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Friday, October 12, 2007

The Early Bird Gets The Shaft Not The Worm ©

Tap Tap Tap Tap……..

I am mad

I am sick, mad and grumpy

I have heard many things before
I have been ripped off before, but I have never heard of this BS

Hell we all get ripped off everyday, we just don’t know it

But when we find out ho ho ho

Two years ago I bought a projection TV when mine broke down and kicked it’s last StargateSG-1 episode to the stars to drifted off to where all those lost signals go, chasing reruns of I Love Lucy

I had another TV but it was small compared to what I had so I went out and bought a new one to replace the one that croaked.
Could I afford to pay $3000 for a TV.


But on payments I could and that’s what I went for.

They had a don’t pay a cent for 15 months which I took advantage of and made payments towards the TV hoping to get it down to almost paid before the time limit ran out and I came close.
$1100 was left to tackle with a ridiculous interest rate but I did know that before hand and accepted it.
No complaints from me on that.

Every month on the first of every month I am at the place putting down a payment for the month and go home and wait for the next to do the same.

The other day I got my statement and looked at it.

$15 late fee
No payment was made for September.

HUH, say what?

$21 administration fee

What’s that?

GST $3.04
PST $2.52

Total $41.56


I go looking for last months statement, there they are right there on it, it says I made a payment on the third of August and another on the thirty first of August, two payments.

I take the phone and call them up, I get this lady who I started explaining my problem to.
After a long explanation she asks me for my 16-digit account number and checks out the account and tells me that they didn’t have a payment from September.
I told her I had a receipt from the place I bought the TV from and it was stamped that I paid a hundred bucks; I had evidence.

She insists I didn’t make a payment, I got a stamped receipt in my hand that says otherwise and she tells me different.

She then asks me if there is anything else she could help me with.

Huh, who the hell said we were done?

I told her I wanted to speak to someone higher up.

After about 20 minutes listening so sleepy music a guy comes on the phone and asks me for all my particulars again.

You would think that there would be a system where when they put you to another department that they would automatically press a button and what the last person found out would be conveyed to this person.

After giving him all the information and repeating the whole story yet AGAIN, he looks into my file and tells me I didn’t make a payment in September.
I show him where I paid on the thirty first of August and yes he sees it.



What do you mean that doesn’t count?

So what that it was made in August and not September, it’s Septembers payment.


What do you mean it doesn’t count for September and goes on August’s statement?
Are you fucken crazy?
No I am not being rude, when I am being rude you will know it and that is going to be real fucken soon.

We argued back and forth for about fifteen minutes and in the end I am out that money.
Just because I made my payment a day before the new month started, I got penalized for about forty bucks.

All my life I hear people tell me to pay my debts on time and I try.
What do I get for paying someone faster than they wanted it, a $41.56 bill?

OH and the 21 bucks for the administration fee was what they charged me for sending the fucken letter that I was late, late my ass.
Early asshole!!!!!

Sometimes I wonder who the criminals are.

Have a nice weekend

Oh and I am writing Red Clay Part 17 right after lunch



BikerCandy said...

OK, that would piss me off too. I hate to tell you this but you know by "missing" that payment you will probably incur ALL of the interest for the total amount now, all $3000. That is how it works here in the states anway with those "interest free" thingys. If you are ever late or miss a payment they zap you with the total amount of interest for the entire amount, even if you only owe $10. I hope the company you are dealing with is different. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Dotm said...

That`s what I was trying to explain to a daughter a few days ago. She mentioned maybe getting a loan to help her son buy a place. I told her to be sure she understood the contract. To check to see if there was a clause allowing her to pay extra any time she wished, and to be sure the extra payments would be used to cover future monthly payments ahead. She tried to tell me extra money was always considered towards the future months payments so she would be paid ahead. I again tried to make her understand it only worked that way if that clause was added into the loan contract. So far she hasn`t signed for a loan, but if she does she will find out the hard way unless she reads before signing.
Sorry they did wrong to you.

Two weeks ago I received a call from Sears. Someone had charged my account with almost 500$. Glad they figured it was fraud and telephoned me. Hope they know who did it and they lock him or her up so they can`t do it to someone else. Someone tried to take a flight trip charging me.

gab said...

Oh yeah that sounds about right. I believe this is the way some companies make their extra bucks that go into their pockets as a bonus. You have a right to be angry after all its your money that they are taking and I'm sure you could have found a better way to spend it rather than put it in their this is how most people end up with bad credit. They dont give a damn that you were early to them the first of each month is what counts not a day early and dang make that payment on the second and they will grab you by the balls again and charge you for that as well. Just cant win I tell ya. Unless of course we buy nothing. Or totally pay for the whole thing cash right of the bat but who the hell can do that? Not most of us.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Oh, they are bastards for doing things like this - I've had similar conversations and hair pulling experiences when penalized by the calendar. It's what they do best. SORRY.

But, good news on the next installment.

Gypsy said...

Yep these big companies have you by the short and curlies (that would be pubic hair to you non Australians). To you and me, you were early....To them....they heard ka ching, ka ching as the cash register added up a nice little bit of change for them because you were "late". Trouble is, to fight it would cost you even more money so you just have to suck it up and wear it.

That is good news on Red Clay tho. I hope I can remember how the story has gone so far....something tells me I may have to go back and read it again.

Shaz said...

Thats just shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate those companies looks like you and I had the week for ass holes in business hey?

Peter said...

No I am not being rude, when I am being rude you will know it and that is going to be real fucken soon.

Hey Walker I've gotta borrow that line for the next skirmish I become involved in.

Josie Two Shoes said...

That's just f'in outrageous! At times like that it's a good thing you aren't talking (or should I say attempting to talk) to customer service rep in person - you'd definitely go for the kill! Why the hell is it sometimes so hard to reason with people, this one is a no brainer - you paid EARLY, not LATE! I'd still be fighting it via letters if I was you. Late fees indeed - bullshit!

Sally said...

I paid our favorite store, one day late. $35.00 late fee. And, then they had the GALL to send me a letter saying they had raised my credit limit because I'm such a 'good customer'. Walker, I hate to tell you this, but we just might not ever meet in HD. Do you have Lowe's there? ahahah

Brian said...

They get you coming and going. They build traps in those installment agreements HOPING you will somehow screw up and they can make more money.

My favorite is the credit card I had that would deliver the statement to your mailbox less than a week before the due date. Even if you send it back the same day there is a chance you'll be late and they could sock you with fees. Pay online? They charged for that too. I fired those suckers.

You got dinged for paying EARLY. Thats nuts!

patti_cake said...

What a crock of shit, I would have been royall pissed too. Errghhh