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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Is Someone Cuming? ©

They’re killing me.
Even though Leti and her friends have left since Saturday they call every day and not only once but up to four times the other day and AND from people I don’t know call me to tell me how things are going over there.

The other day Leti called me to tell me about her day.
She said she hardly got any sleep because the three of them had to share a king size bed and Flo kicked her half the night and then wrapped herself around her while she slept, so she hardly got any sleep then they had to get up early around 6 am so they could go to Old Montreal.
I told her maybe Flo never had Mexican before and wanted to squeeze one before Leti left.
We talked about other things and then she hung up to go get ready.

Later that day I got a phone call from their host to ask me if I knew Flo’s cell phone number because she had lost the girls.
Huh say what?
How did that happen?

She had dropped them off at a train station where they left their car then took the train to Montreal to avoid traffic and parking problems but no matter how much you try, if trouble wants to find you it will and trouble did find them.

A couple of hours later the phone rings and it’s them calling to tell me the story of their trip to Old Montreal and a whopper it was.
They each took turns grabbing the phone to tell me their version of what happened so this is how I think they told me it was after I pieced it all their parts together.

They dropped the car off at the station and then grabbed a train to old Montreal.
Upon arrival at the station they took a taxi and they went to their final destination, Old Montreal.
They wandered around taking in some of the sites then they decided to go grab something to eat before they headed back home.

Montreal is a beautiful city that dates back to the 1600s I think, unless you count the Indians to then you have to go back another 8000 years.
Explain why it’s so dusty there.
It has some old houses that date back to the 1600 that give the city a rustic feel but at the same time the new buildings stand guard around the old ones showing that they are a modern metropolis.
After finding a restaurant to their liking and eating it was time to head back.

They flagged a taxi down and all four of them crunched in and told the cabbie to take them to the train station so they could get back to the car and drive back to their friends place where they were staying.
He asked them which one.
They all looked at each, which one?

There is more than one train station in the area to service the ever-growing city of millions and every station ends in a different car park.
In their haste to get downtown no one remembered to write down which station they had arrived at that they needed to know so they could get to so they could travel back to where the car was parked.

The cabbie was going here, there and everywhere while the four of them were firing off in all directions as to where they had initially come from.
In all the confusion the taxi manages to get into an accident rear-ending another car.
The girls were jolted by the impact and two hurt their legs slightly, Leti’s neck is sore.

The bad news was that they were in an accident.
The good news was they didn’t have to wait for the police because the car the cabbie drove into was a stopped police cruiser.

The taxi driver got out of the car to talk to the two policemen who got out of the cruiser while the girls sat in the car wondering what to do next.
One of them said they should leave because they were,
one in and accident and two not far from where they started and no where near their destination.
They opened the doors and got out but as soon as the cabbie saw them he told them that they had to pay him still and couldn’t leave or he would have the police arrest them.

They looked at each other then took off in four different directions.

Leti bolted down the street and turned left at the corner and scooted up and alley then hopped over a fence but was chased by a small dog eating in there.
Barely escaping the Chihuahua chasing her she then came out onto the street standing infront of the taxi again.

Flo ran down the street like an Olympic sprinter and cut around the left corner then duck into a book store and hid among the rows of books before she made her way to the back of the store and out the emergency exit, up the alley way and came out standing next to Leti.

D bolted straight down the street until she got to a bus stop on an opposite side street and jumped on paying the four-dollar fare.
Sitting back she breathed a sigh of relief that she managed to get away until the bus turned the corner and stopped at the scene of the accident where the bus driver said it was his last stop and everyone had to disembark.

D stepped off of the bus and stood next to the others as they all stared at C who had only taken two steps at the beginning before she remembered she doesn’t like running and paid the cabbie instead of running away.

After they had everything squared away they asked the policeman if he could tell by their ticket if he knew which train station they had come from.
As luck would have it he did and wrote it down for them on the back of the ticket.
From there they flagged down another taxi and gave the driver the address the police had given them and he drove them straight to the station they needed to go to.
The whole trip to the station they were all flirting with the driver and it’s a wonder they didn’t cause another crash.

