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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sex Talk : Chiseled Dreams ©

I don’t even know why I am even attempting to write a Sex Talk with a head cold and a fever, high on cough syrup and low on tequila.
I am off to bed and will deal with any editing when I wake up.
All my editors must be in church.

There is explicit sex in this so for those of you who don’t like this type of post I suggest you have a look at my blogroll.
It’s full off some great writers of old and some great new reads o have added.

Have a nice weekend.


Molly sat in the coffee shop sipping on her moccachino thinking about what she wanted to create.
She was sitting there waiting for her sister Ann to come by and drive her to the quarry to pick up a couple of pieces of stone for her to begin her next project.

Molly was a sculptor by trade and had a small workshop in the back of her house where she went to every morning to create pieces of art to sell to the various galleries all over the country.
One of her pieces had just sold for a nice sum that would keep her in business for a couple of years more while she worked on some new ideas that she had.

Ann showed up at the coffee shop and sat down with Molly for a coffee and to share a scone with her.
For some reason sharing sweets wasn’t as fattening.
They caught up on the latest family news before Ann asked her what she was looking for today at the quarry.
Molly didn’t really know what she wanted until she got there and saw what was available.
Usually she looked at a piece of stone and could see what was hiding beneath the surface waiting to be freed from its prison.

Finishing their coffee they headed off for the thirty-mile drive to the quarry singing all the way with the radio as they used to as kids when their father used to take them for long drives in the countryside.

At the quarry they met up with John the owner of the quarry who got it from his father before him.
He was a big man in his mid sixties with broad shoulders built up from the years of hard work moving around the huge blocks of stone.
He asked Molly what her could do for her today and she asked if she could walk around the stockyard and see if there was anything the inspired her.
John said there wouldn’t be a problem and called out to one of his sons to come take the women into the stockyard to let them see what was there.

A young man appeared from around a shack when John called out for Daniel.
He could have been John himself but 40 years younger and much, much bigger.
Molly watched him as he walked towards them shirtless with his dirty jeans slug low on his hips.
His bulging muscles were covered in dust and sweat; he looked like a walking living statue.
Her eyes wandered down a bit and she could see the bulge in his pants was as prominently noticeable as the other muscles on his body.
She was beginning to get a little aroused as he got closer to them.

John told Daniel to put on a shirt and to take the ladies to the stockyard so they could see some of the pieces they had there for sale.
Daniel strolled off toward a trailer that was used as an office.
John told them that he will take care of them and walked off to the office.

“Did you see the size of his muscles” Molly whispered to her sister?
“Did you see the bulge in his pants Ann returned”?
They both grinned and laughed close to each other so no one would notice them.

Daniel walked back from the office wearing a tight t-shirt that looked like it would bust open to pieces soon.
He showed Molly and Ann to the stockyard where Molly walked around looking at the various stones that were there.
She found a couple of small ones that she liked and one that was about three feet tall that looked like a black pillar.
As she walked along she saw a huge slab of stone lying on the ground.
It was about ten feet long and five feet wide all around.

She walked up to it and put her hands on it and felt its course surface while she stared into its grey pores.
Her hands caressed it trying to summon out what was hiding inside.
At the top it was scorched black and looked like a piece of it had been smashed off.
Molly stepped back and look at it sideways as it lay there, then got down on the ground and lay next to it getting a better look from that angle.
Daniel and Ann stood off a little bit watching her as she went through her routine.

Getting back off the ground, Molly dusted herself off and told Daniel she was done looking and would like to see John about buying a couple of pieces.
On the way back she asked Daniel about the scorching at the top and he told her that a couple of weeks earlier when they had a storm it was struck by lightning and broke off the top.
In fact it had been sold but with the piece missing it was too small now for that customer.
Molly thought how fortunate it was for her that it had been struck by lightning.
They walked back to the trailer and Daniel showed them in to his father’s office before he turned and walked out leaving them to discuss business with John.

Molly and John sat in there for about an hour discussing the cost and delivery of three of the stone Molly had seen.
John told her that her can have Daniel deliver the stones in about three days when he goes out to deliver a couple more to some other clients.

That was fine with Molly and she pulled out her checkbook and paid for the materials she bought and the delivery.
Outside she thanked Daniel for helping her out and will see him in a couple of days when he dropped off the stones she bought.
On the drive home all they talked about was Daniel.

Three days later a flatbed showed up at her front door with Daniel in his jeans and a denim shirt at its wheel.
She showed him where she wanted to stones to be unloaded and if possible she wanted the large stone stood up on its end in the center of the studio.

