blue moon (2)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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Guest one is present and accounted for, three more on the way.

Leti is finally here but it didn’t go off as it was supposed to but in this climate when does anyone actually get to his or her destination on time.

I was sitting here around 5:30 pm getting ready to scoot out to the airport to pick up Leti when the phone rang.
You know, that damn phone causes so much trouble.
I answer the phone and it’s Leti, she tell me she is still in Washington DC because she missed her connecting flight.

Great she probably walked around the whole airplane thanking everyone on the crew for landing the beast instead of pile driving it into the tarmac and missed her plane.
She doesn’t have time to tell me everything but asked me to call her brother and to tell him that she was delayed in DC and what her new time of arrival was.
I told her not to worry I will call her family and make sure they know.

When seven rolled around I call Mexico and spoke to her mother, her brother wasn’t there.
Her English wasn’t that good and my Spanish sounds like Chinese, I think it is Chinese.
Mamma San is Spanish right, not Chinese?

Not long after I hung up the phone the other women called and asked to talk to Leti but I told them that she wasn’t here yet and that other stuff but they could call later and talk to her.

No sooner had I hung up the phone it rang again and this time it was Leti’s brother who speaks damn good English.
My Spanish still sounds Chinese.

He asked me about Leti and I told him the whole story and what I thought but I assured him that I would have her call home as soon as she walks through the front door.
He thanked me and hung up.

I have told you about Leti coming but I haven’t really told you about Leti.
I know some of you have seen her comments here and me mentioning her, she is my backgammon partner and very good friend.
I have known her for four years and she has to be the sweetest person I have ever met, just don’t piss her off because she could be a fire cracker to.

At ten I decided to head off for the airport, it’s only a fifteen minute drive from my place but I get lost in the day time around there and this was night so I wanted to make sure I didn’t end up doing around in circles like I normally do because I missed a turn off.

I got to the airport about 10:30 and only had to circle it twice this time before I ended up in the parking lot instead of the shipping and receiving.
I walked in and went straight to the board to see how much longer her flight would be and next to it, it said “early”.
WTF does that mean, “early”.
Does it mean it will arrive early or it came in early and she is wandering around the airport?
Can’t these people be a little more specific?

I have never physically met Leti before but I have seen pictures of her and she did tell me she would be wearing a black suit with a red bag.
So I wander around the airport looking for a small Mexican woman with a red suitcase.

In the distance I see this candy apple red suitcase coming my way and looks like its being pulled by a small Mexican woman.
When she got closer I could see her smile and I smiled back.
She was wearing a black suit with long raven hair, brown eyes and a red suitcase.
To bad she was Chinese though; keep looking Walker.

Ten minutes later there is this mountain of red luggage pushing through the international gate.
But as the mountain moved by there was a short pudgy Arabic man pushing it from behind.

Still no Leti so I walk back to the board and now it’s saying that everyone is in customs so I walk back to the International gate to wait.
I must have stood there for about ten minutes before the doors started sliding open spilling people out that were on her flight.

As I was standing there the doors swooshed open and this beautiful women stepped out.
She walked towards me and I drank up every moment as she walked towards me.
My eyes were glued to her as she passed me and made her way to the door.


She was absolutely gorgeous

“Walker, it’s me”

Nice tight ass


I looked around and there is another drop dead gorgeous woman behind me with a big black suitcase and this small red carryon.

We hugged and stood there recognizing each other for the first time ever.
She was tired and went straight for the car and home.
On the way here she told me what had happened.
She was held up at U.S. customs and they all missed their connecting flight.
She wasn’t too happy or impressed by all the hassles she had to go through.

As soon as we got home I called for a pizza because she hadn’t eaten since 5 pm and told her call her brother and make sure they knew she was safe.
While I was sitting there watching TV while Leti’s was talking to her brother she would look at occasionally and her eyes would widen up and she would talk in rapid spurts and then stare at me with her eyes open and then rant off again.

When she hung up she asked me what I said to her brother earlier because they were having thoughts of Leti locked up in a room naked and pressed up against the wall being probed.

All I told him was that when I was returning from my trip and had to stop in the States, U.S. customs officials pulled me out of line and stripped searched me.
If the really want they can take someone and even have a doctor shove a telescope up your butt and see if you are carrying a pipe bomb up there.
That’s all I said.
She started laughing.

While eating our pizza the phone rang again and this time it was her friends the other women that are coming here on Friday.
Leti’s was talking to them and every now and again her eyes would widen and she would stare at me.
She covered the mouthpiece of the phone and asked me what I had told them.

All I told them was that they had never seen a Mexican legally coming through before and wanted to keep her in Washington a little longer to study.

She started laughing then passed me the phone and heard what they had to say to me.
I’m dead , LMAO!!!!!!!!!

We stayed up until 2 in the morning talking UP a storm before it all caught up with her and she went to bed.
She is still up there sleeping and will be for a while after travelling for twenty-two hours I guess.

I don’t know what we will be doing today and I have to figure out a way to get around to see what many of you are up to as well.

Have a nice day



Anonymous Boxer said...

Isn't it fun and strange to finally "meet" someone in person after so many years of knowing them?

I hope you two have a great day in your city.

Sally said...

You guys and gals are gonna have a great time, and I can't wait for all the updates!

Enjoy! :)

having my cake said...

Have a great time :)

PBS said...

What an eventful trip! But, as you said, it could have been much worse. Bet it's great to meet her in person at last! Have a good time!

Shaz said...

Cant wait to hear more lol

patti_cake said...

Sounds like fun despite the missed flight! I hope y'all have a wonderful visit (i'm sure you will)

Gypsy said...

So guest no. 1 has arrived safe and sound albeit a little late. Can't wait to hear about the arrival of the rest of the harem...LMAO. I think even you might be out of your depth of this one Walker. Just joking....if anyone knows women and how they tick, its YOU :)

Peter said...

Hi Walker, hope you enjoy your visitors as much as Wazza and I enjoyed our trip, including meeting some new bloggers.
I'm about to catch up with your posts now.