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Friday, November 16, 2007

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I was sitting actually laying on the couch last night.
Let’s face it most people don’t sit on the couch.
I was flipping through channels trying to side something that isn’t a CSI from somewhere rerun.
With all the killing that goes on in most of the shows on TV I am surprised there is any population growth in the United States.
Hell, if the terrorists just wait, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, TSN and Ted Turner will wipe you out.

I somehow stopped on CNN and there was a debate going on that was hosted by Wolfe.
He was asking the Democrat candidates a question and all the candidates had a chance to answer.

Well let me tell you, y’all got to move from there because you’re fucked if one of this lot gets elected.
Listen, I could get a couple of retired hockey players with hockey stick together and we could invade you and save you from this bunch.
We wouldn’t even have to fire a single shot, we’ll just offer everyone free health care and you could shoot your own leaders.
Hell we got a large chunk of Florida and half of Hollywood already.

I don’t know who those politicians were as I am not an American but if they were here; they’d be cat food today.

Wolfe was asking them questions and I had just tuned in when he asked them a new one.
The question:
“Should illegal aliens be allowed drivers licenses”?

A simple question, right?
Not to a politician it isn’t.
I watched as each ones eyes grazed over as stupidity engulfed their brains.

First, what part of ILLEGAL in “illegal aliens” do you not understand?
Why the fuck would you even consider giving them a driver’s license if they are not even supposed to be in the country.
What’s next supplying bank robbers with the get away vehicle?

If you start giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses they wouldn’t be illegal aliens because you are accepting them as legal resident because you are acknowledging their right to drive legally and being part of society.

Soon it will be on all the forms.

First Name:
Last Name:

Are you a:

A. American citizen
B. Landed immigrant
C. Sneaky illegal immigrant with a drivers license

With the question now in the open the candidates got their chance to answer the question.
The answer was simple, yes or no.
You should have seen some of them choke on their tongues.

The number one answer was……………….drum roll please………………..

Can you repeat the question?
By the time they got to the end of the line it was repeated twenty times and even then ithad to be repeated.
I wonder if the understand the question this morning and what kind of an answer is that?

I’ll tell you what kind of an answer that is; it’s the kind that a brain dead puppet says who hasn’t been prepared for that kind of a question.
It’s the kind of question that causes his campaign manager’s bowels let loose because he KNOWS the shit will be flowing out of his front man’s mouth before his runs down the leg of his pants to the floor to step in.

And they didn’t disappoint.

One didn’t understand the question.
Yeah right, he understood it, he just didn’t want to say the wrong thing and loose the illegal alien vote.
Do you think someone should tell him that the illegal aliens don’t get to vote?
For ten minutes he was tripping over his tongue and Wolfe was asking him “Yes or no”.
He kept fumbling with his shit and staring into the camera, probably looking for his momma.

It got so bad that Wolfe had to skip him and go to the next one who himself was petrified to answer the question.
He was probably hoping for the previous candidate to answer first so he could copy his answer but he did come up with a “Yes no yes maybe” for an answer, which I guess is better than the Boy Scout next to him who just got his tongue tying badge.

All eight candidates should have answered the question within thirty seconds, not the thirty minutes it took.
In the end most said no, even the one who managed to untie his tongue said no in a barely audible voice.

Let me ask you people a question.
How stupid do you think illegal aliens are?

Many of these people crossed rivers and deserts to sneak into the United States.
Some get caught by the border patrols, others are beaten, robbed and enslaved by unscrupulous people.
Some are never seen or heard of again, because their bones are beaching under a blazing sun or buried in a shallow grave.
The ones that finally make it to freedom live in a state of fear of getting caught and sent back to where they came from so do you think they would just simply walked into a government building and admit they are in the country illegally and are there for a drivers license.

If they all fell for that shit it would be the wildest thing I ever saw, the government would be able to find and track down every fucken illegal alien in the country with their help.

You guys have a big problem down there with this and I think it’s about time you found a way to deal with it.
Give all the illegal immigrants their citizenships then hire them to guard the freaking border against people trying to sneak in because they know how they did it or hunt them down like stray dogs and get rid of them.
It's your choice but the longer you wait the worse it gets.
Or you could move up here, don’t worry about the cold, we’ll keep you warm “wink”

Issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

Have a nice day.



Anonymous said...

yes indeed! wonder what program it was and who the candidates were? *sigh* that's why bin laden cant be caught..all he has to do is watch CNN..and he'll find out what our crafty govt is up too...! oops..did I just SAY that??? good one there...

