Walker, this story had everything, even a little bit of sex talk thrown in for good measure. I'm so happy I got my wish for a little bit of romance at the end though I doubt if you would be up to much after all those beatings...:)

Happy Halloween my friend.

Peter said...

Sheer brilliance Walker, your story had everything.
Hope you had a Happy Halloween too.

patti_cake said...

Great story Walker and a great ending. I heart vampires!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Nicely finished! I hope you had a good Halloween, too.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Quite a tale Mr. Walker - what a vivid imagination! I enjoyed it. :-)