She watched his every move as he moved around the forklift slowly bringing in the huge block and carefully standing it up.
If it fell over there would be no telling what the damage would be to the stone and house with something that size and weight.
When he was done she offered him a beer trying to keep him there just a little bit and he accepted since this was his last stop.
As he drank his brew he looked around her shop at some of the work that was already finished and a number of pieces that were half done and waiting to be extracted from bonds.
There was one that looked like a woman was crawling out of the bottom of the stone.

Molly learned that Daniel was only helping his father for the summer and then heading back to university to finish his studies.
He had one more year left to finish learning to be a doctor before he began his internship at one of the hospitals there.
Molly thought how easily it would be for her to get undress and checked by him.
After finishing his beer he thanked her and headed off back to the quarry.

Molly stood there staring at this great big monolith before her.
She pushed her palms against its cold sides and look up its length as it stared back down at her.
Slowly she walked around the stone letting her fingers press up against it, feeling past its rough outer skin and into the smooth curves trapped inside its core waiting to be brought out.

Molly was drawn to this stone, touching it excited her.
She moved closer to the large stone, right up close as her ample breasts pressed up against its cold side.
Pressed flat against it she felt its strength as her heartbeat bounced off of its hard surface back at her.
Molly was getting excited, she never felt this way about a stone before.
Could it have been its size that made her feels this way she though as her hand groped at the corner.
She slid along the side of the stone until she reached the corner on the huge rock and wrapped her leg around the corner.

She pushed herself against the rounded corner and slowly rubbed up and down against it.
Molly didn’t know what was happening, she was so excited, all she wanted was to have an orgasm.
Hugging the corner of the stone Molly rode the edge harder and harder as her heartbeat raced on until she felt her body beginning to shudder and she exhaled a long sigh of relief and she came in her underwear.

She slowly bent down to the ground exhausted and sat there leaning against her lover.
This was incredible she thought to herself, never before had she been that horny and never before with an inanimate object.
It must have been the beer and Daniels proximity to her earlier, that man can really get her blood boiling just by being in the same room with her.

After closing the studio door she went out to do some grocery shopping and to stop by Ann’s place for dinner.
Dave, Ann’s husband, her brother in law met her at the door and showed her in.
After dinner Molly told Ann that they had delivered the stones from the quarry that day.

Ann with an evil grin asked her is it was Daniel that delivered her rocks.
Stones Molly corrected her and told her that it was Daniel that dropped them off and stayed for a beer to.
“Only a beer” Ann asked with a wink?
Molly laughed and said that he only stayed for one beer.
Dave being the smart husband chooses not to ask what they were talking about and just cleared the table while they talked.
Ann asked her what she was going to make with that mountain of a stone she bought.

Molly wasn’t sure what she was going to do with that one yet but it was going to be something special, that she knew.
She could feel the energy in it as she slowly drifted back to that afternoon in the studio.
It took a shake from Ann to bring her back from her thoughts.
Ann commented that she must have been thinking of some hot.
Molly gave her a quizzical look and Ann nodded to Molly’s shirt and her nipples were hard and pushing against the tight top.

Ann asked her if she could keep them hard a little while longer for Dave to see them, they should make him a little horny so she could get a ride tonight.
Molly told her to shut up and pulled at her shirt trying to make her ripe nipples a little more inconspicuous.

Molly got home around eight and went to the bathroom to take a shower before she crawled into bed.
She lay in bed reading a new book she had just picked up, she liked reading in bed, and it always made her a little sleepy.

The bedroom was beginning to get warm or was it her.
She put the book down and closed her eyes trying to fall asleep so she could get up early in the morning.
She lay there in bed rolling from left to right but she couldn’t fall asleep and she opened her eyes and standing at the foot of her bed was a man totally naked.
He had a lean chiseled body packed with muscle; he looked familiar but she couldn’t quite remember where she had seen him before but then again the only thing she could think of was the big hard cock pointing in her direction.

He walked up to the foot of the bed and took the sheet covering her at the end and slowly drew it off of the bed.
Molly didn’t even try to stop him as she was slowly being uncovered.
When he had the sheet lying on the floor in a pile he climbed into the bottom of the bed with his course hands gently traveling up her legs as he slowly spread them apart.

Molly was getting aroused at his touch as her heart was beginning to beat faster when his lips kissed her ankle and slowly moved up the inside of her leg.
He had her legs spread open as his hands and lips made work of her soft tender skin stoking her fire that was now becoming a raging inferno inside Molly.

His left hand cupped her pussy slowly sliding his thumb inside her as he licked and gently sucked on her pussy.
His hands slipped under her butt and raise her off the bed and began eating her cunt with a starving hunger she had never experienced before.
Her hand were squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples and her intruder’s tongue was probing inside her soaked pussy.

