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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Veiwers Tuning In ©

Saturday afternoon and I am bored or just plumb lazy.
I have been in the basement for the last couple of days going through boxes and bins trying to sort out what is going to the garbage and what I was keep as heirlooms for whom ever inherits my crap to throw out.

I spent most of the day outside in the rain with my brother setting up the dishes and cable for my parents place.
It is almost all done, we did have a problem with one of the dishes but after a phone call and someone showing up with the proper tool it was done by 8 pm.
Did I mention he asked me to come over for a minute at 11 am?

I don’t know how fast a New York minutes is but if anyone ever tell you they will be back in a Greek minute, take a day trip to New York and back, they should be back soon.

After he got everything to his liking he decided to run through the basement and cut down all the cables and wires he had installed down there over the last twenty years.
My father asked him if he knew what he was cutting and my brother gave him a dirty look then told my father to go find a field to plough because that’s what he new.
My brother is the Cable Man and knows ALL about cable.

He may no all about cable but he knows shit about water meters because the first wire he slipped off was for the water meter.
I thought my father was going to brain him with the vacuum cleaner but I didn’t think I could get in unplugged and over to him fast enough before my brother made a run for the stairs.
After a delay of about an hour to reattach the meter he went back to the culling of the hundreds of cables in my parents basement.

Let me tell you what he has done so you could get a better understanding of what I am looking at.
My parents place, like mine, there is three bedrooms, a living room, dinning room kitchen and a back room.
Then there is a full basement.

In every room there are two phone jacks, a cable jack, one network jack, one for cable and two for satellite dishes in EVERY ROOM plus the basement.
Each one with its only cable going directly to the basement where they all hook up to the elaborate set up with blinking red and green lights.
Looks like a Martian Disco in the dark.

That’s 7 lines for each of the 7 locations throughout the house, 49 wires all bundled up that are thicker than my arm.
Those are the new ones, double that and that’s what they now have to cut out of the basement but they don’t know where they go and what they are for because back then no one bothered to tag them.
The ones he put in now all have tags for each location and what they are for so if there ever was a problem they could trace it back faster not like before when they used to just run a new one and leave the old one down there for my mother to hang laundry on in the winter.

Yup, that’s right, my mother used to hang laundry on the cable line because it was there doing nothing as she says.

After my brother had finished cutting all the lines that were no longer needed my father went around the house hitting all the switches to see if everything was still working and my brother didn’t accidentally cut something he shouldn’t have off.
Being satisfied that all was well my brother left around midnight.
This morning my mother was in bed dreaming that the phone was ringing, she thought it was a dream because it sounded distant and if it was the real phone then it would have been louder since its right next to her bed.
Well it would have been louder if my brother hadn’t cut that line off by mistake and her dreams answered.

I am still without cable and relegated to watching from the stacks of movies on my racks but even that gets boring after awhile.
How many movies can anyone handle without a commercial?
A commercial is a mad dash to the washroom or fridge for snacks.
It’s not the same with a DVD, you can pause it for as long as you want and go to the kitchen for about an hour creating what your cravings NEED to be fulfilled and sometimes you take so long you loose interest in what you were watching.
With a commercial you have three minutes to do your thing and get back or you may miss something vital to the story line you were watching.

After 13 hours of watching the TV series Fire Fly and The movie I went to the computer to read some blogs when an ad caught my attention.
OK it was the giggling tits that caught my attention but it was for an add for this site where you go pay and watch someone live out their day.

I click on the site and read then click on the picture that shows a clip of that person’s day.
There was this young woman no more than 25 walking around in a short t-shit and panties doing various things she would do in the morning like brush her teeth then gets naked and hops in the shower.
There were cameras throughout the apartment so you could follow her every move as she prepared to go to work.
They don’t spare you from anything and you can even watch her on the toilet going for a pee or what not.
I don’t know why anyone other than the French who would want to watch someone going for a dump.

Later they show her coming home undressing out of her work clothes and putting on something more comfortable and goes to making her dinner.
While that is happening she cleans the place up because she is expecting a friend over for dinner.

You have to pay by the minute to watch this woman live her life while you are here on the computer with you credit card paying her for it.
Not to mention while you are infront of your computer watching her clean her house, no one is cleaning yours.
Isn’t that amazing, we have gone from paying people to clean our houses to paying to watch other people clean theirs.
We are slowly becoming watchers more than doers by the looks of it.

Times have surely changed more so for my parents, well I think I will head off to do some vacuuming of my own.
I don’t supposed anyone would want to pay me to do it?

Have a nice weekend



Peter said...

I don't fancy your chances of getting paid to vacuum Walker.... and definitely not to take a dump.

Shaz said...

I find that rediculous and sad that someone would spend there money on that. lol then again shes pretty smart if shes getting paid by the minute.

nachtwache said...

Yes Walker, in your dreams! Maybe if you clean my house.... you only paid because you were doing research, right? Is there any need for more research on the subject of our society becoming peeping, ahem, viewers instead of doers?
I guess it's some sort of progress, from listening to watching. I was in a course with a former 'telephone s e x talk lady', certain requests, I guess, would not always be possible to carry out at will, so she used potatoes and dropped them in the toilette. If you're only hearing, not seeing, it's pretty easy to fool someone. I didn't ask what she did with the potatoes afterwards.
You better get that cable back soon, before your credit card gets maxed.
Take care! :)

Anonymous Boxer said...

No, but I would pay someone to vacuum for ME.

But I guess that's not the same, is it?

Gypsy said...

Hey Walker, if you're bored I've got a stack of costumes that need sequins sewn on them. We could make a sewing circle and have a chin wag while working our fingers to the bone. There's a bottle of tequila in it for you if you say YES.

patti_cake said...

Honey I think somewhere there is someone who will pay to watch anything. Crazy! Your brother kills me!