Sally said...

We're in deep trouble, and we ordinary citizens know it. It's actually embarrassing! And, yes that is the stupidest questions; and what is stupider were the answers or non-answers. If they don't have something written down, they don't know what to say. Robots.............

Peter said...

I think Sally just insulted robots there.... but then again I'm not sure. (Momma!!!!)

gab said...

And to think we elect these people into out goverment. What does that tell you about us? DUH I dont know maybe we need someone else making the decisions for us cause we uh cant make smart choices?

craziequeen said...

Hi Walker :-))

I am one of those people who never, ever trusts politicians. I don't believe a word they say and never assume they are being philanthropic - it's always about them!

Honey, I need your help at the Palace :-)


Josie Two Shoes said...

You damn right it's scary Walker, to think that one of these bumbling idiots may end up running our country! How can there possibly be a complicated answer to this question? It astounds me.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Hey - just stopping in to say "thanks".


Blazngfyre said...

Trust me, if Hilary evens get the democratic nod i'm moving to Canada!
I speak the language there.

I even saved some of my old tuques!

Gypsy said...

We are having an election next week and in Australia it is compulsory to vote. If I had a choice I wouldn't because I don't trust a word that comes out of their mouths. They all promise the world and deliver squat. If they still exist I am voting for the Marijuana party like I always do. They make more sense stoned than any politician makes who isn't under the influence.

Walker said...

JYankee: HA HA HA You are a funny one but you are right.
I have seen those LIVE police shows.
The cameras are outside and the reporters are reporting on tv what the police are doing outside while everyone is watching inside preparing.

I don;t know who the candidates were but I am sure there are alot of Americans who are trying to forget them to LOL

Walker said...

Sally: I think they should have a conference of all the polititcians from all the parties and sit down to get their priorities together.

Make it compusary to be there and if the public sees that it's going no where then vote on just blowing up the building up and getting new politicians.

Walker said...

Peter: You better be screaming for your Momma, Sally knows how to use tools

Walker said...

gab: It's not our fault if all you can vote for is a moron out of a group of morons.
The best we can do is pick the smartest dummy

Walker said...

craziequeen: They all have something up their sleeve and if they are giving you something there is always a hand in your back pocket.

Walker said...

Josie Two Shoes: Fear of saying the wrong thing makes it hard.
They care about their image.
I would rather have someone leading me that I didn't vote for but know he will do what he says than some lieing idiot who I can't trust.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: Your welcome :)

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: Come on, tell us the truth, you just want to wear a touque LOL

Nan said...

The whole illegal alien thing is a huge problem and we in Canada are not exempt from it either. Actually we just harbour the fugitives from the States here.

Walker said...

Gypsy: Ha Ha Ha I used to vote for the marijuana party all the time and yes it was a party before and after lol

Walker said...

Nan : Yes we have become a haven for criminals on the run and they benefit from our extradition process because it is to slow

Lindy said...

And to add to the chaos, they're about to give those same illegal aliens the right to our social security benefits that I've been told all my life won't be there for me when I'm ready to retire. Even though I've paid into it all my life. Did you know that right now if a female immigrant in her 60's moves to the US she automatically gains social security without ever having to work here? Immigrants are also given tax breaks that we never even were offered. Just too much!!

Walker said...

Now that's just down right wrong. People should get what they pay in. I can understand those who worked legally for minimum wage most of their lives getting topped up to the standard of living.
I think we do that here to.
I know someone who nnever worked a day in his life who gets 1100 a month

patti_cake said...

Well, I already know who my choice to vote for President is but i'm not about to get into any political debates. The whole illegal alien thing just chaps my ass.

Lora_3 said...

Would someone please find Walker something or someone to do so he won't watch CNN anymore. Please!!!

Be safe...

Walker said...

patti_cake: Just think, one day it might be legal for an illegal alien to run for president LOL

Walker said...

Lora_3 : Maybe I could sneak into the United States and get a free drivers license LOL

Dotm said...

Licenses for illegals is just as bad as not wanting to make english our Nations Language. Why did the government force kids to go to school to learn English if it wasn`t that important to them? Can`t say I am crazy for any of the candidates running for president. Some seems to have no mind of their own and seem to copy what someone else has already said, other`s are so afraid of losing votes that they don`t dare say how they realy feel. Noone knows what they will actually do if they are elected. Promises, promises, I`m tired of hearing what they will do if elected since they seldom carry thru. Most teenagers are as smart as they are sounding.