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Friday, November 02, 2007

The Clan ©

I, Walker of the Clan Walker swear I will NEVER stay up until 8:30 am writing another post again.
FUCK, do you believe that?!
No not that I stayed up until 8:30 am, that I belong to a clan and we don’t wear hoods either but we do have our own line or Tartan.

Ok there wasn’t enough material left; the freaking MacGreggors and Spummantis used it all.
What you never heard of the Clan Spummanti?
Anyone can have a clan now all you have to do is pay and register one or go out and put your life in your hands and marry a Scottish lass, you’ll never win another argument again.

Yeah I come from a long line of Walkers, they didn't have cars back then and couldn't afford a jackass so they walked every where.
Like my great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather a Shephard, who walked 2000 miles to find his girlfriend when she got lost but he went out into the deep woods over mountains and found his sweetheart and brought her back home where they lived happily ever after.

He is seen here with his son Curly.

I should have started writing that Halloween post a week before hand instead of getting stuck pulling an all nighter and having to post at midnight MST (Martian Standard Time).
Or maybe breaking into four parts but I wanted it done by Halloween and it was when I posted, on Mars.
Do you know I haven’t even read it yet?
Did I get lucky?
Probably got smacked around like usual.

Not only did I get to bed at that time but the phone started ringing at 10:30 am, it’s my brother wanting to know if what he bought on Ebay had arrived yet.
He just bought the fucken thing two days earlier.
Who does he think the PO is, Starfleet and they could beam what he bought from Ohio to Ontario the same day.
He has been calling me everyday for 5 days to see if it has arrived even though the estimated delivery time is 10 days.

I went out shopping the other day at the market and the farmers had a great year and the prices reflected it.
The trunk of the cat was full as was the back seat and the passenger’s side in the front.

My weekend will now be spent making tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce and cabage rolls for the freezer.
I managed to freeze 18 servings of Rapini ( Broccoli Rabe) yesterday, I bought a case since it was so cheap and is really expensive to buy in the winter.

Not forgetting what season it is and dessert, I snagged a bushel of apples, which will soon become apple pies and apple turnovers that will also be frozen for the winter.
So as you can see I will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend and staying out of trouble unless someone stops by and drags me out kicking and screaming to some ungodly strip club on Saturday at 9pm est.

This is one of my favourite times of year with the trees changing color and the plants in the garden turning a rustic reddish brown color what screams I am dead and gone, please yank me out so no one has to watch my decomposing self stage of life or death.

On Sunday I will be caulking all the door frames and windows from the inside hoping to at least slow down the elements from sneaking in and biting my ass in the middle of the night while I am sleeping and the thermometer hits –45.
That is one of the problems living in these old houses, 80 years ago they didn’t have the stuff we have now and with the passing of the years the house has shifted and there is no place more that it shows at as it does at the door frames and windows.
Last year I walked by the balcony door in my bedroom and a draft hit me from the door and it was closed.
A close inspection showed that it was coming from between the wall and the door frame, so that will now be fixed.

I have also decided there will be Christmas decorations this year because the rewiring of my house has come to a stand still.
I ask the electrician and he tells me next week he will talk to my brother.
I ask my brother if he was called and he tells me that he hasn’t and doesn’t know how much it will cost yet either.
Personally I am getting fucken tired of waiting.
At the end of the month is they haven’t started they never will because I won’t let them.
I have been waiting to it to start for four months now and its fucken insulting to be waiting for something and to be told soon soon only to be left still waiting.
Soon Soon I will be telling them all to go fuck off and will paint the walls and they won’t be coming in to break them down after I do that let me tell you unless they want to hire the painters and supply the paint.
My brother may like living knee deep in shit but I don’t.

My brother is a procrastinator and never finishes what he starts.
He still hasn’t put in the covers for the jacks on the walls in my parents place.
A task that would take a whole 30 minutes and it’s been 3 months since they finished rewiring there.

Any How, I should slip into the apron I got caught walking out of Home Depot with and get cooking.

I hope you all have a great weekend.



Anonymous Boxer said...

Ahaha - I love the picture at the end and I also love this time of year too - I plan to "winterize" my house this weekend too.


Have a good weekend.

gab said...

oooohhh you are so adorable! So what did you dress up as this halloween? A Walker worker from Home Depot? What is it with men who like to cook lately? Mine cooks you cook BTExpress cooks. WOW this modern day and age!

Walker said...

What broke off, cold lol

Walker said...

Gab: I have always cooked, my father was a chef and I learned alot.
I have been cooking since i was about 14 and now cook daily and pretty much what I like from the dozens of cookbooks i have from all around the world

Susan said...

I love the tartan! I had to call my son in to see the clan wear pic. He made himself a kilt for a party and we have been teasing him about what he wore beneath! How much more complete his regalia would have been with some of these briefs!

Walker said...

Susan: Its not something you want to wear in the winter here.

Now a days that's the in thing, less id more they say, showing more that it LOL

nachtwache said...

Sigh, men that cook. Lucky women! Cute tartans. :)

Walker said...

nachtwache: I donl;t know why so women are suprised with men that cook.
I think men are better cooks that women personally.
I know women get stuck home with the kids and have to cook most of the time but I love to cook and have cook whether i am single or with someone.
I even share recipes with friends.

Anonymous said...

okay men in the kitchen cooking while wearing those tartans! am i right???

Walker said...

JYankee: If that's what you like :)

Lora_3 said...

I'm glad that wasn't my family's tartan.

Bad boy.....

Be safe...

Walker said...

Lora_3: Of course you are, who wants to chase men in tartans that are related to you

Peter said...

You are lucky at the moment Walker, all our produce here is at sky high prices, because of the drought mainly but storm damage also contributes.
We are searching for ways to let more air into our homes to help disperse the heat.... funny world isn't it?

Walker said...

Peter: The prices will be going through the roof soon here to and the tempewrature will hit -45 soon.

The world is fickle, half the year she gives you a tit t6o suck on and the other half she chucks you a moon and asks you to kiss it.

But then againg I'm Greek and could work with either end LOL

patti_cake said...

I love the picture at the end too! Mmm your cooking/freezing plans sound yummy!

Blazngfyre said...

Walker darlin, if you wear that tartan as your 'apron', you can come cook in MY 'kitchen' anytime!
I do so loves a man who can cook ...

Walker said...

patti_cake : The cooking freezing is my lazy way of not cooking all the time LOL
But it is yummy ;)

Walker said...

Blazngfyre : Uh huh and how much cooking or what will be cooking dressed like thta LOL

I don't know if i want to be handling sharp objects with that little protection

Blazngfyre said...

Oh no, no sharp instruments .... I promise.

Jac said...

Ho ho ho Tartan ??? You are a gr8 writer boy !

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: OK but you got to wear the other tartan ;)

Walker said...

Jac : Thanks buddy, I try

Blazngfyre said...


I'll wear the tartan proudly, and in the traditional manner, of course. ;)

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: Of Course ;)

Gypsy said...

I love that you're answering your comments again...I've been missing the banter. Typical that it happens when I have been away....SIGH.

Walker said...

Gypsy: I love answering my comments but when life pushes down on me and there is so much to do or my head isn;t in the right frame of mind, I tend to let them go.

I remember when I used to answer 40-60 comments a day on 3 blogs, that was alot for me to do and write posts and do my everyday things