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Monday, October 01, 2007

Shopping ©

Spending time with Leti has given me a look at how life is back home in Mexico and for the most part it’s like we live like here but there are a little differences like the other day when we went shopping.

I needed some fresh vegetables and some fruit so we both headed off to the market.
On the way there I decided to take advantage of having the car and I took Leti to my favourite sandwich store to grabbed a couple of sandwiches and headed off to the Experimental Farm to have lunch in the gazebo they have there and to walk around after to see the millions of different flowers they have planted there.
There are over 1700 different species of trees and other plants grown there for the public to go see and enjoy.
During the summer there is a steady stream of wedding parties heading there to take pictures after the vows have been given.

We went to the delicatessen and the guy who runs it spotted me as I walked in and called out a greeting to me.
This guy is so popular there are line-ups that go all through the store and outside for a block during lunch every day.

I walked around with Leti and introduced him to her then told him that she was here visiting from Mexico, I bring all my guests to this place, he makes great sandwiches, fresh and a couple of bucks cheaper than any fast food joint.
I guess that’s why he is so popular.

The minute he heard she was from Mexico he starts rattling off in Spanish and they both start chattering while one of his employees put the sandwiches together.
What you do here is pick your own bun out of the bins he has out front and pass it to who ever is behind the counter.
Then you tell him what you want on it and there is a lot to choose from and all for three bucks.
It doesn’t matter what you want, three bucks.
Swiss cheese, cheddar, smoked meat, capicolla ANYTHING; three bucks and they are massive sandwiches.

After we got our sandwiches he charged us a third less that what he normally charges everyone else because I think he liked Leti “wink” and we hopped into the car and headed for a picnic at the farm.

When we got to the farm I took her to one of the gazebos situated in the rose gardens and we sat there talking and eating our sandwiches.
Leti looked like she was putting up a good fight with hers and was surprised she actually ate the whole thing.
Then I took her for a tour of the gardens.
I used to work at the farm for about ten years and know my way around real well.
We spent about an hour there before I told her we should go because the rest of the girls would be coming that night and I did promise to make them lasagna for dinner and I had a lot of work to do instead of wandering around getting high on the river of colors spilling all over the place this time of year with the leaves changing as well.

We wandered around where she was looking at some of the produce picking up a turnip and asking me what it was or when she said our carrots were bigger and I told her she was looking at the baby ones the cooking carrots were hind her.

We walked around to the fruits and I picked up a mango and asked her what she thought.
Taking it in her hands she says it’s small and for $1.50 it wasn’t worth it and put it back.
I told her that’s as big as we get them here and she said they toss those ones away.
Great, now we are getting reject fruits.
I spot some cantaloupes and before I could pick one up I could see Leti nodding her head and I pulled my hand back, to small.

We come around the top of the aisle and there is a section where they sell exotic fruits, you know fruits you don’t see that often or in some cases never saw before as was the case coming up.

I was looking at a star fruit, I like chopping one up and putting it into my fruit salads for a little zip.
Leti sees this fruit next to the star fruits and picks one up and tells me that this was a very good fruit.

“You crack it open like this, then take out the flesh and eat it, mmmmm, it tastes good you taste it it’s good”.
“Wait no this one is not ripe, try this one”.
Leti cracks open another fruit and pulls out this jelly like pulp from it.

“No Leti you can’t crack those open and try them especially at two bucks each”.
“Oh yes we do that all the time in Mexico”.
“Sure you do and they are ten cents each there and probably the size of bowling balls”.
I pick one she hadn’t cracked open and eaten yet then lead her off before someone saw us or the carnage Leti left behind.

I managed to get some fruits when Leti wasn’t looking and went to the cash to pay up and get home to start dinner.
It was 6 pm and they were getting here around 10 pm.
At home I gave Leti the phone and told her to go nuts while I cooked and I went at it for about an hour before I slipped the pan in the oven.
After that I went and sat with Leti while the lasagna cooked in the oven.

It only took an hour for it to be ready and I took it out and put it on top of the stove when the doorbell rang.
I looked at the clock and saw they were a half hour early.
Leti was jumping around excited while I went to the door and opened it to three women standing there.
Hmmm, you don’t look like Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons so you must be Leti’s friends”?

Flo pushed her way in and Leti ran over and hugs and kisses erupted while the other two pushed their way in.
One of the girls didn’t negotiate the step at the front door and ended up tripping and falling on her knees just inside the door.
She’s a big lass and coupled with a ten-hour drive she couldn’t get up from her knees.

Having problems with my knees and have stumbled and fallen on occasion I understand how embarrassing it could be so I pushed myself past Leti and Flo and walked up to the girl on her knees and looked down at her with this brave face on and said.
“You know, I like knowing a girl first before she drops to her knees infront of me like this”.

She started laughing hard as did the others behind me and I gave her my hand to help her up and she hauled my butt to the floor and kissed me smack bang on the lips and told me she was going to get even.
I put my arms around her and picked her up.

The rest of the night was booze and mayhem.
Then they all wanted to know how to beat Liquid aka Walker, so I sat them all down and showed them how to beat me.
I figured they were so drunk they wouldn’t remember in the morning.

Around 1 am they all started to get ready for bed.
One of the girls was hot and wanted to know if she could sleep naked.
Leti’s eyes widened and looked at me.
Flo was hiding behind the door nodding her head saying no.
The other woman was whispering no to me from the kitchen.

“Um, yeah sure why not”.

A loud No came from three directions.


By 1:30am they were all in their nighties, I got heaps of kisses and they were all gone to bed and I sat here with baby blue strapped to my ears writing Saturdays post.

I was halfway through the post vibrating to Falco singing “Rock Me Amadeus” when I got this strange feeling.
I look to the left of me and there are three women in their nighties standing there staring at me.

“Um yes”?
“We can’t sleep”.

I walk in the kitchen and made them each a stiff drink and sat down with them while they finished them then walked them all to their bedrooms.
Once in their room the two sisters called me into theirs as they lay there uncovered on the bed and told me they needed something more cuddly; a pillow each wasn’t doing it for them.
Ah I know how to take care of that and walked into the room.
I took out two more pillows and gave them to them and wished then sweet dreams.
I could hear Leti giggling in her room.

Back downstairs I continued on my post until 4 in the morning and headed off for bed.

More to come……..

Have a nice day



Anonymous Boxer said...

"Rock Me Amadeus" I haven't thought of that song in a long time. Night, Walker.

Gypsy said...

So lets recap the scene here....First one woman drops to her knees at the sight of Walker...another enquires if going to bed naked with be ok .... and two sisters tell Walker they need something more cuddly as he stands in their bedroom doorway.....

Are you holding out on us Walker??? Come on....DISH.....

patti_cake said...

LMAO at gypsy!

Sounds like you are the perfect host and no situation ruffles you. I like that in a man!

Vickie said...

I'm rating on you---this is so not the story I heard :)

Gypsy said...

Do tell Vickie, I am highly suspicious of this version myself....LMAO.

Sally said...

hahaha Walker, you flat out crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!

nachtwache said...

I think I'd like to have been a fly on the wall. :) Maybe Vickie will tell us what she heard? ;)

Peter said...

Ah you're a strong man Walker, able to withstand the tempting of all those women.