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Monday, September 10, 2007

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I’m really confused today with something and I thought, maybe you could help me with this.

Living in a Country like Canada where we allow a lot of immigration in, we have had to adjust our way of thinking and living to some extent to accommodate those new to this country so we could all be able to live in harmony with these new people.

In time we learn and understand their customs and accept them for who they are and give them the space they are entitled to too live how they wish.
In turn they have to abide by the same rules that we all live by in this country.

Also, some of the rules that exist have to be modified, as to be fair with the customs of some people and that’s only fair the way I see it but there are some rules that sadly can’t be changed and we all have to live with those but hey, we’re all in the same boat.

One of those rules is that when you go to vote you have to bring a picture ID to prove who you are, that way no one can be cheated while exercising their democratic right to vote because someone falsely said they were you and voted in your place.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it but it’s not that simple.
Muslim women don’t want to remove their veils to be identified when they go to vote because they say it’s against their religious beliefs.

The liberal in me says “fuck off and let the woman vote”.
The conservative in me is wondering what she is hiding.

I like to think when I look at people all I see is a person, people and am not looking at their tits religion, color, gender or how they dress.
I just see a person.

I like to think I am respectful of people and their beliefs and give them the room they need to be who they are because I want to be treated the same way to, so when a person’s customs or religion says that they should have their women covered and they want to live that way, we should respect that.

BUT, I think that it should be all the time not only when it suits them, something that I have noticed.

She said she is not allowed to take her veil off in public so she can’t remove her veil to be identified at the voting booth but when she went to the Ministry of Transportation to have her picture taken for her drivers license it was OK to get unveiled and flash her pearly whites to the camera.

When she came to this country and put her passport on the counter she had a picture in it that showed her face then she had to reveal it before she was allowed to enter which she WAS willing to do to come into this country.
The rules won’t change because you are here now.

What are they going to do when a cop pulls over a driver in a veil and wants to see the driver’s license of the person but she won’t remove the veil so he could see if it is really her, what then?
It’s like catching a bank robber wearing a balaclava then him refusing to remove the balaclava because he belongs to some religion that says he has to keep it on.

Our Prime Minister is right there on the case and they passed a law requiring proper identification for those who want to vote and the veil must come off to show who they are.
Thumbs up to the Big Guy for doing what is logical.
That should have been the end of it but it wasn’t, Election Canada has said that it will allow those refusing to take their veils off to vote still.


Umm who the fuck is the boss around here?
Didn’t they just make it LAW that you have to provide proper ID and show your face?

The Big Guy is freaking out because of it and has told Election Canada that they better get it right or they would be breaking the law and could be charged.
Don’t you love it; the Federal Government is going to arrest its self.

What is wrong with this picture?
The boss tells them what to do and the employees are saying they will do what the want.

I don’t know, maybe I am getting to old and times have drastically changed because if I had ever told my boss, no I will do what I want and you will pay me and like it he would have fired me on the spot and made sure I would have had a hard time finding another job.

I think that when you come or go to a country that you should live life as those who live in that country but still keep your personal beliefs close to you and exercise them when you choose to with the respect of your adopted new home.
As big brothers and sisters to the new arrivals we should keep their basic needs and concerns in mind and to make sure they feel comfortable here.
Just remember what our parents and those before us went through when they first came here with no one to help them overcome some of the pitfalls they fell into.
At the same time they have to adopt our way of life if they want to live here.

What I see when I see this BS going on is a waste of resources that could be better used on something more important.
The rule is you have to show your face to vote, you don’t have to but you’re not voting if you don’t and that is not only the law but is the only positive way to see if your face matches the same one on the drivers license.
If you don’t like our rules, well then….get the fuck out and take that bunch from Elections Canada with you..

So if they can take their veil off for a driver’s license picture then why can’t they do the same to vote?

Have a nice day



Lindy said...

Walker, I have to admit that this world has changed way beyond my comprehention of the laws. My grandma came over on a ship & had to abide by the laws. She adapted to live in the free America as I'm sure your parents did, as well. Today it seems like we bend over backwards to be politically correct & none of our laws are being enforced anymore. I just don't get it. I, for one, feel that we should take back our America & make all answer to the same rules. Thats just my 2 cents.

Peter said...

Seems to be the same the world over, well in the countries that accept immigrants anyway, the newcomers expect ALL of their ways to be accepted but don't want to accept the traditions and laws of their new homeland.
Sure they should be allowed/encouraged to maintain their traditions and religions...
but they should also realize that there are rules/laws that MUST be obeyed by ALL residents.
Seems to me this PC bullshit is what causes most of the problems.... in Australia we have, for years accepted people from almost every country on earth and it is only in the last decade or two that we have had trouble with our immigrants refusing to abide by the rules of the land.

Gypsy said...

Very thought provoking post Walker. I agree that people should be able to practise their traditions and cultures as they always have but if they enter a country of their choosing, then they have to abide by the laws of that country.

You are absolutely correct too that some of these people use their religion for their own convenience at times. Remove the veil, don't remove the That would be like you or I going up to the polling booth with a motor bike helmet on.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

PBS said...

Walker, like you I want to be culturally sensitive and sympathetic--but what a great disgise to commit robbery, or murder, even--and not be identified!

patti_cake said...

I agree 100% and frankly i'm about getting sick and tired of being culturally sensitive. Bob damn it if you come to the US, learn our language, speak our language and adhere to our basic customs.

Teresa said...

We just passed this law in Indiana and people are all up in arms over it. They have to show their face--that is what a picture ID is for. I think patti cake says it best--I don't care what you do in your house, but when you are out in public--you have to do it our way because frankly our way is better than yours!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Personally, the idea of women covering themselves is ridiculous and disgusting, so if I were "in charge", I'd end that whole crappy-culturally thing for once.

nachtwache said...

I'm with you 100%. I came as an immigrant and have become Canadian, speak English and obey the law. If I don't like it, I can always go back where I came from. That's for everyone that chooses to come here. Nobody's forced to stay.
Personally, as a woman, I think it's nuts to come to a country where you finally have freedom and equal rights and then walk around as if you're still under oppression in a country that treats women worse than animals. The young women that grew up in the west and decide to wear veils and jihabs etc., they don't know how bloody lucky they are to live in a free society. I'd like to see them if a guy started ordering them around. They'll change their thinking after some life experience.