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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not Just Another Day ©

Day in day out and my work gets more and more or I am getting older and it seems like more.
The house looks like crap only because I have been cleaning.
Go figure it looks worse now than it did when I started but I can have it together in a day so I am not worried.

I have half the store moved and hoping to have most if not all of it done by the weekend.
I have two houses I have been watching and so far the only problem was those two guys that tried to break into Archie’s place the other day at 1 am.

They never had a chance because the whole neighbourhood has been told to watch his house and the cops were all over them before they even turned t he handle.
It also pays to move close to a donut shop.
My other friends left Friday for two weeks in Rome and Naples so I have their house to take care of.

The porches next door are almost done.
They worked out an agreement with the city where the owners of the houses pay a thousand dollars and the big stairs become easy access for the disabled.
Her mother is can’t walk well and the old stairs were to steep so they got around it.
As soon as they are done I will snap a picture for you to see the differences between it and the others.

My shoulder has been upgraded from hurting a lot to being a nuisance.
The knee, well there is nothing that could be done about that.
Since I had both knees broken as a kid they never did get to be 100% again and I have learned to function with what I had.
It has been a problem especially in fall when the weather changes.

Yesterday I woke up and it dawned on me.
No I didn’t wake up at dawn I woke up at noon I go to bed at dawn.
It was my mothers birthday, she turned eighty.
I went outside and wished her a Happy birthday.
Is it she asked?

For as long as I could remember my parents have not remembered their birthdays or ours for that matter.
They remember my brothers because he puts signs all over the house.

It’s never been up there of important dates.
Not like Christmas or Easter where they practice lent and marathon church going.

Birthdays to them are just lie another other day, you know; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Birthday.
May explain why many people feel like they have been working an extra day a week.

My mother’s mother lived to be 99 years of age.
My father’s mother was 89 when she passed away.
My mother’s father was only 60 when he died of cancer
My father’s father lived to be 105

None of them ever celebrated their birthday, it wasn’t important to them or most people around that time but celebrating birthdays is important.
If anything it helps you remember the year it was personally.
As we get older and life gets more complicated we need to reflect back on how it is the way it is and why.

As we get older we relive more and more of the achievements we have mad and some of the not so stellar moments but even they played a pivotal part in your life and should be remembered and celebrated as positives.

My parents grew up in the throws of war, hunger and death, most at the hands of strangers, others by friendly hands.
Their eyes have witnessed horrors we hear of and can’t believe.

E ach birthday becomes a page in one’s life marking the passage of time and that of the living, a legacy of existence and the price it costs.

We strive to make life easier and the memories of future birthdays pleasant as the years go by as we all sit back and watch the news and see the past being relived in the present.

I told my mother that on Saturday the turkey was on me and I was going to do the cooking.
I called my brother and told him to get a cake and my father can sit and complain, what he is good at.
In November he turns 79, time flies when you sit to remember the past.

Happy Birthday Ma
What is she doing right now, she is baking cookies

Have nice day



Josie Two Shoes said...

Wow, Walker, longevity definitely runs in your family! My Grandmother also lived to be 97! I personally hope I don't.

I absolutely believe in the celebration of birthdays, whether that involves a lot of fanfare or a time for quiet reflection. For me, each birthday marks another year survived, another year that I made it thru the ups and downs without getting sucked under.

I celebrate my age, 53, and have never been one to hide it, as some women do. I am amazed that I've made it this far, more or less in one piece! Each year I feel like I have finally learned a little something, so maybe by the time I reach - oh, say 70, I will have a bit of wisdom. There is hope for me yet! :-)

Shaz said...

Happy Birthday mumma Walker xxx

nachtwache said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!
Even if she doesn't think it's special. Kudos to you for cooking the birthday dinner! Moms are special and deserve some pampering.
Take care!

Lindy said...

Lucky man. My mom lived to be 46 & I've missed her every day that she's not with us. Kudos for being a great son. But yes, of course, mom's got to cook something. Aren't moms wonderful?

patti_cake said...

Awww Happy Happy Birthday Walkers Mom! Birthdays mean alot to me, I always make a big deal out of my loved one's birthdays. It is one day to be King/Queen!

Anonymous Boxer said...

I think baking cookies on your birthday is wonderful.

Especially at 80.

Gypsy said...

Just catching up Walker. Hope your Mum had a very happy birthday. Btw weren't your female visitors coming this week or did I get it mixed up again? Hopefully a bit of female companionship will inspire a sex post. Its been AGES since we had one of those. You are depriving me of a sex life so chop, chop....lets get on with it.....LMAO.

gab said...

The only real Birthday my own parents made a fuss about was mine....Because it was the fourth of July. DUH! lol
It kinda made my youngest sister upset that I had such a "special" birthday but eventually she got over it.(I think)Tell your ma "Happy Birthday" true gab fashion...sing it to her.