Her hand moved down her body and tangled her fingers into his raven black hair as she moved her hips up and down grinding her pulsing pussy into his face.
She could feel him sucking on her clit driving her mad with lust.
She wanted him inside her and begged him to mount her but all her did was chew on her soaked pussy until the fires within her bust into her head followed by the best orgasm she had ever had.

Molly opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling for a couple of seconds collection her thoughts.
The book she had been reading was at her side and she was covered with the sheet.
She slowly lifted the sheet and looked under it and she was still dressed but where was the god of a man that had brought her to a new level of pleasure?

Molly looked around the room but there was no one there, she was alone.
That was quite the dream she thought and began to get out of bed then headed off for the washroom.
She felt strangely full of energy and was ready to get an early start to the day.
After showering she went down to the kitchen and put on the coffee pot.
While the coffee brewed she walked back into her studio and looked at the huge stone standing in the center of the room then picked up her hammer and chisels and walked up to it.
Taking one chisel she put it against the stone and let it travel around as if she was making a mental outline of what she was going to break off first.
Molly stared at the top of the stone and thought hard of what she saw hidden underneath it then put down the chisel and got the small platform so she could reach the top of the stone.

When she had it set up Molly went back into the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee then brought it back to the studio and stood there drinking it while mentally carving out the stone.
Halfway through her coffee she walked to her desk and took out her pencil and paper then started to draw on it for two hours until she was done her coffee and went back to the kitchen for a refill.

When she came back she looked at what she had drawn and knew what she wanted to do now so she put down the cup and stepped up the platform.
Putting the edge of the chisel against the stone she gently hit the chisel with the hammer and watched the small pieces crumble to the ground.

Four hours later there was a small piled of rubble at the base of the platform and the top of the stone had been reduced from its five feet to no more than a one foot pillar sticking out of the center of the stone.

Molly dusted herself off and went into the kitchen to make herself a sandwich and sat there thinking while she ate.
That had been quite the dream she had the night before, it felt so real like she was not alone and he was wonderful.
No one had every made her feel that way before and she had never had such vivid dreams in the past.

After lunch she went back to work on the statue and cleared more off of the top of it and was obvious now that it was going to be a head of a body.
She put in another four hours of work before she stopped and decided she was going to stop for the day and make herself some dinner and maybe to watch a little TV before she went to bed.

She felt a hand touching her face and her eyes opened and he was here again.
Bending down he kissed her lips as his hand slid over the soft material of her nightgown passing over her hard nipple.
He softly passed over and over her nipple as his tongue slipped between her lips and she sucked on his tongue.

A tremor went through her body as he pinched her nipples and drew her tongue into his mouth to suck on it.
He reached to her shoulders and pushed the straps off of them and pulling down her nightgown exposing her big firm breasts.

Taking one in his hand he passed his wet tongue over her hard sensitive nipple before taking it into his mouth and sucking on it.
Molly’s head was beginning to spin again as it had the night before.
Who was this man she thought?
He moved from one to the other and with every bite he made on her nipple her pussy convulsed with pleasure, he was finding all the right buttons to press and she was loving every minute of it.

He lay next to her in the bed and continued to suck on her tits while his hand went down between her legs and started fingering her hot moist pussy.
Her legs coiled around his arm when his fingers entered her and started slowly but with a firm hand finger fucking her.

Her moans began to fill the room as her pleasure increased with every stroke his hand made over her pussy.
She wanted him to fuck her so bad her body ached for his big hard cock to be pushing its way past her lips to stir the embers of the fire inside her.
She couldn’t hold on any more as his tongue passed over her trapped nipple and dug her nails into the back of his neck while she shuddered another big orgasm.

Molly’s eyes opened in the early morning light still in bed, dressed, covered up like when she had gone to bed.
Her hands moved up under the sheet to her breasts and they were tender and a little soar.
Exploring to her lower region she found that she was soaked.
What was going on she thought?
Wet dreams at her age, she never had them as a teen.

Molly decided that she would call up Ann and take her out for breakfast instead of working in the studio this morning.
She drove over to Ann’s and the headed off to the restaurant.
While they sat there eating Molly brought up the subject of her wet dreams and told Ann she didn’t know why they were happening.

Ann told her she should be happy she was having them.
All she dreamed about was laundry, mountains of it chasing her all over the house.
She wished she, was having the dreams Molly was having.
Hell she wanted to live the dreams Molly was having.