The train took them to the car park where they found their car and headed of home but it was beginning to get dark.
At the turn off they went left instead of right and were now headed for Toronto, 400 miles in the opposite direction instead of back to the house.
They had to drive twenty miles before they found some place to turn around and go back home.

That was the story the told me when they got home.
They are like four tornadoes flying through South Eastern Ontario and South Western Quebec leaving horny cabbies and wreckage behind.

After assuring me they were all safe they hung up to spend time with their host and I said goodnight to them.
I am happy they have included me in their little adventure and always keeping me in the loop as to what they are doing and up to.

Phone rings
Heavy breathing on the other end.

Yes that’s it
OH right there yes
Oh Oh yes, don’t stop

No No that’s not how you do it.
Hang up the phone and let me show you.


The phone went dead.

Phone rings

Mmmm, you know what I like
Just keep rubbing it like that
Your fingers drive me crazy
Oh yeah, faster
Oh yeah …………….OH
Oh baby

No not like that either


WTF is going on?

Phone rings

I love the way you fill me up
Oh yes, fuck me
Fuck me harder
Oh yes that's it
Oh yeah baby, fuck me
OH yes. Faster …..Harder
Oh yeah YES OH MY
I’m cuming…..don’t stop….. DON’T YOU FUCKEN STOP OR I’LL KILL YOU!!!!
Oh god yes yes oh OH OH OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s how you do it.


Huh who the hell was that?

Phone rings

"Walker, it’s me Leti".
I could hear Leti laughing her ass off and the other laughing in the background.

"What the hell is going on"?
"We were practicing our orgasms".

You hear that guys, they practice having orgasms.

It seems one of he girls got her hands on a gadget from a novelty shop that plays the voive of a woman having an orgams and they decided they would try and symulate it and they called me to practice on.

I talked to them for a bit each and they were getting drunk, I could tell and D was telling me they were drinking some fancy drinks, "stick shifts", I don;t know if it was true or they were pulling mine but I know that she partying all week and getting pissed was a good part of it.
Hey, they were on holiday.

Flo then told me about the other day with Leti where she had forgotten her pills and her legs hurt so much she was thrashing around in bed and spent half the night all over Leti but ion the morning Flo told Leti she could get even and sleep on top that night.
At the end of the evening Flo had gone to bed first and Leti went to the washroom beforehand and then made her way in the dark and crawled into bed.

Üm Leti, what are you doing, I was just kidding about you getting to be on top tonight”.
"OH, I am sorry I didn’t know you were there”.
"Ït’s ok Leti, good night”
”Um Leti, what are you doing”?
“Just checking”.

More to come……….

I may have exaggerated just a smidgen.

Have a nice day



Anonymous Boxer said...

OK, my day was not as interesting. No way.

Shaz said...

You always have me in stiches x

PBS said...

Those woman could make an adventure where ever they go! That was a very funny story!

patti_cake said...

LMAO they make I Love Lucy seem boring! I am glad they wera all having a wonderful time and entertaining you to boot!

Gypsy said...

I can only imagine what would have happened if you HAD gone away with them...can anyone say BAIL???

Blazngfyre said...

See what you're missing out on?!

Teresa said...

Why can't I have that interesting of a life??

nachtwache said...

Have you had time to clean up after those 4 tornadoes blew through your place? :) If you'd gone along, they wouldn't have such an adventure, because you'd have remembered the train station, not turned the wrong way, then again, you'd have to share beds.

Cara said...

I vote Leti stays she is nice and well your mom says sometimes they come to visit and never leave for years.

Does it count that I like Leti and I vote she stays---oh and I heard Mikie dis as well. :)

Hope you enjoy the remainder of time she is visiting.

BTW---Her call was a very special treat---Thanks.

BikerCandy said...

Too funny story! Sounds like those women create havoc wherever they go. I bet you are sad you didn't go with them though!

Peter said...

These are true Party Girls you have got mixed up with Walker, you lucky man.