Back at the studio Molly walked up to the stone and stared up to the top thinking about the night before.
Taking her tools she mounted the platform and began hammering away piece after piece, slowly moving down the stone until she had chipped away three feet of the top before she stopped for a break.
She stood at the base of it and was now seeing something behind all the rough edges.
Skipping lunch she went back to work pulling out a basic form from the inside of the stone.

The growl in her belly told her she had better stop for the day and get something to eat.
Molly had accomplished a lot for the day and the stone was now beginning to take some kind of form.
It should take her another week before she could chip away the bulk of the stone before she begins the long tedious process of sculpting all the features on it.

It wasn’t going to be hard to fall asleep that night as she was exhausted and passed out the second she fell flat on the bed.
His hands stirred her as they travelled up the back of her legs, his lips caressing her calves as he slowly moved up her body from the bottom of the bed.
His tongue trailed its way to her cheeks biting them softly before continuing up her body.
She could feel his hard cock as it pressed against the small of her back, she pushed against it to tell him how much she wanted him in her but he just kissed the back of her neck and reached around to take one of her tits in his hand.

Molly woke up in the morning hot and horny.
With her legs spread wide open she started fingering her pussy until she had an orgasm.
What way wrong with her?

Days turned into weeks.
Weeks turned into months.
Every day Molly worked on the statue.
Every night he came to her bed and made love to her but never, EVER did he fuck her and she wanted him to.
She wanted him to fuck her so bad that it hurt.

Every morning she woke up and played with herself until she came and even in the afternoon she would find herself at her desk with her legs spread open behind it rubbing herself into frenzy.

For four months, night and day Molly chipped away at the stone until one day she stood back and look at what was before her, she smiled at the statue; she was done.
Going to the kitchen she came back with a beer and called Ann to tell her that she had finished the statue and to come by in the morning to see it.
Ann told her that she will be there first thing it the morning.

That night Molly lay in bed restless, probably from all the excitement of finally finishing them statue or was it the thought of her lover visiting her as soon as she passed out.
His lips pressed up to hers as she lay there in bed and her arms wrapped around his neck and pushed her tongue into his mouth to swim with his tongue.
He lay on top of her his hand sliding under her going between her legs and rubbing her pussy.
Molly was trying to get her legs around him to manoeuvre his cock inside her but he was making it difficult for her.

He had moved his way down to her tits and started mauling them while he rubbed her clit with his finger until she let out a small gasp.
She was cumming, she didn’t want to she wanted him to fuck her but he kept rubbing until she was going crazy.
Molly was determined not to come and held back but she didn’t know for how long she could.

Just then he stopped what he was doing and got out of bed and left the room.
Molly jumped out of bed and followed him out of the room and down the hallway.
He walked into the studio and Molly chased after him.
Her bare feet stirred the loose dust on the floor of the studio when she entered stopping inform of him.
She looked up into his green eyes then down at his hard cock.
Taking it in her hands she began to stroke it before she knelt down and took its head into her mouth.

Her tongue slipped over the head a couple of times before she pulled it in her mouth again.
Every time her head went down she took a little more of him until he nudged the back of her throat and she didn’t have half of him in her mouth.
She kept sucking his rock hard cock until it saw slick with her saliva and then she got up off the floor and wrapped her arms around his neck.

She lifted herself up and slowly lowered herself on his big hard cock and started riding him.
At last she had him in her and she lowered herself all the way down taking all of him inside her.
The world around her was spinning out of control as an eruption was building up inside her until she burst out from between her legs.

Molly was in the shower when Ann arrived and she walked out and told Ann to help herself to some coffee while she dried herself.
Molly was drying herself when she heard Ann scream out OH MY GOD!!!!
She quickly ran to see what had happened and Ann was standing at the studio door looking at the statue.

Molly walked over and stood by Ann’s side and asked her what the problem was.
Ann pointed at the statue of a man in the center of the studio with a large erection.

Molly looked at her and smiled, ”I get what I want” then walked into the kitchen to get a coffee.

“Hey he looks a lot like Daniel”.

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

OMG, I will never look at a rock hard....statue in quite the same way again. Great SEX post Walker and I'm glad to see you haven't lost your touch.

I hope you feel better soon though and that your dreams are transporting you to a "happy" place :)

Anonymous said...

Talking about being hard as a rock---well you got the meaning---one question---did you and Lettie see any statues like this when you were touring the museums and you were holding out on us?

One thing you have not lost your "touch"

Great post.

Hope you are feeling better soon my friend.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Definitely good erotic reading... 10 points!!!

Peter said...

Poor Molly, caught between a rock and a hard place.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I hope writing that was as good as reading it.